Preparations continue for the GMJ on 7th June

Preparations for the next Global March to Jerusalem continue across the region and around the world. On the 46th anniversary of the Zionist occupation of East Jerusalem, we are hoping that this year’s GMJ will raise global awareness about the suffering of Palestinians in Jerusalem and the increasing violations against the holy city’s religious sites, both Christian and Muslim. The GMJ will focus on organizing peaceful mass demonstrations in Palestine and the neighboring countries, getting as close to Jerusalem as possible, as well as protests in major cities around the world. In this context, we are pleased to announce the following events in support of the GMJ, culminating on Friday, 7th June:

In an interview today with Quds Press, Palestinian activist Salah Al-Khawaja, member of the GMJ International Executive Committee, called for mass participation in this year’s march on 7th June, which inside the West Bank will include a peaceful rally in front of Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, as well as peaceful protests throughout the Occupied Territories at those sites where weekly protests against the separation wall and illegal settlements usually take place.

The GMJ committee in Gaza and Dr. Ahmad Abu Halabiya, also a member of the GMJ International Executive Committee, held a press conference with local and international television and radio networks, as well as the Information Ministry of Gaza, to call upon the media to draw more attention to the increasing violations against Jerusalem and its people.

Turkey has announced that there will be two peaceful demonstrations at 2 pm on Friday 7th June in support of the GMJ: one in front of the Fatih Mosque in Istanbul, and another in front of the Israeli embassy in Ankara.

And finally, in addition to the march in Cairo on 7th June that will begin after Friday prayers at the Unknown Soldier Memorial and head towards the Al-Azhar Mosque, the Al-Quds International Institution held a press conference yesterday to launch a global campaign to support Jerusalem, which will include increased media outreach to raise awareness about Jerusalem, as well as a series of meetings with both religious and political leaders in Egypt to come up with a political strategy for safeguarding the Arab identity of Jerusalem and its Christian and Muslim holy sites.

For all English language media inquiries, please contact Dr. Sarah Marusek by phone on 001 845 489 7002 or e-mail at

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Join our protest against the Zionist policies of apartheid in Jerusalem

On Friday, 7th June 2013 the Global March to Jerusalem is organizing mass protests in Palestine and the neighboring countries to demand freedom for Jerusalem and its people, as well as an end to the apartheid, ethnic cleansing and Judaisation policies affecting the people, land and sanctity of Jerusalem.

We ask all freedom loving people around the world to support this initiative, either by organizing peaceful demonstrations in major cities or by engaging in the following solidarity actions in your local communities to draw attention to the apartheid policies that Palestinians in Jerusalem continue to suffer on a daily basis. We ask you to protest against checkpoints, illegal settlements and the separation wall by peacefully erecting the same apartheid structures in your own communities, to show the world what apartheid means for Palestinians living in Jerusalem.


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Global March to Jerusalem – Stand Up for Al-Aqsa



Join the Global March to Jerusalem by protesting outside the Israeli Embassy, and show your solidarity with Palestinians who have had their lands stolen by Israel. This also coincides with the month during which the incredible Night Journey (al-Isra wa al-Mi’raj) took place.

In 1976, Israeli authorities confiscated thousands of acres of private and public land from Palestinian residents, mainly in the Galilee. Settlements were built on this stolen land, to house illegal Israeli settlers, while Palestinian residents were left refugees. This occupation and expulsion continues today.

– This year, Masjid al-Aqsa has been under constant attack with extremist Israeli settlers, police and Rabbis, trespassing on a regular basis. They are usually protected by armed Israeli guards.

– 500 residents in Sheikh Jarrah have already been evicted from their homes.

– According to UN figures, a further 60,000 Palestinians are at risk of losing their homes due to Israeli policies.

– Palestinian homes are being demolished and their residents made homeless.

– Israeli policies are racist and Palestinians are treated as second-class citizens.

FOA would like you to request your local Masjid to deliver the jummah khutbah on al Isra wa al Miraj and Al Aqsa over the coming fortnight to raise the awareness amongst the congregation.

An outline of the khutba can be found here.




Embassy of Israel, 2 Palace Green, London W8 4QB

Nearest Tube Station: High Street Kensington/Notting Hill Gate

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Preparations underway for the Global March on 7th June


Sunday, 26 May 2013 / GMJ – Preparations are now underway for the next Global March to Jerusalem. This year the GMJ is organizing marches all over the world on Friday, 7th June 2013, which is the forty-sixth anniversary of the occupation of the eastern part of the holy city of Jerusalem, which includes the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and other sacred sites. Peaceful demonstrations will take place in Palestine and the neigbouring countries, heading towards Jerusalem or the nearest possible point, as well as in major cities around the world.

We wish through this march to send a strong message to the Zionist Occupation that we are coming, that we have not and nor will we ever forget Jerusalem and its holy sites, that we are with the free people of the world, and that we will not be silent against the brutal crimes perpetuated by the Zionist Occupation against Jerusalem and its people, threatening the holy city’s Arab identity and its Muslim and Christian holy sites.

The respective GMJ National Committees have been busy organising for this year’s march and more details about the program will be forthcoming soon, but so far we are pleased to communicate the following:

This year we are encouraging our supporters to participate in the grand festival being organised by the International Committee of the GMJ in Gaza on 7th June at the border with the 1948 areas. The arrangements for the participating delegations in the GMJ-Gaza event are being undertaken in coordination with the International Committee for Breaking the Siege on Gaza.

Egypt’s rally in Cairo will occur after Friday prayers on 7th June, with the march gathering at the Unknown Soldier Memorial in Nasr City. The full itinerary will be announced shortly, including the locations of the other rallies happening throughout Egypt.

The National Committee in the UK is organizing a rally in front of the Israeli embassy in London to protest against the racist practices of the Zionist Occupation and to demand the liberation of the holy city. The demonstration will take place from 5:30 until 7:30 pm on 7th June.

For all English language media inquiries, please contact Dr. Sarah Marusek by phone on 001 845 489 7002 or e-mail at

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Globale Mars Jerusalem op 7 juni 2013



Het Internationaal Centraal Comité van de Global March Jerusalem (GMJ) heeft besloten op vrijdag 7 juni 2013 over de hele wereld marsen te organiseren. Deze dag is de zesenveertigste herdenking van de bezetting van het oostelijk deel van de heilige stad, Al-Quds, waar ook de Al-Aqsa moskee is gesitueerd, de kerk van het Heilige Graf en andere heilige plaatsen. Al-Quds is de derde heilige plaats van de moslims. Tevens wordt de aanvang van de Catastrofe (Al-Nakba) in 1948 herdacht die de Palestijnen nog dagelijks treft.

De marsen vanuit de buurlanden Libanon, Jordanië en Egypte, vanuit Palestina en andere plaatsen op zeven juni zullen opnieuw gericht zijn op Jerusalem, om zo dicht mogelijk bij Jerusalem te kunnen komen.
Tevens zullen in de grote steden in de rest van de wereld massabijeenkomsten worden georganiseerd, m.n. demonstraties voor alle Israëlische ambassades om een einde aan de bezetting van Jerusalem en de rest van Palestina te eisen.

Het Internationaal Centraal Comité hoopt de GMJ, sinds haar grote succes van vorig jaar, tot een jaarlijks evenement te maken om velen te mobiliseren in protest tegen de zionistische staat en haar brute bezetting van Palestina, die nu al 45 jaar duurt. De slogan van de Mars is “de mensen van de wereld willen Jerusalem bevrijden” (in de geest van de Arabische Lente) en de organisatie is er van overtuigd dat de wil van het volk onoverwinnelijk zal zijn. Daarom roept het Comité ook mensen van goede wil op om mee te lopen in de Mars naar Jerusalem op 7 juni of deel uit te maken van de wereldwijde demonstraties.

Vanuit Nederland zullen ook deelnemers naar  de Mars vertrekken.  Namens de stichting “Stop de Bezetting” zal haar voorzitter Gretta Duisenberg meelopen. Mevrouw  Duisenberg was al eerder lid van het Internationaal Centraal Comité van de Global March Jerusalem (GMJ)en is nu verzocht om zitting te nemen in het International  Executive Committee. Het is een eer voor mevrouw Duisenberg dat ze gevraagd is voor deze functie en tevens ook voor “Stop de Bezetting”. De stichting is van mening dat alles gedaan moet worden aan de bevrijding van Palestina en aan de onmenselijke wanhopige situatie van het Palestijnse volk en het recht van terugkeer te respecteren.
Daarom roept  “Stop de Bezetting” activisten en alle mensen die Palestina steunen op om aanwezig te zijn bij de Mars, of bij de demonstraties, maar in ieder geval steun te betuigen aan het Palestijnse volk.

De bezetting heeft veel te lang geduurd en hier moet onmiddellijk een einde aan gemaakt worden. De Palestijnen hebben het recht op een zelfstandig autonoom Palestina en hebben de steun van het Nederlandse volk, de Nederlandse regering en de media nu hard nodig.

Israeli Authorities Arrested Over 300 Palestinian in March

Ramallah, April 11 (QNA) – The International Solidarity for Human Rights said that the Israeli occupation authorities arrested more than 300 Palestinians, including dozens of children and seven women during the month of March.  Lawyer in the International Solidarity foundation Ahmed Tobassi has condemned the Israeli occupation practices of racism against the unarmed Palestinian people, especially the escalation of arrests against children and women.
He called on the international community and international institutions concerned with human rights to take urgent action to halt Israel’s practices which are contrary to international conventions and laws.
Tobassi stressed the need to stand against the policy of arrest pursued by the Israeli occupation authorities in the Palestinian territories which contravenes all international laws and norms.

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Member Groups Join the Global BDS Day of Action!

End the Occupation

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Above: Boston member groups pass out US Campaign flyers on cutting military aid to Israel on Palestinian Land Day.

US Campaign member groups and others around the U.S.took action last month for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Global Day of Action, held annually on March 30th, Palestinian Land Day, illustrating the growing demand across the country for an end to U.S. institutional complicity with the Israeli occupation, and for freedom, justice, and equality in Israel/Palestine.

Students at Antioch University
Above: Students at Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville set up a mock wall and checkpoint with the St. Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee. Click for photos. 

Participating cities with member groups and others includedPhoenix, AZFort Worth, TX;New York City, Syracuse, andthe Hudson Valley in NY;Boston, MALos Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento, CA; Edwardsville, IL; andPhiladelphia, PA! Country-wide events included student solidarity fasts for Hana Shalabi and a CodePink “Stolen Beauty” letter-writing action to Macy’s.

Here is a sampling of U.S. Land Day actions!…

 At the national conference of M.E.Ch.A. (Movímíento Estudíantíl Chícan@ de Aztlán) in Arizona, the largest association of Latin@ youth in the U.S., chapter leaders voted by a landslide decision to endorse the Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel. The announcement came on the coinciding observances of César Chávez Day and Palestinian Land Day, commemorating ongoing civil rights and anti-colonial struggles for Latin@s and Palestinians. “Concrete connections” were drawn between the role of Israeli arms company Elbit Systems in the construction of the wall between Mexico and the US and the illegal Israeli Apartheid wall. Elbit is a primary target of the U.S.-wide “We Divest” Campaign as well as many campaigns abroad.

 The Boston Coalition for Palestinian Rights organized a “Stand Out”on the need to cut military aid to Israel: “Fund Community Needs, Not Israel’s Misdeeds.” Activists distributed over 500 copies of the flyer produced by the US Campaign, “How would you spend $30 billionover ten years?”  Among those participating were students from the #Occupy Movement.

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Above: Click to view a great new student video on mobilizing for the “We Divest” Campaign.

 Two fantastic videos were released as part of the “We Divest” Campaign, calling on financial giant TIAA-CREF to divest from the Israeli Occupation. The “We Divest” Student Leadership Teamorganized by the American Friends Service Committee and Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) [accepting applications] launched aterrific video highlighting the campaign and student activists in the U.S. and in Palestine. Meanwhile, Adalah-NY, Hunter College SJP, NYU SJP, and the Global Justice group at #Occupy Wall Street teamed up to create “TIAA-CREF’s Checkpoint Reality Check.”

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Above: Member groups in Los Angeles call on their city to end city bus contracts with Veolia. Click for more photos.

  More than 60 people joined a spirited march and rally organized by Dump Veolia-LA. Members of JVP, Friends of Sabeel, and activists from immigration justice, labor and #Occupy movements joined to demand that the City of Los Angeles stop doing business with Veolia — a French multinational water, transport, and waste management companyheavily involved in the Israeli occupation — and not renew Veolia’s contracts for public buses. Veolia is a target company in the “We Divest” Campaign, and the “Dump Veolia” Campaign was endorsed by the US Campaign coalition at the National Organizers Conference last September.

The Global Day of Action came on the heels of the largest ever Israeli Apartheid Week, an annual series of events to raise awareness of Israeli apartheid and build the BDS movement. The U.S. was one of23 countries participating on Land Day. These exciting, creative actions illustrate the growing support and energy for BDS around the U.S. as a means to end US institutional support for the Israeli occupation and apartheid policies.

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Terrorism of zionists

All he did was to raise the flag of his country, and that is why Israeli police shot him!

A youngman who want to raise the flag of Palestine, his own country, was shot by the police of Israel on the day of the Global March on Jerusalem / Landday on the 30th of March.
The Israeli police just shot this boy, because he is Palestinian and he has a flag. Nobody in the whole western world is doing anything for the Palestinians.

Politicians of the free western world, stop this occupation of Palestine, think at your time of your parents in the time of occupation in World War II.

Report from Palestine by Don Bryant

Report from Palestine by Don Bryant who recently participated in the Global March To Jerusalem from Cleveland, Ohio. Don Bryant is Co-Chair of Al-Awda Cleveland (Al-Awda, The Palestine Right To Return Coalition and a member of other social justice organizations including immigration support networks. Don was injured by a tear gas canister fired at his head by Israeli Occupation Forces during the Global March To Jerusalem where he participated in the march amongst Palestinians in Ramallah.

By Don Bryant:

As I prepare to leave the West Bank of occupied Palestine I am saddened to leave behind many new friends and will hold dear their generosity and graciousness. Old and new friends alike, in Al-Bireh (Ramallah), Beit Sahour (Bethlehem), and Hebron, occupied Palestine have given me much comfort and have assisted me in witnessing the struggles and the successes of Palestinians living under military occupation for 64 years.

In Ramallah, I started my education at Al-Haq (The Truth), an independent Palestinian non-governmental human rights organization. Al-Haq documents violations of individual and collective human rights of Palestinians, regardless of the perpetrator – Israel or Palestine. The director, Shirin, provided me with pamphlets that describe the practical, legal, and social aspects of the military occupation of Palestine, including the Israeli annexation of Jerusalem; the expulsion of Palestinian Christians and Muslims from Jerusalem; the “annexation wall” that is incorrectly called a “security barrier” as it’s meandering length is twice that of the 1949 ‘green line,’ case studies of illegal Israeli settlements encroaching on Palestinian villages; and legal maneuvering that restricts Palestinians from building, improving, and retaining ownership of their property in historic Palestine, now Israel. Shirin also gave a DVD presentation highlighting these issues.

After spending a few days in Al-Bireh, reading and gardening amidst an olive grove and an old fig tree, I departed for Beit Sahour, near Bethlehem.

In Beit Sahour, I home-stayed with a Palestinian activist, Mazin, and his family. Two other internationals from North Hampton, Mass. USA, joined us the next morning and we went on a tour to some of the occupation sites. Two other British-internationals joined us, as well. First we passed the Intercontinental Hotel in Bethlehem which had once been a palace under Ottoman rule. Under British rule it was turned into a prison where Mazin’s uncle had been incarcerated for political expression. Later it was converted to a school which Mazin attended.

Next we went to see the apartheid wall in Bethlehem, with its grafittied face depicting Palestinian revolutionary heroine Leila Khaled and the inscription, “Don’t Forget the Struggle.” A number of writings were also inscribed on the wall; this is one of them:

“I Am a Dying Woman”

“All my life was in Jerusalem! I was there daily. I worked there at a school as a volunteer and all my friends live there. I used to belong to the Anglican church in Jerusalem and was a volunteer there. I arranged the flowers and was active with the other women. I rented a flat but I was not allowed to stay because I did not have a Jerusalem ID card. Now I cannot go to Jerusalem; the Wall separates me from my church, my life. We are imprisoned here in Bethlehem. All my relationships with Jerusalem are dead. I am a dying woman.”
Antoinette, Bethlehem –

Jerusalem is in walking distance from Bethlehem but the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) at the checkpoint allow very few to enter Jerusalem. Palestinians can only go if they have medical needs, hold a Jerusalem ID, are VIPs, or are collaborators with the Israelis.

We walked through the Aida refugee camp where 60% of the inhabitants are children. Mazins concern is the high population density and the cracked walls of homes and other structural deficiencies will likely result in calamity when the next earthquake strikes.

We passed through the village of Beit Jala, meaning place of the beautiful one. This was the part-time home of St Nicholas and is one of the Bethlehem villages. The Beit Jala Hospital is where I was taken by ambulance the next day after I was struck in the head by a tear gas canister during the Global March to Jerusalem. (Luckily, the projectile hit me AFTER bouncing off a wall).

We then reached our final destination of this morning’s “occupation tour”. In annexed East Jerusalem is the village of Al Walaja, isolated between the ‘green line’ and the apartheid wall. The IOF had destroyed the original village but the people of Al Walaja rebuilt next to the old village. This village is caught in the midst of many issues: Israel’s annexation of Jerusalem, the ‘wall’, the ‘green line’, the refugee crisis, and illegal Zionist settlements. Although the villagers are adjacent to Jerusalem they never were given IDs for Jerusalem. In the rebuilt village of Al Walaja, 33 homes have been demolished, and 88 are slated for demolition. The villagers have never engaged in armed resistance, only nonviolence.

The wall is just 70% complete, which is the only reason we could access Al Walaja. When the wall is complete there will be one enrance/ exit. Three walls will be built around one farmer’s house separating family from their olive groves. After 3 years the grove area will be confiscated as “untended property”.

The Cremisan Monestary is next to Al Walaja. Cremisan wine is made there. The Cremison monks HAVE NOT been supportive of the indigenous villagers.

Mazin stated that the purpose of the wall is to squeeze the economy and livilihood of Palestinians and IS NOT for security as Israel claims.

(This concludes Part One/ Next up: Land Day – The Global March to Jerusalem; Hebron violence and non-violence; Ofer court and jail visit; and more.)

This April 9th will be the 64th commemoration of the infamous massacre at Deir Yassin when Zionist terrorists brutally murdered the native inhabitants of this historic village of Palestine on April 9, 1948 to make way for the state of Israel, established just over one month after the slaughter in Deir Yassin. In 1948 there were 33 such massacres to expel the indigenous Palestinians from their land. Remember Deir Yassin. “We Shall Return,” is the Palestinian promise.



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Gaza bloedt op Landdag

In Gaza werden op de Landdag van 30 maart duizenden demonstranten door de Palestijnse politie weerhouden om naar de grenzen te marcheren. Een segment vond alsnog een weg naar de grens met Israël, waar ze geconfronteerd werden met de kogels van het leger. Een dertigtal mensen zijn gewond, één persoon is in kritieke toestand en het dodenregister kent ook een nieuw nummer. Zijn naam is Mahmoud Zaqou -
Gaza’s jeugd in actie: “Het volk wil Palestina bevrijden!” en Al Quds (Jeruzalem) natuurlijk. - - - - - - - - - -

Zaterdag. Hoofdpijn roffelt tussen mijn trommelvliezen. Al van gisteren in de vroege ochtend, toen ik mezelf betrapte op de gedachte of dit een slecht voorteken zou zijn. Het bleek helaas inderdaad een vreselijke dag.

De mars naar Jeruzalem zou haar bestemming niet bereiken, zeker niet vanuit de Gazastrook. De weg is namelijk afgesloten door het militair fort Israël. Duizenden demonstranten werden vandaag echter door Hamas autoriteiten verhinderd om naar de grens te marcheren.

De massa werd teruggedreven tot een punt dat op enkele kilometers van de grens lag en er braken onlusten uit, waarbij demonstranten met geweld teruggedreven werden door politie. Veldwegeltjes doorbraken het Hamas cordon. Een tweehonderdtal jonge Palestijnse manifestanten bevonden zich tussen het Hamas checkpoint en de barrières aan de Israëlische zijde van de grenspost Erez.


Sinds 1976 herdenken Palestijnen op 30 maart Landdag. Op de eerste herdenking werden toen zes mensen gedood.

Tijdens deze herdenking protesteren de deelnemers tegen de confiscatie van honderden hectare land. Deze gronden werden voorzien voor de constructie van een gesloten militaire zone met negen kolonies voor een exclusief Joodse bevolking. werden toen zes mensen gedood.

Landdag symboliseert de strijd tegen de zionistische kolonisatie van Palestijns land en dit jaar wordt de onbereikbaarheid van Jeruzalem benadrukt. Jeruzalem, de verhoopte hoofdstad van de toekomstige Palestijnse staat en belangrijk heiligdom, staat als kroonstuk symbool voor het koloniale onrecht.

Handvol mieren tegen stalen olifant

We naderen en grijszwarte wolkjes verschijnen langs de grens. De vage geur van traangas waait onze richting uit terwijl we dwars door de restanten van het groene Beit Hanoun wandelen.

Luid geloei: de massa is enthousiast over de buitenlandse aanwezigheid. Er is nergens pers te bespeuren, enkel ‘shabaab’, jonge mannen tussen ongeveer 14 en 25 jaar oud.

De barricades in prikkeldraad worden neergehaald, terwijl anderen stenen gooien in de richting van de Israëlische infrastructuur. Ik word nerveus, want stenen worden meestal met kogels beantwoord door Israël. We bevinden ons op enkele honderden meter van de betonnen muur en ik tel drie wachttorens: één voor ons, één links en één rechts, maar geen teken van menselijk leven aan de andere kant.

De stenen doen hun verplichte luchtsalvo’s en landen even verder op het asfalt. Het lijkt zinloos, dit gevecht van een handvol mieren tegen een stalen olifant. Maar ik probeer de symboliek van de actie te bevatten. Het is een manier om hun gesmoorde stemmen te laten weerklinken. “We zijn hier en we zullen niet rusten tot gerechtigheid geschied, tot we vrij zijn en het land bevrijd is.”


De eerste kogel weerklinkt. In een reflex duikt de massa naar de grond tot een schreeuw weerklinkt. Een jonge man is in het been geraakt. Hij wordt ijlings afgevoerd naar een motor waar hij geklemd wordt tussen de bestuurder en een tweede passagier. Ambulances staan namelijk geblokkeerd op een kilometer van de volksdemonstratie.

Terwijl sommigen langs de kant toekijken op het spektakel, is het vooraan chaotisch. De buitenlandse aanwezigheid lijkt de troepen kracht te geven. De vrees kalft af en de jonge mannen trekken verder naar voor. Opnieuw een kogel en hetzelfde scenario herhaalt zich. Een hand geraakt, vervolgens een been en een voet.

Twee kogels verwonden vier mensen.  Het Israëlisch leger schiet waarschijnlijk met ‘dumdum kogels’ die exploderen zodra ze hun doelwit raken. Maakt onze buitenlandse aanwezigheid werkelijk een verschil? Palestijnen willen ons beschermen en hopen tegelijkertijd dat onze aanwezigheid hen beschermt.

Rondom mij hoor ik mensen schreeuwen om verder naar voor te trekken, anderen willen zich terug trekken. Een nieuwe kogel scherpt de chaos aan. Opnieuw een gewonde.

Wansmakelijk geweld

Ebaa, een jonge Palestijnse vrouw barst in tranen uit. “Ik kan dit niet zien. Kijk naar onze jongens, ze vallen al vliegen! Ik wil hier zijn, maar wil hier niet zijn. Ben ik zwak omdat ik dit niet aankan? Hoe kan iedereen zo rustig blijven? Hoe kunnen ze doorgaan?”

Ze staakt haar twitterberichten en kijkt me verscheurd aan. Ik voel me leeg, murw geslagen, en vrees dat dit wansmakelijk geweld dat zo intens is, zo ongelijk en zo onrechtvaardig, me niet langer raakt en op den duur normaal wordt.

Mensen worden voornamelijk in de ledematen geraakt, maar Mahmoud Zaqout, 20 jaar oud, wordt in de borststreek geraakt en sterft. In de chaos en het gewemel van lichamen die elkaar verdrukten, dacht ik dat het om een schotwonde in de arm ging.

Het duurt enkele uren voor mijn gevoel opnieuw wakker wordt geschud. Het is de foto van de dode jonge bebloede man, die de verdoofdheid doorprikt en het gevoel aanwakkert. Ik lees dat het Israëlisch leger “acted within the rules of engagement, firing warning shots before directly targeting him.”

Woede en verontwaardiging verdrukken de verse tristesse. Ik heb meer dan tien schoten gehoord toen ik daar was en met uitzondering van één, raakten ze allen het vlees en bot van ongewapende mensen.

Er was geen waarschuwing voor Mahmoud noch voor de anderen, een dertigtal naar schatting, die geraakt werden door Israëlische kogels. Er is enkel de ervaring die hen leert dat opkomen voor vrijheid, tegen de Israëlische bezetting, dodelijk kan zijn.

Gaza’s volksverzet, werd gisteren gefnuikt door de lokale autoriteiten en vervolgens bloedig onderdrukt door de Israëlische bezetter. Verzet, zelfbestuur, kolonialisme en onderdrukking: Gaza is complex. De dag is nog steeds triest en de toekomst lijkt somber.

Hopelijk rust je in vrede, Mahmoud Zaqout.

( / 03.04.2012)