Foreign Activists to Launch Flotilla from Gaza to Europe


Canadian and European activists are planning to launch a flotilla from the Gaza Strip to Europe to break the Israeli naval blockade imposed on the strip, Yediot Ahranot Israelii newspaper reported Tuesday.

Charlie Anderson, a Swedish activist who was on board the Gaza-bound Estelle last year, said because Israel has banned the entry of ships into Gaza, the group was planning to break the Israeli naval blockade in a different and peaceful way by launching a flotilla that will carry Gazan produce and textiles from the strip to Europe.

He told Yediot Ahranot that the flotilla, which is currently a fishing boat, is being converted to a cargo ship and is set to sail in September. Adding, the activists were not concerned that the Israeli Navy would stop the boat.

“If it does,” Anderson said, “it will find it very difficult to explain to the world why it’s stopping a Gaza cargo ship carrying civilian products meant for Europe.”

“This is a civilian, independent project, whose aim is to raise public awareness to the issue of Gaza’s maritime blockade and the activists have no intention of confronting with the Navy in case it tries to stop the shift,” said Mahfouz Havriti, one of the Palestinian organizers in the project while stressing that Gaza’s Hamas government has nothing to do with the project.

For his part, the IOF Spokesperson said that Israeli Occupation Forces aim to pursuing its mission to secure Israeli borders, including Israel’s naval border.

(Source / 10.07.2013)

Ex-TD rejects Israel apology for ship attack

A FORMER TD who was on a flotilla that was attacked by Israeli forces has described an apology from the country’s government as “too little, too late”.

Fianna Fail’s Chris Andrews was among those on board MV Saoirse – the aid vessel that was part of a flotilla sabotaged by secret Israeli agents in 2010.


Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday apologised to the families of nine Turkish activists who were killed on another ship in the flotilla, Mavia Marmara.

Mr Netanyahu apologised to Turkey for “any errors that could have led to loss of life”.

He also pledged to compensate the families of the Turkish men who were killed while the boat was under siege. The Mavia Marmara was part of the same flotilla as the MV Saoirse, which was also sabotaged by Israeli forces.

Speaking to the Herald from Gaza, Mr Andrews rejected the apology. “I was in Cyprus at the time and was trying to get out into international waters to board the Mavi Mara. The Cypriot authorities wouldn’t allow it. In hindsight, it was probably not a bad thing.

“I feel the apology is not going to make any difference to ordinary people living in Gaza, unfortunately. It won’t improve the desperate conditions young people are living under, given that Gaza is effectively an open- air prison.”

(Source / 23.03.2013)

Turkey tries Israeli military over flotilla killings

Israel’s Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Gabi Ashkenazi will be tried in absentia for the killing of nine Turks on a Gaza-bound aid ship.

ANKARA (Reuters) — Turkey puts four former Israeli military commanders, including the head of the army, on trial in absentia this week for the 2010 killing of nine Turks on a Gaza-bound aid ship.

The trial, which begins in Istanbul on Tuesday, will further test relations between the one-time strategic allies and has been dismissed by Israel as a “show trial” and “political theater”.

Relations between Israel and what was once its only Muslim ally, crumbled after Israeli marines stormed the Mavi Marmara aid ship in May 2010 to enforce a naval blockade of the Gaza Strip and killed nine Turkish activists on board.

The rift has continued despite US efforts to encourage a rapprochement between the two regional powers whose cooperation it needs to address changes sweeping the Middle East.

Israel and NATO member Turkey, which both border Syria, once shared intelligence information and conducted joint military exercises, cooperation which has since been cancelled.

A Turkish state prosecutor is seek multiple life sentences for the now retired Israeli officers over their involvement in the nine killings and the wounding of more than 50 others.

The indictment names Israel’s former Chief of General Staff Gabi Ashkenazi, former Navy Commander Eliezer Marom, former Air Force Commander Amos Yadlin and former head of Air Force intelligence Avishay Levi, seeking prison sentences of more than 18,000 years for each of them.

Among the charges listed in the 144-page indictment are “inciting murder through cruelty or torture” and “inciting injury with firearms”.

A total of 490 people aboard the ship during the raid, including activists and journalists, are expected to give evidence. Normally barred from courtrooms, the trial will be officially recorded by television cameras, although proceedings are not expected to be broadcast.

“The ‘Blue Marmara Trial’ due to commence on November 6th in Istanbul, clearly falls under the category of a Show Trial; an act which has nothing to do with either law or justice,” Israel’s foreign ministry said in a statement.

“This “Trial” does not qualify under any facet or foundation of a lawful judicial system, and is merely a propaganda display. It would be in Turkey’s interest to deal with this issue through bilateral dialogue,” it said.

A Turkish foreign ministry official declined comment, saying the incident was now a matter for the judiciary.


Ties between the two states began to unravel even before the Mavi Marmara raid after Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan stormed off a stage he was sharing with Shimon Peres at a World Economic Forum in 2009, saying the Israeli President knew “how to kill”, a reference to the December 2008-January 2009 Gaza offensive.

But relations hit a new low when Turkey expelled Israel’s ambassador and froze military cooperation after a UN report into the Mavi Marmara incident released in September last year largely exonerated Israel.

That report was meant to encourage a rapprochement between the two countries but ultimately deepened the rift when it concluded Israel had used unreasonable force but that the blockade on Gaza was legal.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in July Israel and Turkey needed to repair their relationship, but attempts to rekindle the strategic relationship have failed.

Turkey has demanded a formal apology, compensation for victims and the families of the dead and for the Gaza blockade to be lifted.

Israel has voiced “regret”, short of the full apology demanded, and has offered to pay into what it called a “humanitarian fund” through which casualties and relatives could be compensated.

IHH, the Turkish Islamic humanitarian agency which owns the Mavi Marmara, has said it expects the Turkish court to issue arrest warrants for the retired officers who would be obliged to be extradited to Turkey, a claim dismissed by Israel.

( / 05.11.2012)

Mavi Marmara lawyers file case against Israel for seizure of Gaza-bound Estelle


An image posted on the Ship to Gaza Facebook page shows crew members and passengers aboard the Estelle.

Lawyers in Turkey have filed a complaint with the Istanbul Public Prosecutor against Israeli leaders for seizing the Estelle with Nordic and Greek parliamentarians, activists and other civilians on board in international waters.

The complaint names Israeli President Shimon Peres, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, Israeli army Chief of Staff Benny Gantz and head of the Navy Ram Rothenberg, accusing them of “arbitrary arrest, confiscating maritime or railway transportation vehicles, intentionally causing damage to property, preventing communication” and “possible crimes against humanity,” according to a press release from IHH, the Turkish humanitarian organization that sponsored the Mavi Marmara,

Israel attacked the Mavi Marmara in international waters on 31 May 2010, killing nine people aboard. Preliminary hearings in the trial of Israeli leaders in that case begin in Turkey next month.

Regarding the Estelle, the IHH press release states:

“On the 20th of October, approximately around 10:15 (CET) hours, Israeli Naval Forces boarded Estelle, took it over and routed it to Port Ashdod. At this moment the vessel was approximately 30 nautical miles from the nearest shore. According to Article 3 of the 1982 United Nations Law of the Sea Convention, the territorial waters of a State are maximum 12 nautical miles. This means Estelle was sailing in international waters. In international waters all states enjoy freedom of navigation and the flag state regime applies. No State may exercise any kind of jurisdiction over foreign vessels as long as there is no suspicion of slave trading, weapons or drug smuggling, piracy or unauthorized broadcasting. Since none of these exceptions existed, Israel had no right to stop and seize Estelle.” said in the complaint.

The complaint statement continued as follows: “Imposing a naval blockade is only possible in an International Armed Conflict which requires at least two conflicting States. Since Israel does not recognize the State of Palestine, the conditions for an International Armed Conflict are not fulfilled. Therefore there is also no legal ground to impose a naval blockade on the Gaza Strip.

The complaint alleges that, “These crimes committed by Israel are universal and fall within the scope of the universal jurisdiction of all states” and that Turkish law allows its courts to exercise jurisdiction in such cases.

Breaking the blockade

The Estelle, a sailing ship, operated by the group Ship to Gaza Sweden carried an international crew including lawmakers from several countries and several Israeli activists. The ship was forced to sail to Ashdod, were Israeli authorities arrested those on board.

The Estelle’s cargo included olive tree saplings, construction supplies, medical supplies, wheel chairs, footballs and toys.

Today, three Israeli activists who had been aboard the ship were released from custody, according to a Ship to Gaza press release:

“I am now on my way home, but I keep thinking of my shipmates, my fellow activists from abroad who are still imprisoned under harsh conditions and undergo  interrogation by the Shabak Security Service, among them Parliament Members from several countries,” said Elik Elhanan, one of the Israeli activists who had sailed aboard the Gaza-bound Swedish ship “Estelle”. Today, the court ordered his release and that of two other detained Israelis, Yonatan Shapira and Reut Mor. “At first they tried to charge us with all kinds of very serious felonies, such as ‘aiding the enemy’. The court rejected this out of hand. Today they tried a article on the law books called “Attempted infiltration into a part of the Land of Israel which is not part of the State of Israel” (sic). But the court threw out this charge, too.”

The Israeli activists said, in the press release, that the Israeli forces boarding the ship had used violence and tasers against passengers.

Separately to Swedish lawmakers, Sven Britton and Kristian Svenberg, were said to be on their way back to Sweden.

IHH press release

Mavi Marmara lawyers file a complaint against Israel for the seizure of Estelle

Istanbul, TR, 22 Oct 2012 – Mavi Marmara Lawyers filed a complaint against Israel for the seizure of Estelle at the Istanbul Office of Public Prosecutor.

Shimon Peres (President of the State of Israel),Benjamin Netanyahu (Prime Minister of Israel), Ehud Barak (Minister of Defense and Deputy Prime Minister), Avigdor Lieberman (Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister of Israel), Benny Gantz(Chief of General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces),Ram Rothberg (Head of the Israel Navy) and others who directly involved in the operation and commanders have been accused in the complaint for arbitrary arrest,confiscating maritime or railway transportation vehicles, intentionally causing damage to property, preventing communication, possible crimes against humanity.

“On the 20th of October, approximately around 10:15 (CET) hours, Israeli Naval Forces boarded Estelle, took it over and routed it to Port Ashdod. At this moment the vessel was approximately 30 nautical miles from the nearest shore. According to Article 3 of the 1982 United Nations Law of the Sea Convention, the territorial waters of a State are maximum 12 nautical miles. This means Estelle was sailing in international waters. In international waters all states enjoy freedom of navigation and the flag state regime applies. No State may exercise any kind of jurisdiction over foreign vessels as long as there is no suspicion of slave trading, weapons or drug smuggling, piracy or unauthorized broadcasting. Since none of these exceptions existed, Israel had no right to stop and seize Estelle.” said in the complaint.

The complaint statement continued as follows: “Imposing a naval blockade is only possible in an International Armed Conflict which requires at least two conflicting States. Since Israel does not recognize the State of Palestine, the conditions for an International Armed Conflict are not fulfilled. Therefore there is also no legal ground to impose a naval blockade on the Gaza Strip.

The rules of International Humanitarian Law require the free passage of humanitarian aid to territories under occupation. By denying the passage of the humanitarian aid on Estelle the accused parties have clearly violated this rule and also the rules of Human Rights Law, which are applicable during peace time and continue to apply also during war time. The accused parties should be held responsible for these violations.

The State of Israel (the president, prime-minister and others in charge) has accepted the act as its own and that they have given the order. These crimes committed by Israel are universal and fall within the scope of the universal jurisdiction of all states. Being a State of Law, it is not acceptable for the Republic of Turkey to not take action.

The Turkish Penal Code provides Universal Jurisdiction in the articles 12 and 13. This provides the Turkish Judicial Authorities all necessary jurisdiction and responsibility.For these reasons a criminal investigation should be started for the Head of State, superiors who prepared and commanded the operation and all subordinates being part of the operation and a criminal case should be filed.”

Human Rights activists and humanitarian aid volunteers from all around the world sailed with the boat Estelle on the 20th of June 2012 from Sweden. Their aim was to break the illegal blockade imposed by Israel on the Gaza Strip and to bring humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza, including medical aid. Among the passengers of Estelle were six European Parliamentarians; former Canadian parliamentarian Manly James, Norwegian parliamentarian Hagen Akse, Swedish Parliamentarian Britton Sven, Greek parliamentarians Kodelas Dimitros and Diamantopoulos Evangelos and Spanish parliamentarian Sixto Ricardo.

About IHH

The official establishment and institutional structure of theIHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, whose preliminary foundation was laid by a group of charitable people to extend humanitarian aid to Bosnia in 1992 during the war years, was completed in 1995. The IHH aims to reach every region hit by wars, disasters,poverty and human rights abuses, and believes that civilian initiatives play a complementary role beside intervention by states and international organizations in resolving humanitarian problems. IHH is also one of the organizers of Gaza Freedom Flotilla in 2010.

( / 23.10.2012)

Estelle ship 2 Gaza

Estelle is a ship of Sweden. It has been the third Freedom Flotilla to attempt to break the siege on Gaza. It has happen again. Mavi Marmara the Turkish Flotilla that was attack in 2010 and killed nine Turkish activists Zionists tell today have not apologies for that attack.Another activist ship aiming to break the Gaza blockade has been blocked by Israeli forces and rerouted. Estelle was attacked by Zionist marines in International waters again.  The ship  Palestinian rights supporters from Europe, Canada and Israel was followed then boarded by Israeli marines with no casualties incurred.  They border the ship with masks over their heads and shot stuns stuff at peaceful activist.

The ship, which left Italy in on Oct. 7, hoped to bring “humanitarian cargo such as cement, and goodwill items such as children’s books” to the besieged Palestinians. Why does Israel does not what Gaza to get humanitarian aid are they not human. Israel thinks they own every thing so if you own it you should look after the people like the right of basics of medical care, you attack from your F16′s etc….. Gaza just depends on humanitarian aid because Israel does not what to give them anything. All what Israel does it  attacks. This  is  all crime against Humanity because they have no humanity no heart do the love them selves. 

Humanitarian aid scares Israel that a weapon they scared of, going there they look scared hope Freedom comes soon inshallah. illegal pirates, terrorist attacks in International waters I knew that. They get away with it they knew what they did in 2010. Building settlers illegal, siege on Gaza illegal, Apartheid in International law is illegal, #Estelle has every right to break the siege.Has Israel ever had a right, being on Palestine land stealing illegal, Wall illegal, demolish houses illegal. What scares them the most there are real humans coming to give humanitarian aid to Gaza unlike them hey give nothing only know how to attack. Israel does not care about International law that does not scare them to break the laws. Humanitarian Scares them, Israel does not have a heart or humanity inside of them but we shall return.

This not the end we would continue until Gaza siege is broken. Stolen, that all what Israel does is steal The siege on Gaza is illegal#Estella come to give humanitarian aid. Israel has not learned from what they did in 2010 in International  waters they don’t care so they go do it again #Estelle in international waters.

Israel never had a right, 
1. No Right to Steal land
2. Wipe Palestine off the world map
3. Separation Wall
4. no right to have a siege on Gaza
5.No right of ethnic cleansing 

6. No right, to take out Oliver trees
7. No right to attack Al Aqsa
8. No right to attack peaceful protesters And the list goes on Israel has no right to be on the land of Palestine. 

that all against International law.

( / 21.10.2012)

Israel Still Holding Gaza-Bound Passengers, Including Parliamentarians; Some Tasered

For immediate release: contact: US Boat to Gaza,

Robert Naiman,;
Richard Levy, 917-797-4466

New York, October 21, 3pm EDT – More than 24 hours after their illegal detention in international waters at 10 AM local time Saturday, Israeli authorities are still holding 21 passengers who were on board the Estelle which was sailing to Gaza when intercepted by Israeli forces, of whom three are Israeli and eighteen are internationals. There were originally 30 on board the boat from eight countries: Israel, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greece, and Spain. Six have been deported and at this writing three are in the process of being deported.

Passengers on the Estelle, including  Israeli combat veteran Yonatan Shapira, have reported that the passengers were tasered when Israeli forces commandeered the ship.

Israeli officials have claimed that there were no humanitarian goods onboard. In fact, the items in the cargo room of Estelle were: 2 olive trees; 41 tons of cement; wheelchairs; walkers; crutches; midwifery stethoscope; children’s books; toys; 300 footballs; musical instruments; theatrical equipment;  VHF radio (for a ship); 1 anchor (the last two items were for the Gaza’s Ark project.) The ship was inspected at many ports. A video of the cement being loaded onto the ship is here.

“We call on the U.S. to use its influence with the Israeli government to ensure the Estelle passengers and crew are treated with dignity, that their rights as non-violent protesters are respected and that they all be released immediately,” said Jane Hirschmann, organizer of the U.S. Boat to Gaza.

Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said Professor of Arab Studies at Columbia University, said today: “It’s striking that while the Swedish Foreign Affairs Ministry has the moral clarity to say that it agrees with the Ship to Gaza that the border crossings must be opened and that the ship should have been allowed through, the U.S. State Department is silent about this gross violation of human rights and international humanitarian law.”

“I should say that every time Israel stops a boat, that’s another blow to its diminishing legitimacy and another element of support, both to the those who are resisting internally and to those who are opposing the policies outside, and sooner or later the wave will sweep over the barriers,” Noam Chomsky, who was visiting Gaza, told a news conference at Gaza port.

( / 21.10.2012)

Israel Pirate of the Sea Strikes again-The Estelle

For the people of the world that have been following the Estelle with your heart in your hand. Let me tell you that The people of Gaza and the Solidarity Palestinian Movement of the world was one more time humiliated, cheated of our rights, publicly scorned by the Criminal, Pirate, Racist, Apartheid State of Israel. Israel allowed the Estelle to sailed closer to Gaza, while the world waiting with hopes that maybe this time Israel was going to have a fiber of compassion and allow this mission to reach Gaza.

Israel knows that there are no arms, no terrorists aboard, they know that this is a humanitarian mission. Why stage the event to make us hold false hopes?. Why wait so long to stop the Estelle? It is as if they were playing with the switch of hope, one minute we see the Estelle sailing, and another minute there is silence and expectations.

We were heart broken to see pictures of Palestinians in Gaza waiting in the beach for the Estelle to show up, that was one of the moments that I felt so powerless, almost like a joke played by Israel on the people of Gaza. I was crying with hope and happiness minutes before I read the tragic news, and minutes later,  I was crying with anger, this anger that we feel when you see injustice being committed.

It is ironic that when you see that picture of Gaza beach with a very short horizon, it is double the pain. Even their horizon is limited.  For days they waited for hopes to show up in the form of the Ship.
The Estelle was the name this time for hope to arrive to Gaza. You can not deny the truth of what happens in Gaza. The situation in Gaza is unbearable and Israel is busy with her PR story to the world of deception.
The latest of Israel’s reports on how maintain Palestinians barely alive just made public. But Gaza people do not need to read reports, they feel every day the taunt of the occupation, they suffer the bombs and the shortest of food.

I wonder this simple questions why the leaders go along with the lies?, why the leaders allow the carnage to go unpunished?, why the leaders do not stop the aid to Israel?, why the majority of the world do not see the truth, the simple truth as we see it? As I see, as is felt in Gaza, very raw, crude, almost grotest . Why is there people that still support Israel, knowing all the crimes that it commits?. Why the Arab Muslim leaders doing business with Israel?, Why is there no Justice in the world?, Why the world stand in silence? Why?

When Israel sent their bunch of lies that excuses her reason to keep the illegal tactics against Palestinians to the United Nations, we did not hear  the response from the United Nations. Israel was fast in publishes the letter sent to the UN security council, but did not bother to post anything later. The letter wanted to make clear the UN security council that any actions that Israel will take regarding the Estelle, was excusable. Even if they killed some activist like they did on May 2010, where Israel murdered at close range 9 unarmed activist. That was the letter about to have in print her official defense in case there is another Mavi Marvara. OH! this devilish men are cleaver, Machiavelli mentality, chauvinistic mentality and heartless beings.

I keep looking for official statements on response of Ambassador Prosor’s letter, nothing to be found not in the United National Official Page and nothing on the Israeli Ministry of Defense, which take us to conclude that the actions perpetrated by Israel to the International Humanitarian Civil unarmed Mission of the Estelle was once more a public disregard of International Law and an abuse of a civilian human rights, and the rights of individuals to sail on the sea to a desire destinations.

At the moment of this notes 10:30 PT, the Estelle is being dragged to a Ashdod without the consent of the Captain, or the passengers.
I commend the people of the world to stand up for Gaza, Palestine,for the Estelle Crew, for for you, for our world.
These actions when leave unattended, and without complain, will be repeated over and over.
Until we really unite in one voice against the monsters of the Zionist Movement that seem to control the world. We can not advance in our endowment for peace.
And please do not go along to the Anti Semitic rhetoric that is old school of propaganda of the ADL, a Racist organization that is working to created Anti Semitic sentiment in the word.
There is nothing more criminal that what Israel is doing to the Palestinian people.

Do you think that it is fair that Israel having the latest weapon technology to attack a unarmed population, then go to the world and said that they are killing terrorist? Do you read the news, at least they tell you sometimes numbers that you can put into perspective and balance the truth. More than 1500 people died on the winder of 2008-2009 by Israel missiles, more than 600 were children and the rest woman, men and elderly. Israel killed most of the security forces in Gaza, they attack a police academy and killed all the youth that were students, not terrorists. They could have been your sons, but the news reported that Israel killed jihadist, terrorists. What a blatant lie.
There is nothing more criminal that what the Zionist Lobby around the world are doing to undermine our own governments.
And there is nothing more Anti Semitic that what Israel is doing to the Nation of Palestine. The Genocide that the indigenous of Palestine is being victim, that is Anti Semitic. The rest is Israel Propaganda.
The well propagated idea by Israel that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza is the worse cruel lie they spread in the news, the truth is simple and you just need to see the pictures continuously uploaded by Palestinians and from internationals that have moved to Palestine to record for history the horror that Israel is creating in Palestine, specially in Gaza which have been victim of a Naval and land blockade since 1967 really not 2007 as the world thinks.

None of the Big News were following the Estelle, but once Israel attacked the Estelle then all the Paid News were ready to make their headlines.
This is ABC except from their news today regarding the Estelle, ABC according to the world is one of the respected leading News outlet, but for us that know the truth, ABC is just another propaganda outlet.
“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement praising the military for enforcing the blockade, said there “is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza” and accused the activists of trying to “to provoke and slander Israel’s name.”, if ABC really care for the truth should have journalist in Gaza, reporting the truth to the world and not the parroted lies that Israel dictates.

This photo released by the Israel Defense Forces, shows the Swedish-owned, Finnish-flagged boat, Estelle as it near the waters off the Gaza Strip Saturday Oct 20, 2012. Israeli naval vessels thwarted the advance of a pro-Palestinian boat attempting to reach Gaza on Saturday in defiance of Israel’s blockade of the territory, the military said. (AP Photo/IDF)

“We have this blockade because there are constant smuggling attempts of weapons, munitions that eventually reach the hands of terror organizations inside Gaza,” she said. How can a “respected News Outlets” will be distributing lies and propaganda to deviate the attention of the world of a terribly humanitarian horror developing in Gaza?

These are the sailors on board Estelle:


Member of Parliament Hagen Aksel Norway 10/04/1953
Member of Parliament Britton Sven Sweden 14/06/1938
Member of Parliament Kodelas Dimitios Greece 02/01/1979
Member of Parliament Sixto Ricardo Spain 07/01/1967
Member of Parliament Diamantopoulos Evangelos Greece 20/04/1980
Former Member of Parliament Manly James Canada 29/10/1932
Opperdoes Joel Arvid Alexander Sweden 1983-06-20
Andreasson Charles Bertil Sweden 1965-03-10
Särner Daniel Karl-Erik Sweden 1985-12-16
Uddebrant Johan Lars OS Sweden 1981-06-28
Widell Anders Nils Olof Sweden 1986-07-11
Reksten Herman Elias Norway 1989-10-06
Elhanan Elazar Israel 1977-04-01
Sjøstrøm Nils Johan Norway 1963-11-10
Koivisto Velimati Finland 1968-03-01
Hammervold Jan Petter Norway 1944-27-03
Feiler Dror Sweden 1951-31-08
Svenberg Kristian Sweden 02-07-1947
Boethius Maria-Pia Sweden 09/04/1947
Mor Reut Israel 09/08/1982
Jämiä Mika Finland 1959-09-06
Arau Crusellas Laura Spain 02/05/1980
Ramazzotti Stockel Marco Italy 17-09-1947
Shapira Yonathan Israel 12-02-1972
Tiktopoulos Mikhalis Greece 24/12/1946
Zabale Gouzalet BegoÒa Spain 09/01/1950
Stamellos Loukas Greece 22/06/1979
Piassas Evangelos Greece 02/04/1947
Gardell Mattias Sweden 10/08/1959
Vinthagen Stellan Sweden 13/10/1964

At any given day I invite to visit the page Marine Traffic a public where you can check the Port activity, Ashdod Port, and Haifa Port two of the busy ports of Israel. While Israel have an illegal blockaded of Gaza, not allowing it to develop their Naval infrastructure and their fishing industry at all, Israel enjoy of free trade from Oil, Arms, war technology, agricultural products, industrial products, just name it Israel is a striving industry in all the aspect of the economy, and Palestine is left to the charity of the world. Where is the fairness on this? Why the UN allow this atrocity to occur? Please wonder, please raise your voice.

This is the Croatia Cargo Vessel, on of hundreds that come and go from Israel ports. Who is really inspecting those ships, whey could be trading illegal nuclear weapons for what we know.

(Marivel Guzman / / 20.10.2012)

Gaza-bound aid ship boarded by Israeli forces

Organisers of ship carrying pro-Palestinian activists seeking to reach Gaza say Israeli soldiers have boarded vessel.

A ship carrying pro-Palestinian activists seeking to breach Israel’s naval blockade on Gaza has “come under attack”
shortly after being approached by Israeli vessels, a spokeswoman said.

“The Estelle is now under attack – I have just had a message from them by phone,” Victoria Strand, a Stockholm-based spokeswoman for the Ship to Gaza Sweden campaign told the AFP news agency on Saturday.

According to Dror Feiler, another spokesperson, the Estelle, whose passengers include five parliamentarians and a former Canadian politician, was attacked at around 08:15 GMT.

“Five or six military vessels surrounded the Estelle. Soldiers wearing masks are now trying to board the ship. The attack took place on international water: N31 26 E33 45,” Feiler said.

The Israeli military confirmed that the ship was boarded.

“A short while ago, Israeli navy soldiers boarded Estelle, a vessel which was en route to the Gaza Strip, attempting to break the maritime security blockade,” it said in a statement.

It said that the Finnish-flagged vessel was being led to the southern Israeli port of Ashdod.

The Estelle, the latest ship to try to break Israel’s blockade on Gaza as part of the ‘Freedom Flotilla’ movement, set sail from Naples in southern Italy.

Luigi de Magistris, the mayor of Naples, met with members of the crew during a visit to the Estelle in the city’s port.

The Estelle, whose voyage is being organised by an international pro-Palestinian coalition, is carrying humanitarian goods to the Gaza Strip.

There are 17 activists from around the world on board, including passengers and crew from Canada, Israel, Norway, Sweden and the US.

( / 20.10.2012)

Activist ship to reach Gaza ‘on Saturday’

A Finnish-flagged ship attempting to break Israel’s naval blockade of the Gaza Strip hopes to reach Gaza’s coastal waters by Saturday afternoon, a spokesman for the organisers in Sweden, Mikael Lofgren, says.

The 53-metre-long, three-masted, Estelle is carrying 20 activists on board, including five parliamentarians from Sweden, Norway, Spain and Greece.

According to the organisers, the ship is carrying two olive trees, 41 tonnes of cement, 300 footballs, orthopedic and medical equipment, children’s books, musical instruments, theatre equipment and a radio.

The Estelle set sail in June and has called in at several European ports, trying to garner support and publicity.

The Israeli military said it will prevent the ship from reaching Gaza, as it has in previous attempts to breach its blockade.

Israel imposed its blockade on the Gaza Strip in June 2006, when militants snatched an Israeli soldier during a cross-border raid. The siege was tightened a year later, when the militant Islamist Hamas, which advocates violent resistance to Israel, seized full control of the enclave.

In May 2010 Israeli naval commandos intercepted a nine-ship flotilla heading for the Gaza Strip.

Eight of the vessels were boarded peacefully, but violence broke out on the ninth ship, the Turkish Mavi Marmara, and eight Turkish pro-Palestinian activists and an American of Turkish descent were killed by Israeli forces.

A UN report published some months after the event found that the commandos had used “excessive and unreasonable” force in taking over the ship, but also faced “organised and violent resistance from a group of passengers.”

The report also declared the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip legal.

Following international criticism of the interception of the nine-ship flotilla in May 2010, Israel significantly relaxed its sanctions on the types of goods being allowed into the Strip.

But it still insists on checking shipments and has slapped an embargo on anything which can be used to manufacture weapons.

( / 19.10.2012)

Former Israeli Air Force combat pilot boards Gaza-bound boat

Israeli peace activist Yonatan Shapira, who had been a combat pilot in the Israeli Air Force and refused to take part in the bombing of Palestinian cities, has arrived on board the Swedish boat “Estelle” which is making her way towards the coast of Gaza. When the Estelle passed near the shores of Greece, Shapira and other activists made their way in a motor boat, evading vessels of the Greek Coast Guard which sought to bar their way. “Along with the Greek Coast Guard  we saw a ship which seemed very much like an Israeli Navy vessel, though it did not fly a flag” said Shapira. He was received with cheers by activists already on board. Shapira had taken part in a similar sailing last year, being taken off by Israeli Navy Commandos near the Gaza shore and spending time in police detention, but not charged with any criminal offence.

Meanwhile, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor has sent a letter calling on the United Nations to stop the Estelle from reaching her destination. To this activists on board respond: “If this means that Israel has decided to cede control over Palestinian territorial waters to the UN, this would actually be a step forward.

The UN and many other representatives of the International Community have for years characterized the siege of the Gaza strip as inhuman and incompatible with International Law.

Ship to Gaza Sweden assumes that that UN will not take over the implementation of this policy, by itself preventing a peaceful vessel from delivering humanitarian supplies.

Ship to Gaza and the Freedom Flotilla have never opposed lawful inspections of cargo and vessel by representatives of the UN, as well as  by national authorities in the ports and waters we have passed through. We welcome further inspections of this kind by the UN, once we have anchored at Gaza City. What we refuse to accept is something which also the UN and the majority of The International Community oppose: The illegal siege of the Gaza Strip, with its devastating humanitarian results.

The Estelle has now set course to Gaza and, weather permitting, is due to get there on Saturday.

Adam Keller, Spokesperson of Gush Shalom, who is in ongoing contact with the Estelle activists, says that Israel’s Prime Minister and Defense Minister still have some forty-eight hours’ grace to make a wise and courageous decision, avoid another show of Israeli brute force in international waters and let the Estelle dock at the Port of Gaza – while implementing a thorough UN inspection of her cargo,  to which the activists  specifically consent.

( / 19.10.2012)