WAFA: “Israel keeps cancer-stricken Palestinian in administrative detention despite his need for medical attention”

RAMALLAH, Monday, November 21, 2022 (WAFA) – Israel is keeping a cancer-stricken Palestinian man in administrative detention despite his urgent need for medical attention, the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) stated.

It said Abdul Baset Mu’tan, 48, from the town of Burqa, east of Ramallah, has colon cancer, and his health is constantly deteriorating.

Mu’tan was slammed with six months in administrative detention in July, only three months after his release from a previous six-month administrative detention sentence.

Following an appeal for his release to allow him to get treatment for cancer, a military court reduced his sentence to four months. However, the six-month order was reinstated following an appeal by the military prosecutor.

The PPS accused Israel of slow murder of Palestinian prisoners, mainly the ill, through its medical negligence policy, urging the immediate release of Mu’tan, who is married with four children and who spent a total of nine years behind Israeli bars for his resistance of the occupation, most of it in administrative detention, to allow him to pursue proper and badly needed treatment at hospitals.

(Source / 23.11.2022)

Palestinian Group Helps Gaza Children with Cancer in Jerusalem’ Hospitals

Many Palestinians have lost their lives since 2006, as Israel refuses to issue medical permits for those living in the Gaza strip. Over the past 16 years, Israel has imposed a blockade on the strip after Palestinian resistance group Hamas won the legislative elections.

While children affected with cancer do get medical permits to be treated in Jerusalem hospitals, their parents are not allowed to accompany them. They are either left alone in hospitals or one of the old grandparents is only allowed to attend to them.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency coinciding International Childhood Cancer Day, which is being observed on Tuesday, Nimah Alyan, 22, from Jerusalem, said that to overcome such issues, she has created an initiative to help cancer-affected children and their families.

“We were nine friends at the beginnings, today we are more than 20 volunteers from Jerusalem and its neighborhoods. This experience has made my heart a tender,” she said.

The idea to set up the group came when Alyan met the seven-month-old child Mayar, who had come from Gaza to Jerusalem after being diagnosed with a tumor in the retina. Although her mother was allowed to accompany her to Israeli Hadassah Ain Karam Hospital, she was unable to communicate with anyone in the hospital

“For more than ten days her mother did not know any clear details about her daughter’s health status, because she did not speak Hebrew or English. Because of this, the mother had days and nights of fear, she thought doctors would have surgery to remove her daughter’s eye,” she said.

Meanwhile, the mother herself got sick, as she was pregnant and was not able to take care of her ailing child.

Reeling under pressure, the mother sent a message to one of the social media activists in Jerusalem who forward the message to Alyan. A few hours later, Alyan was at the hospital with that activist.

“We talked to the medical staff there and they clarified for us the details of the situation in Hebrew. Language is one of the major challenges for the Palestinians who come from Gaza,” Alyan told Anadolu Agency.

They take children from the Beit Hanoun military barrier on the north of Gaza to Jerusalem in their cars, escorting them to the hospital and providing support during their chemotherapy and surgical treatment.

“Those who speak Hebrew stay with children to understand and follow up the medical situation for them and give these details for their families in Gaza,” she added.

Alyan highlighted that they are trying to help socially too by keeping the contact between the volunteers and the families of the children and performing supportive activities at the hospital to make these children feel safe and well.

“These children are a part of us, and their stories touch me deeply. For all my life, I can’t forget Mayar’s mother’s facial expressions when we told her that her baby wouldn’t lose her eye,” said Alyan.

In collaboration with Augusta Victoria Hospital’s cancer department, the initiative carries out voluntary entertainment activities frequently and assistance in the provision of accommodation supplies for children.

“When I see the sense of safety and reassurance in these children’s eyes, I realize the importance of what we’re doing, and we have to keep doing this,” she said.

(Source / 15.02.2022)

Palestinian Detainee Abu Hameed Suffers from Critical Health Condition

Days of Palestine – Ramallah – The commission of detainees’ affairs said on Saturday that the health conditions of the Palestinian prisoner, Nasser Abu Hameed (49) years old, who suffers from cancer, as where the prison service and prison’s clinic is purposely delaying transferring the sick detainee to get his chemotherapy (12) session as his health condition is getting worse each day.

It is worth the mention that the detainee Abu Hameed had surgery where the doctors removed a cancer tumor in his lungs last October, where 10 cm of the tumor were removed, and then he was transferred to Ashkelon prison before getting full recovery from the surgery. He still suffers from pains at the place of the surgery, meanwhile, the prison service satisfied in giving him some pain killers which doesn’t work.

The detainee stated, through the commission’s lawyer, that “he refused to be transferred to Ramla prison’s clinic (Almarash) to get checkups, due to the difficult and inhumane conditions. He asked to have checkups in Berzalai hospital where it’s closer to him.

It is worthy to mention that the detainee Nasser Abu Hameed from Amary camp, Ramallah, is detained since 2002 and sentenced to7 life sentences and 50 years, where he is 1 of 5 brothers who are sentenced to life imprisonments. Their house was demolished a couple of times by the Israeli forces, and their mother was deprived of visiting them for many years.

(Source / 12.02.2022)

‘Israel’ moves 18-year-old Amal Nakhleh from detention to Ramla Clinic Prison

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli occupation authorities have transferred 18-year-old Palestinian administrative detainee, Amal Nakhleh, from detention to the Ramla Clinic Prison due to his serious health condition, which has worsened after testing positive for COVID-19.

Palestinian prisoner advocay groups, including Addameer, reported on Wednesday that Nakhleh has been transferred to the Clinic of the Israeli Ramla Prison, “where he will continue to be subjected to harsh living conditions and the Israeli occupation’s medical neglect,” as the infamous Ramla clinic prison lacks specialists and adequate medical supplies.

Amal was transferred to Ramleh prison clinic, where he will continue to be subjected to harsh living conditions & the Israeli occupation’s medical neglect. He faces an acute risk of developing severe illness due to his pre-existing conditions & lack of vaccination. #FreeThemAll


On Tuesday, Nakhleh tested positive for COVID-19 while he is held in Israeli military detention.

On Jan. 13, 2022, the Israeli occupation authorities extended Nakhleh’s administrative detention order until May 18, 2022, representing the third renewal and fourth term of his administrative detention order since his arrest.

On Jan. 16, 2022, Amal turned 18. Amal was a child, 17 years old, when he was re-arrested by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) from his home in Al-Jalazon Refugee Camp on 21 January 2021.

Since then, he continues to be held under administrative detention, without charge or trial, despite his age, and more seriously, the precarity of his health condition.

Amal was born three months prematurely and he suffers from myasthenia gravis, a rare neuromuscular disorder causing weakness in the skeletal muscles, which requires specialized medical care, regular medication, and constant monitoring of symptoms to avoid further health complications, according to the DCIP.

Just a few months prior to his detention, Amal underwent surgery to remove a cancerous mass.

Amal was previously arrested by IOF and later released after 40 days of incarceration on 10 December 2020 due to his young age and physical and psychological health.

Still, less than two months after, IOF raided Amal’s home, re-arresting him and placing him under administrative detention due to “secret material,” alleging he poses a “security risk to the region.”

According to medical reports, Amal has since faced new compounding health concerns requiring medical attention.

The severity of his detention, as a child detainee suffering from a multitude of health conditions, further compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic, led UN Human Rights experts and Special Rapporteurs to issue a communiqué on 25 February 2021 by expressing concern for Amal’s administrative detention and urging “all necessary interim measures be taken to halt the alleged violations and prevent their re-occurrence…[and] to ensure the accountability of any person responsible.”

Due to his health conditions, Amal cannot be vaccinated against COVID-19 and must take immune-suppressants, meaning that his life now is at high risk as he has contracted COVID-19.

As is well known, Israeli prison settings are not appropriate for treating and monitoring autoimmune diseases, let alone providing adequate protection against COVID-19.

“Amal Nakhleh’s case highlights the Israeli apartheid regime’s systematic targeting of Palestinian children, demonstrating that no one is exempt from Israel’s arbitrary policy of administrative detention and deliberate medical neglect, not even vulnerable Palestinian children or when grave health conditions emerge,” the Palestinian prisoners rights organization Addameer said.

Neither Amal nor his family are aware of the charges against him and have been informed by the Israeli occupation authorities that it is a “confidential administrative case.”

Amal’s legal team stated that this is one of the most prolonged cases of administrative attention of a child that they have come across.

Last week, following the extension of his administrative detention, UNICEF, UNRWA and OHCHR called upon the Israeli occupation authorities to immediately release Amal Nakhleh.

“The administrative detention imposed on Amal without charges and based on classified evidence is a form of arbitrary detention not permissible under public international law. It deprives him of the appropriate care required by his underlying medical condition, exposing him to increased risks of aggravation of his health,” said the UN agencies in a statement.

(Source / 27.01.2022)

Palestinian Infant Dies of Freezing Due to Power Shortage Caused by Israeli Siege on Gaza

Days of Palestine – Gaza – A one-month-old infant died due to the intense cold weather in the besieged Gaza Strip over the weekend, local sources reported on Thursday.

They said that the child, Murad Al-Bayouk, who is only a month old, arrived at Nasser Hospital, dead.

Medical sources confirmed that the child died of heart failure due to the severe cold that Palestine has been exposed to since Wednesday.

Sources added that the child was in a very cold room and showed signs of blueness and freezing, and when he was transferred to Mubarak Hospital, it was found that the child died as a result of the severe cold that the city was exposed to during the last night.

They indicated that the family lives in extreme poverty, and needs urgent help.

It is reported that the baby’s house is constantly being flooded, and last night, civil defense crews made attempts to save the house.

The delays in the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, devastated in last May’s Israeli aggression, left tens of thousands of people without adequate shelter during the rain and cold.

About 13,000 buildings or structures were damaged in the last Israeli aggression on the besieged Gaza Strip in May 2021. The UN says this includes over 1447 housing units that were entirely destroyed.

(Source / 27.01.2022)

Israeli Occupation Prevents Urgent Medical Equipment Entering Gaza

DAYS OF PALESTINE – GAZA – The Ministry of Health called on all concerned parties to pressure the Israeli occupation to let diagnostic medical devices, which have been held for months, into the Gaza Strip.

The Ministry said during a press conference held at the Government Information Office headquarters this morning, on Wednesday, that the Israeli occupation continues to perpetuate its inhuman and immoral practices against patients in the Gaza Strip, by depriving them of their treatment rights by various means that increase the suffering of patients.

Patients are prevented from reaching hospitals and all medical aid and services are prevented from entry.

It added that getting in diagnostic medical devices and spare parts and getting out other devices to complete the urgent necessary maintenance for them are also prevented. These devices are used in governmental and non-governmental health sectors, such as the CT scan, fluoroscopy device, mammography device, and two X-ray devices.

The Ministry pointed out that at a time when the world is on alert to confront the new mutated Corona virus, the Israeli occupation is committing crimes by impeding the entry of several diagnostic and medical devices that help enhance the readiness of the health system in the Gaza Strip, which is on the verge of the fourth wave.

The Ministry explained that the Israeli occupation continues to prevent the entry of eight mobile x-ray machines for the second time in a year, and they are devices granted by the Kuwait Fund and delivered by the Palestinian Development Council “PECDAR”. The devices are important because they provide diagnostic services to patients in different departments, including critical departments such as care departments and children’s nurseries.

In its statement, the Ministry added that the Israeli occupation has been reluctant in introducing special devices to the oxygen generating station and kidney pumps and is preventing the repair of many medical devices in the governmental and non-governmental health sectors, which include MRIs, CT scans, regular rays, and mobile devices, as well as preventing the entry of spare parts needed to repair these necessary devices.

The Ministry explained that the occupation deliberately delays the entry of spare parts for medical devices and taking other devices outside the Gaza Strip for maintenance, such as surgical endoscopes, air treads used to stabilize complex fractures, spent ray tubes, and calibration devices for medical imaging.

The Ministry of Health renewed its call to international and humanitarian health institutions to pressure the Israeli occupation to introduce diagnostic medical devices in light of their urgency as part of the efforts to maximize preparedness to confront the Covid-19 pandemic and to renew health facilities.

The Ministry noted that it has provided all international health and humanitarian institutions, led by the World Health Organization and the International Committee of the Red Cross, with all the reports that prove that the occupation is deliberately not allowing these devices and spare parts in.

(Source / 24.01.2022)

Palestinian Prisoner Nasser Abu Hmeid Still in Critical Condition

Days of Palestine – Ramallah – Nasser Abu Hmeid, a critically ill Palestinian freedom fighter held in Israel, is in a coma for the third week due to acute pneumonia, the Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Commission said today.

Abu Hmeid, 49, from Amari refugee camp in Ramallah, entered into a coma about three weeks ago after suffering a severe inflammation of the lungs as a result of bacterial contamination.

Yesterday, Abu Hmeid’s brother, Naji, said the Israel Prison Services has not allowed anyone, including family members, the Red Cross, or political figures, from visiting his critically ill brother in Israeli detention.

Minister Hussein al-Sheikh, Head of the Civil Affairs Commission in the Palestinian Authority, also said yesterday in a tweet that the Israeli government had rejected a request he officially made to visit Abu Hmeid to check on his health condition. He held the Israeli government fully responsible for his life while calling on international organizations to pressure Israel to release him.

Earlier this month, the family of Abu Hmeid appealed to all parties of concern to take urgent and effective action to save the life of their son, as well as on the masses of our people to continue their popular support to press the occupation to release him as he’s facing an imminent risk of death.

The Palestinian Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Commission had also urged all human rights and international institutions to urgently intervene and pressure the Israeli occupation authorities to release the Abu Hamid, who is battling cancer.

The Commission warned that the prisoner Abu Hamid was battling death as a result of his suffering from the consequences of a surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in the lungs he underwent last October, when the occupation then returned him to the prison before he recovered.

(Source / 23.01.2022)

Sheikh Salah contracts coronavirus

Sheikh Raed Salah

UMM AL-FAHM, (PIC) – Sheikh Ra’ed Salah, head of the Islamic Movement in 1948 occupied Palestine, has announced that he tested positive for COVID-19.

According to Anadolu news agency, Sheikh Salah said in a brief statement that he started to suffer from a cold and a fever after he returned from the Negev protest rallies that took place last Thursday.

Sheikh Salah was released last month from Megiddo jail after serving 17 months in solitary confinement.

(Source / 16.01.2022)

Palestinians married to Israeli citizens excluded from COVID vaccine pass

Video Thumb - Palestinians married to Israeli citizens excluded from Covid-19 vaccine pass [MEMO]

Proof of vaccination or recovery from Covid-19 is required to gain admission to a range of public places


Despite receiving all required doses of the vaccine Palestinians with legal residency in Israel have reported difficulties acquiring the Israeli Health Ministry’s ‘Green Pass’ – certifying they have been vaccinated against or recovered from the virus.

Proof of vaccination or recovery from Covid-19 is required to gain admission to a range of public places.

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel has called on the Health Ministry to urgently look into the issue which could jeopardise the Palestinian residents’ access to employment and other services.

“My wife hasn’t lived [in the occupied Palestinian territories] since 2004…The Health Ministry is washing its hands of us.” says Adam Ziadna, Palestinian citizen of Israel. He added:

We feel humiliated and discriminated against after so many months of trying to issue a Green Pass so we can live like normal people in Israel.

(Source / 16.01.2022)

MoH: Donations for Palestinians cancer center establishment not enough to launch it

MoH: Donations for Palestinians cancer center establishment not enough to launch it

Agencies – Gaza Post – Regarding a debate on social media about the fate of a cancer center project named Khaled Al-Hassan Cancer Center and Bone Marrow Transplant that was scheduled to be built near Ramallah, the Palestinian Ministry of Health (MoH) stated “ last night that the economic donors collected to create the center are accessible and kept in a bank account pertaining to the Khaled Al-Hassan Foundation, but that they are insufficient to begin work on the project.

The proposals for the center, with an ability of 250 beds and a projected value of $160 million, were completed, according to a brief statement.

It has been frozen at the present moment due to a lack of funds required to begin the project, the Health Ministry told reporters. The ministry and government are working to offer the financial basis for the creation of the center, and in stages, to serve the (cancer) sick people.

In its strategy to localize healthcare care in Palestine, it stated that treating cancer sufferers is a top priority.

(Source / 15.01.2022)