Israeli Forces Invade Balata and Jenin; Abduct 3 Palestinians

Squadrons of heavily armored Israeli soldiers invaded several parts of the northern West Bank on Saturday, abducting 3 Palestinians and causing a number of Palestinian civilians to suffer from tear gas inhalation.

One of those abducted on Saturday was the released prisoner, Mohammad Ahmad Abu Al-Rub, from the village of Jalboun, northeast of Jenin. He had previously been released from Israeli military detention, but on Saturday, at a sudden military checkpoint near Salfit, Abu Al-Rub was detained and taken into custody without charges.

In a related context, security sources told “Wafa” Palestinian news agency that the occupation forces abducted a young man, Mohammad Ahmad Ardah, from the town of Arraba, southwest of Jenin, at a military checkpoint that they had set up at the intersection of the village of Ojja.

In the Israeli military invasion of the villages of Rummana, Zabuba, Al-Taybeh, Anin and Jaba in Jenin Governorate, Israeli forces invaded the villages with massive military force and were met by young villagers who threw stones at the invading army. The soldiers fired tear gas into homes and even into the village mosque in Rummana, causing worshipers to pour out into the street suffering from tear gas inhalation.

In Arraba, in the southwest of Jenin, the Israeli troops forcibly abducted a Palestinian civilian during their invasion.

Local sources reported that in Rummana, west of Jenin, clashes broke out with the youth of the village in the center of town. Israeli soldiers fired gas bombs at the Palestinians, their homes and the village mosque, which led to the injury of a number of Palestinians, including worshipers while they were inside the mosque.

A number of civilians suffered from tear gas inhalation during clashes with the Israeli occupation forces, who set up a military checkpoint at the intersection of the village of Jaba, south of Jenin.

Also Saturday, the Israeli occupation forces abducted a young man from Balata refugee camp, east of Nablus.

Local sources told Wafa that the occupation forces stormed Balata camp, amidst the outbreak of clashes in the area, and abducted the young man, Murad Ghazi al-Kaabi, after they raided and searched his family’s house.

The same sources added that the occupation forces raided and searched a number of homes in the Balata camp, ransacking them and causing property damage.

(Source / 28.11.2022)

Israeli Soldiers Abduct Five Palestinians In West Bank

Earlier Sunday, Israeli soldiers abducted five Palestinians from several parts of the occupied West Bank.

The soldiers invaded a bakery in the Wadi Al-Hariyya area, south of Hebron in the southern part of the West Bank, and abducted one of the workers, Anas Majdi Ghazal, 20.

In Anata town, northeast of occupied Jerusalem, the soldiers abducted Ahmad Sheikha from his home.

In Ramallah, in the central West Bank, the soldiers abducted Ali Kathem Abdul-Salam and Ahmad No’man Abu Na’im in the Al- Mughayyir village, east of the city.

The soldiers also invaded the Al-Obeydiyya town, east of Bethlehem, and abducted Mojahed Na’im Abu Sarhan.

In related news, the soldiers confiscated two bulldozers in the central West Bank in Qarawat Bani Hassan town, west of Salfit.

The bulldozes, owned by the local town council, were confiscated while local council workers were cleaning the draining channels to prepare for rainfall.

(Source / 28.11.2022)

Israeli Colonizers Invade Palestinian Neighborhood In Hebron

On Saturday night, illegal paramilitary Israeli colonizers invaded the Tal Romeida neighborhood in Hebron city, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank, and marched while chanting against the Palestinians, calling for uprooting them from their homes and lands.

Media sources said the colonizers marched from the illegal Ramat Yishai colony, built on stolen Palestinian lands and property, in the center of Hebron.

The sources added that the colonizers were accompanied by many Israeli soldiers who closed streets and prevented the Palestinians from leaving their homes.

(Source / 28.11.2022)

Israeli Soldiers Shoot A Palestinian Worker Near Tulkarem

On Sunday, Israeli soldiers fired live rounds at Palestinian workers returning to their homes, wounding one, west of Qaffin town, north of Tulkarem, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

Eyewitnesses said the soldiers fired many live rounds at the workers near a section of the illegal Annexation Wall and chased them.

They added that the soldiers shot one worker and abducted him before moving him to an unknown destination.

On October 22, the soldiers killed a worker Rabi Arafa Rabi, 32, from Qalqilia in the northern West Bank, after shooting him near a military roadblock of a section of the illegal Annexation Wall southeast of Qalqilia.

It is worth mentioning that the army frequently attackschasesinjures, and abducts Palestinian workers near the gates of the illegal Annexation Wall near QalqiliaJenin, and other parts of the West Bank.

(Source / 28.11.2022)

Israeli Army Abducts Two Children In Jerusalem

On Sunday, Israeli soldiers assaulted and abducted two Palestinian children and a young man, near Bab Al-Amoud (Damascus Gate), in occupied Jerusalem, in the West Bank.

Eyewitnesses said the soldiers stopped and assaulted several Palestinians, causing injuries, before abducting two children.

They added that the children were playing near the Damascus Gate when the army attacked and abducted them, forcing the Palestinians to leave the area.

In a separate incident in the same area, the soldiers abducted a young Palestinian man and took him to a nearby interrogation facility, the Wadi Hilweh Information Center In Silwan (Silwanic) said.

Furthermore, the soldiers installed a military roadblock in the Al-Isawiya town in Jerusalem, searched many cars while interrogating the Palestinians and inspecting their ID cards, and summoned several young men for interrogation.

(Source / 28.11.2022)

Israeli forces demolish Palestinian elementary school in Hebron

Palestinian schoolchildren cry as Israeli occupation forces cordoned off the Asafat school in Masafer Yatta, in the south of the occupied West Bank, before demolishing it, on 23 November 2022 

Hebron (QNN)- Israeli occupation forces demolished on Wednesday a Palestinian elementary school in Masafer Yatta in the southern occupied West Bank city of Hebron.

The boys’ and girls’ school of Asafat was demolished in Asafat al-Fawqa, one of the villages that make up the area of Masafer Yatta, whose Palestinian residents have long been threatened with forced displacement and demolition orders by Israeli occupation authorities.

The school was demolished by the Israeli forces while it was in session and students were inside, local sources said, adding the forces used sound bombs to scare the children and get them out of the school.

Video footage taken by Israeli activist Itai Feitelson before the demolition shows teachers helping the students to get out of a classroom window while Israeli forces standing outside.

Dozens of Israeli occupation soldiers then cordoned off the area around the school, which stood on a hill, while a bulldozer razed it.

Local sources noted that the Israeli forces confiscated the school’s stationery, tables and chairs before flattening the building.

The Asafat school was built about a month ago and had been operating for less than two weeks. It serves the Palestinian residents of the communities of Asafat al-Fawqa, Asafat al-Tahta, Maghayer al-Ubaid and Tuba. It had 23 pupils and three teachers. The nearest other school to the villages is about four kilometers away.

An Israeli court rejected on Wednesday a petition by Palestinian residents against the demolition after the Israeli military argued that the location posed a “danger to the students”.

Israeli human rights group B’Tselem said the demolition “is part of a state effort to drive Palestinians out of the area by making their lives unbearable. Expelling residents is a war crime.”

The Palestinian Ministry of Education condemned the demolition in a statement on Wednesday morning and described it as a “heinous crime”.

“It is an addition to the series of ongoing crimes by the occupation against the educational sector, and its targeting of children, students, educational cadres, and institutions [is] without regard for international charters and laws,” the statement continued, adding that such practices are “a flagrant violation of students’ right to safe and free education”.

The European Union delegation to the Palestinians tweeted that it was “appalled” by the school demolition and affirmed that Palestinian educational rights must be respected.

“Greatly alarmed by Israeli measures targeting humanitarian structures. Continued coercive measures threaten the existence of the Palestinian communities” in Masafer Yatta, the delegation wrote.

1/2 Appalled by news that ISF demolished the donor funded Sfai school in Masafer Yatta in occupied Palestinian territory, one day after a diplomatic visit by several EU


member states.  Palestinian children’s right to education must be respected.

Masafer Yatta is a rural area in the south of the occupied West Bank, home to over 1000 Palestinians including 500 children. In May, Israel’s Supreme Court ruled that the ancient Palestinian villages of Masafer Yatta be ethnically cleansed of their Palestinian inhabitants, in one of the largest forced expulsions of Palestinians since the Naksa of 1967.

The ruling concluded a more than two-decade legal battle waged by the residents against their displacement. The Israeli occupation now has the green light to demolish their homes and force them out at any moment under the pretext that they live in an Israeli army “firing zone”.

(Source / 25.11.2022)

Pictures And Videos: Nablus mourns two Palestinians killed by Israeli occupation forces

Palestinian mourners take part in the funeral procession of two Palestinians killed by Israeli forces during raids in Nablus

Nablus (QNN)- Massive crowds of Palestinian mourners participated today in the funeral procession of two Palestinians shot and killed by Israeli occupation forces in two separate raids in the occupied West Bank city of Nablus.

Local sources reported that large numbers of Palestinians took part in the funeral procession of the two slain Palestinians, Mohammad Herzallah, and Muhammed Abu Koshk, who were shot and killed by the Israeli occupation forces during two separate raids into the city of Nablus.

The mourners chanted slogans in support of the Palestinian resistance and against Israeli occupation crimes, calling to confront and fight the occupation.

On Wednesday evening, 30-year-old Mohammad Herzallah died of critical wounds that he sustained in the head after being shot with a live bullet by Israeli occupation forces during a military raid into Nablus’s Old City on July 24.

22-year-old Muhammed Abu Koshk also succumbed to injuries sustained after being shot with a live bullet in the abdomen overnight Wednesday by Israeli occupation forces during a military raid into the eastern neighborhood of Nablus. 16-year-old Palestinian Ahmad Amjad Shehadeh was also shot and killed by Israeli forces during the same raid.

A one-day general strike is observed today in the city of Nablus in mourning for the three slain Palestinians who were all killed in less than 24 hours.

Since the start of the year, 202 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli occupation forces and settlers, including 150 in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem and 52 in Gaza Strip, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

(Source / 25.11.2022)

‘Israel’ extends solitary confinement of Palestinian youth detainee

13-year-old Palestinian Ahmed Manasra

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- An Israeli Court has extended the solitary confinement of 20-year-old Palestinian detainee Ahmad Manasra despite his serious mental and physical condition.

On Thursday, the Be’er Sheva District Court extended the solitary confinement of 20-year-old Ahmad Manasra by an additional four months, on the basis of “secret evidence.”

Ahmad has already been held in solitary confinement for over a year, since November 2021.

Manasra, a resident of the eastern part of occupied Jerusalem, began serving a nine-and-a-half-year prison sentence as a minor, at the age of 14, after the Israeli court falsely convicted him of carrying out an alleged attack in the illegal settlement of Psgat Zeev in occupied Jerusalem, in an incident that took place when he was 13 years old.

During his time in prison, Manasra’s mental health severely deteriorated and he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. According to doctors, Manasra’s condition requires immediate specialist medical attention outside prison.

A month after Ahmad Manasra’s arrest in November 2015, footage of his interrogation was made public. The 10-minute video shows Ahmad being interrogated by three Israeli officers, without the presence of his lawyer or parent in violation of international standards, sparking outrage from human rights groups. He appears increasingly distressed as his interrogators continue to shout at him, directing insults and threats.

The court accepted in full the State’s contentions that Manasra poses a threat to himself and to others, which it based on secret intelligence information, citing the State attorney’s office, which argued that, “The isolation is necessary both to ensure the safety of the respondent himself [Manasra], and to ensure that others are safe from the respondent (…) and that isolation is necessary to maintain order and discipline in the prison.”

The court ruled that it was “satisfied that the [Israel Prison Service] is providing suitable medical care, given [Ahmad’s] psychiatric condition”.

The court “disregarded the severity of Manasra’s mental health condition and an assessment made by an independent psychiatrist that the isolation would lead to further deterioration in his mental health and that he needed urgent and immediate medical attention outside the prison,” said Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel.

Manasra’s legal team consists of Adalah Attorneys Nareman Shehadeh-Zoabi and Adi Mansour, and private Attorney Khaled Zabarqa.

The legal team argued that the conditions to which Manasra is subjected amount to torture and ill-treatment, and stand in violation of international human rights law, and demanded his immediate release from solitary confinement.

On 24 October 2022, the legal team filed a request for a new independent psychiatric evaluation of Manasra’s current mental health condition. As a result, an independent psychiatrist will examine Manasra on Sunday, 27 November 2022, and the team will consider further legal action to end Manasra’s solitary confinement based on said examination.

In response to the court’s decision, Adalah commented that, “The Israeli judiciary systematically uses secret evidence to justify decisions that violate the human rights of Palestinians in all areas under Israeli control. We will continue to fight for Ahmad to receive the treatment he needs.”

In a video footage circulated on social media by activists, Manasra’s mother has called for the urgent release of her son, saying “freedom is the only way to heal him.”

“I urge people of conscience to stand in solidarity with my son. He has been held in a cell. He has not seen the sun,” she said.

(Source / 25.11.2022)

Video| Palestinian reporter verbally assaulted by Israeli settlers during live broadcast in Jerusalem

France24 correspondent Laila Odeh was heckled and verbally assaulted by Israeli settlers in Jerusalem on November 23, 2022

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- France24 correspondent Laila Odeh was heckled and verbally assaulted by a group of young Israeli settlers for speaking Arabic during a live broadcast from the occupied city of Jerusalem on Wednesday.

Odeh can be heard in the live broadcast telling the settlers that they are “annoying” her and to go away.

An Israeli settler, however, refused and told her, “All the Arabs go to Russia.”

“I am doing my work. You are annoying me,” Odeh said.

The settlers then started chanting, “Death to Arabs. Son of a B*tch. Arab terrorist.”

(Source / 25.11.2022)

Palestinian Dies From Serious Wounds Suffered In July

The Palestinian Health Ministry has confirmed, Wednesday night, the death of a Palestinian who succumbed to serious wounds he suffered after the soldiers shot him on July 24th when the army also killed two Palestinians.

The Health Ministry said the young man, Mohammad Ahmad Hasan Herzallah, 30, was seriously injured by Israeli army fire om Nablus, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

The Health Ministry added that the Palestinian was instantly rushed to surgery after a headshot wound and remained in critical condition at the Intensive Care unit of a hospital in Nablus until he succumbed to his serious wounds.

The Palestinian underwent several surgeries in Nablus and was moved to Beit Jala hospital in Bethlehem before he was transferred to the Istishari Arab Hospital in Ramallah where he was pronounced dead.

Mohammad was among nineteen Palestinians injured when Israeli soldiers carried out a dawn invasion into the al-Yasmina neighborhood Old City of Nablus, in Nablus city, and killed two young men, Abboud Sobeh, 29, and Mohammad al-Azizi, 22.

On Wednesday dawn, Israeli soldiers killed a child, Ahmad Amjad Shehada, 16, and injured 32 Palestinians, one seriously, in addition to causing dozens to suffer the effects of tear gas inhalation, during protests after the army accompanied dozens of colonizers into Nablus.

Israeli soldiers have killed 202 Palestinian, 150 of them in the West Bank and 52 in the Gaza Strip, since the beginning of this year, 2022.

(Source / 25.11.2022)