In 869 operations, ‘Israel’ damaged 6507 trees in 2020

Ramallah (QNN)- The committee against the wall and settlement on Sunday said Israeli forces uprooted, broke, and damaged 6507 trees in 869 operations in 2020.

In an expanded report, the committee documented Israeli violations throughout the occupied land in 2020.

It stated that the Israelis discussed 23 laws, aiming at preventing payments for Palestinians or defending Israeli officials and settlers, who committed crimes against Palestinians.

It added that the Israeli government formed the ministry of settlement, appointing the hard-core MK Tzipi Hotovely. The ministry aims at supporting illegal settlement.

The occupation state also issued a bill to provide tax exemptions and concessions for illegal settlers and provide them with weapons training.

The report revealed that the total area of Palestinian land, announced as Israeli government land, in the West Bank and Gaza has reached nearly 1700 square km, making 30% of Palestinian land.

It added that last year saw a competition between Israeli officials to issued laws that annex parts of the West Bank or even all of it.

The Israeli government approved plans to construct 6719 settlement units, while plans to construct 8060 units are being discussed. An Israeli order allowed the occupation state to confiscate three Palestinian natural reserves.

The committee also stated that the occupation state demolished 869 structure last year, 65% of them were in the West Bank.

It added that Israeli settlers carried out over 930 attacks, wounding 197 citizens last year.

(Source / 24.01.2021)

Two ex-Israeli soldiers sue colleague over Gaza crimes

Former Israeli soldier testifies about crimes committed during 2014 Gaza war

Two former Israeli soldiers filed a defamation lawsuit against a colleague for revealing crimes all three committed during the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip in 2014.

Israeli Channel 7 said the soldiers sued their former colleague Yaron Zeev for telling the NGO Breaking the Silence about the crimes and are demanding compensation of 2.6 million shekels ($790,000).

The two accuse Zeev of giving “false testimony” to the organization.

Breaking the Silence is an Israeli NGO established by veteran Israeli soldiers that gives former soldiers a platform to confidentially recount their experiences in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The lawsuit says Zeev’s testimony was used by “international investigators and included serious reports against the [Israeli] army distributed at the United Nations and in dozens of countries around the world.”

According to the channel, this is the first time that the Israeli public prosecution revealed the soldier’s name concealed by Breaking the Silence.

In 2015, the group revealed testimonies of soldiers who took part in the 2014 invasion of Gaza, who recounted orders given to military tanks to bomb randomly as long as there was no “visible danger.”

“When you look at the full picture, it is something that we have been doing all the time. We were shooting deliberately all day,” Zeev said in his testimony.

Over 2,322 Palestinians, mostly civilians, were killed – and some 11,000 injured – in the 51-day Israeli offensive in 2014.

(Source / 24.01.2021)

The occupation authorities bulldoze lands south of Bethlehem

Days of Palestine – Bethlehem – The Israeli occupation authorities bulldozed today, Saturday, lands in the village of Maasara, south of Bethlehem.

The director of the Wall and settlement Resistance Commission office in Bethlehem, Hassan Brijieh, stated that the occupation forces bulldozed the lands of Suleiman Musa Brijieh near ” Migdal Ouz” settlement , which lies on the lands of the town of Beit Fajjar, covering an area of three dunams.

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This comes as part of continuous bulldozing campaigns in preparation for expanding settlements in the West Bank.

(Source / 24.01.2021)

Settlers close “Gush Etzion” junction in Beit Fajar, south of Bethlehem

Days of Palestine – Bethlehem – Israeli settlers closed today, Saturday, “Gush Etzion” junction, south of Bethlehem, under the protection of the Israeli occupation forces.

Local sources reported that settlers gathered at Gush Etzion Junction, waving Israeli flags, and blocking the movement of the citizens’ vehicles to and from the Hebron governorate.

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In a related context, clashes occured between Palestinians and the occupation forces in the town of Beit Fajar, south of Bethlehem.

Local sources stated that the occupation forces stormed the town and threw tear gas canisters on citizens’ houses.

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The sources added that the occupation forces seized the CCTV recordings from the shops.

(Source / 24.01.2021)

Haniyeh discusses with Miladnov the path of the Palestinian elections

Days of Palestine – Gaza – Hamas Cheif, Mr. Ismail Haniyeh held an online meeting with Mr. Nikolai Miladnov, the Special Coordinator of the United Nations Secretary-General in the Middle East, during which there was an extensive discussion about the course of the Palestinian elections.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Haniyeh expressed his thanks and appreciation for the role that Mr. Miladnov played throughout his tenure as Special Coordinator for the Secretary-General of the United Nations in the Middle East throughout the past period, as Mr. Meladnov will end his work in this position.

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During the meeting, Mr. Haniyeh stressed the important role of the United Nations and the international community in the upcoming Palestinian elections file, especially in ensuring the integrity of procedures, arrangements, and freedom of voting, and pressuring the Israeli occupation so that it does not constitute an obstacle to the electoral process and its conduct, especially in the occupied city of Jerusalem, stressing the need to recognize the election results whether related to the institutions of the authority or the organization, and the consequent formation of a government and executive committees, and not to repeat the 2006 mistake that led to the division in the Palestinian arena.

Mr. Haniyeh explained that Hamas made great efforts to reach this moment, which led to the issuance of presidential decrees on the dates of the legislative and presidential elections and the National Council so that the people would say their word in choosing its leadership on democratic grounds, reviewing the steps prior to issuing the decrees and the steps that must be taken during the next stage including the issues around which national dialogues will take place in the coming days in Cairo.

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Mr. Haniyeh affirmed that Hamas sees the elections as an entry point for arranging the internal Palestinian home, ending the division, strengthening the principle of partnership, and protecting the national project, which is going through great challenges, and the re-engagement of our people abroad in the leading institutions.

For his part, Mr. Meladnov praised Hamas’s position on holding elections and the need to move forward in achieving this democratic option, pointing to some possible obstacles that must be overcome, and affirming readiness to support all steps that would enhance Palestinian democracy.

(Source / 24.01.2021)

Israel prevents restoration works at Al-Aqsa

Days of Palestine – Jerusalem – The Israeli occupation forces on Sunday prevented the completion of the restoration works of marble and internal pillars at the Dome of the Rock prayer building in the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque compound.

Head of the Mosque’s Reconstruction committee Bassam al-Hallaq said that the occupation forces stormed the Dome of the Rock and prevented Palestinian workers from carrying out renovations to the interior of the prayer building and they threatened to arrest them if they insisted on continuing their work.

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Al-Hallaq added that the occupation forces prevented yesterday the Al-Aqsa Reconstruction Committee from carrying out maintenance and restoration works in Al-Marwani Mosque.

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(Source / 24.01.2021)

Two Palestinian brothers from Hebron enter new years in the occupation prisons

Days of Palestine – Ramallah – The two prisoners, Hazem Sadiq Al-Qawasma (42 years) and his brother Hatem (40 years), from Hebron, have entered new years in the Israeli occupation prisons.

The prisoner club said in a statement on Sunday, that the prisoner, Hazem, sentenced to 25 years, has entered his 20th year, while his brother, Hatem, who has been sentenced to life imprisonment, has entered his 19th year in the occupation prisons.

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The prisoner club stated that the prisoner Hatem was shot and suffered over the years of his detention from a difficult health situation, as a result of the occupation prison administration procrastinating in providing him with treatment. He was also subjected to solitary isolation for about a year in isolation in “Gilboa” prison.

It is to be mentioned that the two prisoners lost their mother and brother while they were under arrest.

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(Source / 24.01.2021)

Coronavirus in Palestine claims 11 lives, 533 new infections

Days of Palestine – Ramallah – Coronavirus in Palestine claimed the lives of 11 people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the last 24 hours, while 533 new cases were recorded and 740 patients have recovered, today said Minister of Health Mai al-Kaila.

In her daily report on the COVID-19 pandemic, she said seven people died in the West Bank, one in the Gaza Strip, and three in occupied East Jerusalem.

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Alkaila said 219 new infections were registered in the West Bank, 125 in occupied Jerusalem, and 189 in the Gaza Strip.

On recoveries, 298 cases were registered in the West Bank, 127 in occupied Jerusalem, and 315 in the Gaza Strip.

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Alkaila pointed out that 71 COVID-19 patients are currently receiving treatment in the intensive care units, of whom 18 are on ventilators.

She said 93.4 percent of the corona cases since the outbreak in Palestine in March have recovered, 5.5 percent remain active, and 1.1 percent have died.

(Source / 24.01.2021)

A settlement plan to convert the palace of the Mufti Al-Husseini in Jerusalem into a synagogue

Days of Palestine – Jerusalem – The Israeli extremist “Ateret Cohanim” settlement association announced Sunday that it plans to convert the palace of Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem into a synagogue, and to double the number of settlement units in the vicinity of the palace from 28 to 56 settlement units.

Ten years ago, the settler association demolished the Shepherd Hotel in the courtyard of the Mufti Palace, and since then it has built 28 settlement units on its ruins, to which no settlers have yet been transferred, but the settlement association kept the Mufti Palace, which was built in 1929, deserted until now.

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The Israeli newspaper “Jerusalem Post” quoted a spokesman for Ateret Cohanim, that the Israeli settlement association intends to convert the 500-square-meter palace into a synagogue.

“The historic house in the heart of the site will be preserved and reused to meet societal needs, including a synagogue and possibly a daycare center,” he said, referring to the palace of Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini.

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(Source / 24.01.2021)

Palestinian man dies after Israeli teargas attack on workers in Tulkarm

Days of Palestine – Tulkarm – A Palestinian worker died on Sunday morning due to a heart attack resulting from the inhalation of toxic teargas fired by Israeli occupation soldiers at him near the village of Far’oun, south of Tulkarm city in the occupied West Bank.

The victim was identified as 48-year-old Fuaad Jawdah from Iraq al-Taya village in the east of Nablus.

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According to eyewitnesses, Israeli soldiers fired teargas canisters at dozens of Palestinian workers who were on their way to their workplaces inside Israel, as they tried to cross a gate in the Israeli segregation barrier near the village.

The man reportedly died from a heart attack shortly after inhaling the toxic gas. His body was moved to a hospital in Nablus, ahead of his funeral in his hometown of Iraq al-Tayeh.

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Joudeh’s brother said his brother had not suffered any disease prior to the deadly incident, which proves that the excessive use of teargas by the occupation forces was behind the sudden heart attack that killed the 48-year-old Palestinian man, adding that Fouad is married and the father of 4 children, the eldest of whom is 10 years old.

(Source / 24.01.2021)