Jan. 3, London: Protest G4S Complicity in Torture – Free the Hares Boys!


Date: Friday 3rd January 2014, 2pm – 4pm
Location: G4S HQ, 105 Victoria Street (Closest public transport: Victoria Tube/Rail station)

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/245697525591921/



Solidarity with 5 Palestinian children tortured and caged by Israel for a crime that never happened.

On 14th March 2013 in what appears to have been a car accident when a speeding illegal Israeli settler car crashed in to the back of an Israeli truck which had stopped to change a flat tire, on a illegal Jews-only road in the West Bank, resulted in four people being hurt. At the behest of angry settlers, the incident was later presented as an attack by Palestinian stone throwing youth.

The truck drivers earlier testimony that he had stopped due to a flat tire was replaced with the new reason being that he had seen stones by the road, and an accident that nobody saw suddenly became a terror attack with 61 witnesses including the police!

Over the next few days over 50 masked Israeli soldiers with attack dogs stormed the local village of Hares in the early hours of the morning and in waves of violent arrests kidnapped the children of the village. In total 19 children were taken to the infamous G4S secured children’s dungeon at Al Jalame and locked up in solitary confinement for up to 2 weeks in filthy windowless 1m by 2m cells with no mattress. The children were violently tortured and sexual threats were made against the female members of their families in order to coerce confessions from the boys.

With the confessions and the new “eye-witness” statements, five of the Hares boys were charged with 25 counts of attempted murder each, even though there were only four people in the car. Apparently the military court had decided that 25 stones were thrown, each with an “intent to kill”. The five boys – the “Hares Boys” – Ali Shamlawi, Mohammed Kleib, Mohammed Mehdi Suleiman, Tamer Souf, and Ammar Souf are currently locked up in another G4S secured facility – Megiddo prison where G4S provides the entire central command room.

With no evidence of a crime the military court keeps on postponing the hearing dates for the children. All the October, November and December military court dates so far have been postponed and new ones issued for January by the Israeli military to the families of the boys, meanwhile the boys remain caged now for nearly 10 months now. Family visits are routinely cancelled with no notice being given, Ali Shamlawi mothers last scheduled visit on 17th Dec was cancelled – its a way to exert psychological pressure on both the children and their families.

Not that evidence, or lack of it, has any bearing in an Israeli military court – a study conducted by the Israeli NGO ‘No Legal Frontiers’ over a 12 month period concluded that 100% of Palestinian children brought before the military court are convicted. If the five boys are convicted they will be locked up for over 25 years – five young lives ruined with no evidence of a crime let alone their guilt.

We are demanding the immediate and unconditional release of all the children and hold G4S complicit in Israel’s crimes, particularly in the torture of Palestinian children.


We will also be  protesting in solidarity with the three hunger strikers Mohammad Badr, Islam Badr, and Thaer Abdu who have been on hunger strike since 16th November to protest their ‘administrative detention’ – the practice used by Israel to imprison Palestinians indefinitely without charge or trial.

Under administrative detention prisoners are given rolling detention orders which can be anything from 1-6 months, renewable indefinitely. This is against international law. In the past administrative detainee Mazen Natsheh has been locked up cumulatively for nearly 10 years without charge or trial. Detention orders can be based on so called “secret information” which never needs to be produced, either to the detainee nor their lawyer, but often administrative detention is used to arbitrarily jail Palestinians where there is no evidence for a trial, or as a form of punishment as in the case of 10 Palestinian MPs currently locked up without charge. Israel has on average issued over 2000 detention orders every year (2007-2011). Today there are 145 administrative detainees.

Thaer Abdu was abducted by the Israeli occupation forces from his home on 27th October and is being held under a 6 month administrative detention. Mohammed and Islam Badr are brothers, and were abducted from their family shop on 28th October. Mohammad is being held under a 6 month detention order whilst Islam is on an initial 3 month detention. All three are held in G4S secured Ofer prison, but unlike other Palestinians who are placed in the political “security” section, they have been put in section 14 which is for common criminals. Until recently they were on total hunger strike, taking only water (no salts and no medication). As a result their health deteriorated very rapidly and they had to be transferred to hospital on 12th December. Now they are taking salt with water. Both Mohammad and Islam have lost 12kg in weight since the beginning of their strike. To punish them for their hunger strike the prison has put them in isolation and taken all their personal possessions from the cell and denied then adequate blankets and bedding whilst being kept in a very cold room making even drinking water difficult to swallow. Everyday the prison guards continue the punishment by violently raiding their rooms at least 5 times daily under pretext of inspection. Despite their hardships all three prisoners are committed to their hunger strike.

The British security contractor G4S is complicit in Israel’s illegal practice of punitive administrative detention. Figures from April show that 86% of administrative detainees – the vast majority, are locked up in G4S secured Israeli prisons. Most of them having been transferred from the West Bank into Israel in contravention of Article 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.


We will, inshAllah, be tweeting live (hash tags #FreeHaresBoys #G4S ) from the protest with live photos being uploaded to our twitter and facebook page. So if you can’t join us on the day, please help us by sharing the photos as they get uploaded.




Please help raise money for the Hares Boys – five Palestinian children abducted from their homes in the village of Hares and caged in a hole in the ground and tortured until false confessions were extracted for stone throwing and are now facing possible life sentences. The aim is to raise as much as we can in 80 days  (starting 30th Oct) to help all the 5 families to deal with the financial burden associated with having their children imprisoned. The children have already spent 8 months in an Israeli dungeon.

Israel is the only country in the world that charges prisoners for their imprisonment. They have to buy food, soap, toothpaste, and everything else for highly inflated prices in the prison shop, because the Apartheid state does not provide for the people it incarcerates. Not only are such policies designed to break the spirit of the imprisoned and their families – they also intend to ruin them financially. Its costs over 125 euros per month to provide for one child’s basic needs in prison.

The initial target of 2000 euros  has been reached thanks to our French comrades, who raised a magnificent 1000 euros. The target was however kept low because of the way the fundraising works –  if you don’t reach the target in 80 days all the money is returned and the families don’t get any of the money. So we still need people to contribute, every little helps. So far 2,822 euros have been raised with just 19 days remaining. Around 6% of the amount raised goes towards administrative and bank fees of namlebee – the hosts of the fundraising.

Please give generously, thank you.



Palestinian Prisoners Campaign

(Source / 02.01.2014)

Europese Islamofobie Conferentie 2013 te Amsterdam

Het Euro-Mediterraan Centrum Migratie en Ontwikkeling (EMCEMO) en het Collectief Tegen Islamofobie en Discriminatie (CTID) organiseren een conferentie over de problematiek van islamofobie in Nederland en andere EU landen, met plenaire sessies en interactieve workshops over de volgende thema’s : Islamofobie, wetenschappelijke benaderd; Islamofobie, juridisch bekeken; Islamofobie en politiek; en de relatie van islamofobie met verschillende vormen van radicalisering.

Tijdens de conferentie zullen de aanwezigen over deze vier thema’s spreken, mede met het oog op het algemene politieke en maatschappelijke debat over de Islam. De centrale focus van de conferentie is de actualiteit van islamofobie : wat is islamofobie? Welke islamofobe incidenten hebben in Nederland plaats gevonden? wat zijn de gevolgen ? Daarnaast willen wij ook de mogelijke aanpak van dit probleem bespreken: wat is er al gedaan en wat kan er nog gebeuren? wat is er politiek en juridisch mogelijk in Nederland en de EU? Deelnemers aan het conferentie krijgen ook een inhoudelijk map met meer informatie.

Graag nodigen wij u uit voor de Europese Islamofobie Conferentie 2013 op 18 oktober 2013 van 9:30-18:00uur in het Concern Congres Centrum, Weesperstraat 113. Onder leiding van dagvoorzitter Fenna Ulichki spreken Ineke van der Valk (Universiteit van Amsterdam), Marwan Muhammed (Stat X and Collectief Tegen Islamofobie in Frankrijk), Ties Prakken (Universiteit van Maastricht), Mohammed Rabbae (Landelijk Beraad Marokkanen), Jan Jaap de Ruiter (Tilburg University), Yassin Elforkani (Contactorgaan Moslims en Overheid) en Roemer van Oordt (Projectbureau Zasja) tijdens de plenaire sessies en workshops. Aan de workshops wordt ook deelgenomen door Martijn de Koning (Radboud University en Universiteit van Amsterdam), Marlene Bosman (betrokken bij anti-discriminatie zaken) en Miriam Barhanzi (Moslim Jeugd Italië).

In de bijlage vindt u het programma. Voor meer informatie of om deelname te bevestigen, stuur een email naar Tara Coghlan via islamofobie@gmail.com of bel het kantoor van EMCEMO: 0031 (0)20-4288825.

International Solidarity Movement


The 8th year conference of popular resistance in Palestine

Bil’in – Ramallah from Oct the 2nd until Oct the 4th 2013

FIRST DAY Wednesday 2nd of Oct


Registration 9:00am – 9:30am

9:30am Inauguration, M.C welcoming and announcement the start the conference

[7 minutes each]

  • The Popular Committee in Bil’in
  • The Prime Minister- Rami Hamdallah
  • Mr. Mahmoud Aloul: Member of Fateh Central Committee
  • Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi: Representative of the Initiative Movement
  • International  Palestinian allies
  • The Popular Committees in Palestine
  • Jerusalem activists

10:30am Break & preparation for the second round of the opening

11:00am An open meeting: “The Popular Resistance in light of the political movement” Mr. Jameel Bargouhti – 90 minutes

Presentations by the Palestinian political forces about their different visions , followed with open discussion .

[5 minutes each]

  • Fateh National  Movement representative  Dr. Mohamad Shtaya
  • The Popular Front representative
  • The  Democratic Front representative  Mr. Tayseer Khalid
  • The  Initiative Movement representative Dr. Mustafa Barghouti
  • The Palestine Liberation Front ( PLF ) representative Mrs. Khalida Jarar
  • The representative of the Popular Committees in Palestine

14:00am Lunch break 2 hours 


Group A

How can we rise with the Popular Resistance in Palestine as part of the vision and broaden the participation with better coordination among the committees and activists.

Group B

How can we reactivate and develop the impact of the Palestinian International Allies to be more effective in exercising pressure on the Israeli government.

 Group C

How could we assure the continuity of the popular resistance in light of the political movement.

Group D

How can we protect the activists and the popular struggle committees against the Israeli occupation ?

SECOND DAY 3rd of Oct 2013 Thursday

Special event.  It will be announced and coordinated on Thursday morning before setting off from the conference site in Bil’in

THIRD DAY 4th of October 2013 – Friday

Central march in Bil’in

(Source / 01.10.2013)

Invitation: Meeting on the Palestinian prisoners and the role of G4S

Date: 3rd of Oktober
Location: ISS, Kortenaerkade 12, The Hague

Time: 19.00 – 21.30 (The meeting will start at 19.30)

Geplaatst door 24/09/2013 door redactie

The Netherlands Palestine Committee, docP and students of The Hague University have the pleasure to invite you to an event on Palestinian prisoners and the role of G4S in securing the prisons.

Guest speakers: mr. Gavan Kelly (Addameer) and mr Shawan Jabarin (Al Haq)
Gavan Kelly is advocacy coordinator for Addameer Prisoner Support & Human Rights Assocation, Jerusalem.
Shawan Jabarin  is the director of Al Haq, a Human Rights Organization in Ramallah.
Harry van Bommel, Lower House Representative (Tweede Kamerlid)

Palestinian prisoners
Nearly 5,000 Palestinians are currently being held captive by Israel, among them women and children as well as members of the Palestinian parliament. Many prisoners are being detained indefinitely and in appalling conditions on the grounds of secret information under a system of renewable periods of administrative detention without any form of trial.
Gavan Kelly will address the various aspects of this highly unjust system. Shawan Jabarin will speak about the question of corporate complicity, i.e. companies cooperating with Israel and profiting from this injustice.

Complicity of G4S
The security group G4S secures prisons where Palestinian political prisoners and children are being held. In doing so, G4S has become complicit in the system of illegal detention and torture. It has therefore become the target of an international boycott campaign.  We will discuss options for individual action in support of the Palestininian prisoners.
Despite the abysmal Human Rights record of G4S the company is being hired by many institutions in the Netherlands, among them the Delft Technical University, the Haagse Hoge School (HHS) and detention centres with asylum seekers.
Harry van Bommel will talk about the role of Dutch politics.

Join us for an informative event about the situation of Palestinian prisoners, the role of G4S and what we can do!

De bijeenkomst is mede mogelijk gemaakt door een bijdrage van het actiefonds XminY.


   g4s sticker a7                                                                  

On October 4 Gavan Kelly will speak in Amsterdam http://www.asainternationallaw.nl/category/events/

Hartelijke groet,

Marloes Kuijer
docP, Diensten en Onderzoek Centrum Palestina

Tegen Apartheid, voor internationaal recht.






Zoals je weet, voert docP dit jaar twee grote BDS-campagnes uit: tegen het groente- en fruitbedrijf Mehadrin en tegen het internationale beveiligingsbedrijf G4S. Tegen beide bedrijven lopen internationale campagnes, waar we in Nederland bij aansluiten.

Op 2 september vindt de opening van het collegejaar op de TU Delft plaats. Mooi moment om onze stem te verheffen tegen de samenwerking tussen de TU Delft en G4S. We kiezen voor de TU Delft, omdat het in onze ogen zeer wrang is dat een universiteit zich laat beveiligen door G4S én omdat het contract met G4S begin volgend jaar afloopt en er een nieuwe aanbestedingsprocedure zal starten.

Datum: Maandag 2 september
Tijdstip: 14.00 uur – 16 uur
Locatie: TU Delft

Voor meer info: marloes@docp.nl
We willen in deze fase vooral gemeenten, provincies, andere overheidsinstellingen en instellingen voor onderwijs en zorg met deze actie bewerken. Bij gemeenten gaat het niet alleen om bestaande contracten van G4S, maar ook om toekomstige. Dit omdat ingaande 2014 gemeenten meer wettelijke mogelijkheden krijgen voor het inschakelen van particuliere beveiligingsbedrijven. In de praktijk betekent dit dat in veel gemeenten G4S de komende tijd zijn diensten zal aanbieden.

Wil je in je eigen omgeving klanten van G4S opsporen en deze onder druk zetten om niet langer met G4S samen te werken?
Dit kan op de volgende manieren:

  • ·         Stickeractie: bestel stickers “G4S: beveiligt Israelische Apartheid” bij docP en plak deze naast de G4S beveiligingssticker
  • ·         Brievenactie: stuur aan de betreffende instelling een brief waarin je ze wijst op de samenwerking met het foute bedrijf G4S. DocP heeft voorbeeldbrieven ter beschikking.
  • ·         Prikacties: initieer een actie tegen een bedrijf.

Voor meer info en het actiepakket: marloes@docp.nl


Human Aid 21 juni 23:36

Human Aid will be holding an event to raise funds for the people of Bangladesh on Wednesday 26th June 2013 at The Waterlilly in Mile End.

We are expecting over 1000 people and therefore require your help as a volunteer. Volunteers will have many different roles on the day so that we can ensure a smooth operation of the event.

The event will be open to the public at 6pm and finish at 9pm, so therefore volunteers will be expected to work approximately from 4/5pm – 9/10pm.

We will be holding a volunteers meeting for the sisters on the Sunday 23rd June @ 2pm and this will be important for all volunteers to attend.

I hope that you are able to offer your time to this worthy cause, Our brothers and sisters are suffering in Bangladesh and need our support .

Kindest regards

Umm Sumayah

Human Aid UK
East London Business Centre
Office G3
93-101 Greenfield Road
E1 1EJ
Tel: 0207 650 8922

Nakba 65


De Nakba: de etnische zuivering van meer dan 800.000 Palestijnen en de vernietiging van meer dan 500 Palestijnse dorpen ten behoeve van de stichting van de omstreden staat Israël. Het is een relatief recent historische gebeurtenis die in het Westen onbespreekbaar blijft.Een pijnlijke herinnering die voor miljoenen Palestijnen nog steeds hun dagelijkse realiteit beheerst.

In herinnering aan de Nakba, 65 jaar geleden op 15 mei 1948, organiseren we op 1 juni 2013 een manifestatie in De Unie (www.deunie.nu) te Rotterdam.

Het is een avond met informatieverstrekking, van prikkelende speeches en artistieke expressie!! Een afwisselend programma, gevuld met sprekers van binnen en buitenland!

– ABBAS HAMIDEH Palestijn en voorzitter van Al Awda ( http://www.al-awda.org/ ) uit de Verenigde Staten, wereldwijd het grootste netwerk voor het recht op terugkeer van Palestijnen in de diaspora.
– Een gezamenlijk Stand-up Poetry optreden van DEREK OTTE ( initiator en organisator van Paginagroots en Oorzaken, en meer www.derekotte.nl) en STRYDER o.a. rapper en bekend van Spoken Word
– TARIQ SHADID aka Doc Jazz, Palestijnse chirurg en artiest, activist, criticus en schrijver uit de Verenigde Arabische Emiraten ( http://www.docjazz.com/ )
– Monoloog van SAMER ISSAWI Palestijnse gevangene
– PAUL LAMP oud bestuurslid van de stichting Stop de Bezetting (http://www.stopdebezetting.com/ ). Kunsthistoricus, auteur en gespecialiseerd in de historie van Palestina
– NOURDIN EL OUALI, raadslid Groen Links, destijds meegevaren op de Nederlandse boot in de Flotilla voor Gaza
– Folkloristische Palestijnse Muziek
– Aansluitend een concert van DOC JAZZ

Algemeen Programma:
Inloop : 18.30
Start : 19.00
Einde : 21.30

Entree 5 euro, verkoop alleen aan de deur

Hou deze pagina in de gaten voor meer informatie!!!

Voor vragen kan je een email sturen naar 1juninakba65@gmail.com


Het zal je niet ontgaan zijn: het EK voetbal onder de 21 jaar vindt dit jaar plaats in Israel. Deze keuze heeft internationaal tot protesten geleid vanwege de betrokkenheid van Israel bij de systematische schending van elementaire rechten van het Palestijnse volk. Tijd voor actie dus.
Op woensdag 15 mei vindt de finale van de UEFA-cup plaats in Amsterdam. Goede gelegenheid om onze stem te laten horen: zeg NEE tegen EK in Israel.



Datum: woensdag 15 mei

Locatie: Amsterdam Arena

Tijdstip: 18 uur – 20 uur

Wil je meedoen, mail dan voor meer info: marloes@docp.nl | www.docp.nl

RED CARD FOR ISRAELI RACISM                            

This summer, the European Championship for players under 21 will take place. Unfortunately, UEFA has chosen Israel as the venue for this important tournament.

This choice has led to international protests because of the involvement of Israel in the systematic violation of basic rights of the Palestinian people and Palestinian footballers. The Israeli government systematically violates international law. The United Nations has qualified the Israeli system as Apartheid.

Such institutionalized racism is unacceptable and does not fit in Europe! Israel does not deserve the honor to host the UEFA competition.


Palestinian sports organizations and prominent athletes have publicly spoken out against Israel as a location for the championship. Leading players like Frederic Kanoute, Eden Hazard Chelsea, Abou Diaby from Arsenal and five players from Newcastle Papiss Cissé, Cheick Tiote, Sylvain Marveaux, Yohan Cabaye and Demba Ba, have launched a call to remove the championship from Israel.


Make your voice heard and call on UEFA to not give Israel the honor to host the European Championship under 21. Sign the petition now! Hereby, the link with the petition.  “UEFA President Michel Platini: Remove UEFA 2013 European Under-21 Championship from Israel” or scan the QR-code.


(Mail / 12.05.2013)


Islamic Relief Nederland organiseert in het kader van haar water- en weesprojecten een benefiet om meer aandacht te vragen voor de miljoenen kwetsbare weeskinderen die er alleen voor staan

en van het feit dat er meer dan een half miljard mensen geen toegang hebben tot schoon drinkwater.Het belooft een fantastische benefietvoorstelling te worden met onder meer sprekers, stand-up comedy van Mo’Ammer van de Amerikaanse groep Allah Made Me Funny. Verder poëzie, live optredens van Anasheed risingstars uit Engeland; Ahmad Hussain, Omar Esa en Nazeel en veel meer! Ook is er een gezellige bazaar met diverse stands, catering en kinderactiviteiten.

De opbrengsten van het benefiet gaan rechtstreeks naar de water- en weesprojecten van Islamic Relief! Presentatie: Esmaa Alariachi (Meiden van Halal) en Yahia Yousfi (Pezpaq).

Kaartjes kosten € 20,- per stuk en aan de deur € 22,50.
Een kinderkaart (4 tot 12 jaar) kost € 12,50 per stuk en aan de deur € 15,-

Blijf op de hoogte via: http://www.facebook.com/IslamicReliefNederland?ref=hl