‘Israel’ detains MP under administrative detention

Ramallah (QNN)- The Israeli authorities decided to detain the MP and Hamas leader Sheikh Hassan Yousef under administrative detention for six months.

Israeli forces had arrested Yousef (64 years old) last month from his house in southern Ramallah.

The arrest came only two months after releasing him last July, as he spent 15 months in jail under administrative detention without charges or trials.

Yousef had spent over 23 years of his life in Israeli jails. He is a prominent Hamas leader and a member of the Legislative Council.

(Source / 21.10.2020)

Israeli warplanes strike school in Syria

Damascus (QNN)- Israeli warplanes last night struck a school in Al Qunaitra in southern Syria.

The state’s news agency SANA reported that at nearly 12:05 am, Israeli warplanes bombarded a school in the village of Al Hurriyyeh in the north of the governorate, adding that the strike caused material damage.

The governorate has seen several Israeli aggressions. A recent strike targeted a vehicle, killing and wounding several people.

(Source / 21.10.2020)

Israeli cop who murdered autistic man acquitted

Rana, mother of Iyad Halak, 32, holds his photo at their home in East Jerusalem’s Wadi Joz, Saturday, May 30, 2020. Israeli police shot dead a Palestinian near Jerusalem’s Old City who they had suspected was carrying a weapon but turned out to be unarmed. A relative said Halak was mentally disabled and was heading to a nearby school for people with special needs

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- The investigation department of the Israeli police in occupied Jerusalem decided on Wednesday to acquit the Israeli cop, who murdered the autistic young man, Iyad Al Hallaq, from his charges.

Israeli media reported that the Israeli police closed the file of the murder of Hallaq although he did pose any danger.

The Israeli police department, however, is considering to send the Israeli cop for trial over “reckless homicide.

On May 30, Israeli police officers opened fire at Iyad Hallaq, a 32-year-old Palestinian autistic man, accusing him of holding a gun, which turned out to be his gloves and face mask.

Hallaq was shot with ten bullets even with the appeals of bystanders, who repeatedly told the police that Hallaq wasn’t posing any threat.

Israeli police claimed that Hallaq was holding a toy gun but changed its claims claiming that the disabled guy refused to obey police orders.

(Source / 21.10.2020)

Israeli plan to build new settlement outpost in Walajeh

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- The head of Al Walajeh’s municipal council, Khader Al A’raj, said the Israeli so-called planning and housing council plans to construct a new illegal settlement outpost on the lands of the village.

Al A’raj told QNN that the project has not been approved yet but maps of it have bee published by several Israeli sources.

The maps show that the settlement will be built on over 900 dunums of the lands of the villages of Al Walajeh and Battir.

Al A’raj added that the plan, if applied, would increase the suffering of the locals, who are already surrounded by the apartheid wall and Israeli settlements, and turns the village into an unlivable place.

Before 1948, Al Walajeh extended an area of 17,000 dunums but after the second occupation in 1967, only 3000 dunums have been left for the indigenous people.

(Source / 20.10.2020)

‘Israel’ to demolish 13 houses in Jerusalem

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Local sources stated that the Israeli authorities notified the demolition of 13 houses in the neighborhood of Silwan in occupied Jerusalem.

Fakhri Abu Dhiyab, member of the Committee for the Defence of Silwan’s land, told WAFA that the Israeli authorities notified the demolition of ten houses in Al Bustan area in addition to three others in Karm Ash Sheikh.

The 13 houses are homes of 76 native Palestinians, mostly women and children, who will be made homeless due to the Israeli violation.

The occupation state had started a vicious campaign against Palestinians in the occupied capital city, aiming at emptying it from indigenous Palestinians and replace them with Jewish settlers.

Silwan, as well as other neighborhoods in Jerusalem, suffer from Israeli daily arrests and attacks that have turned the lives of over 900,000 Palestinians into hell.

(Source / 19.10.2020)

Saeb Erekat in ‘critical’ condition, says Hadassah hospital

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Senior negotiator Saeb Erekat is in a critical condition with Covid-19 and has been placed on a ventilator, Hadassah hospital said.

Erekat, 65, was moved from his home in the occupied West Bank city of Jericho to Jerusalem’s Hadassah hospital on Sunday.

“Mr. Erekat had a quiet night but this morning his condition deteriorated, and it is now defined as critical,” a statement from the Israeli hospital’s spokeswoman, Hadar Elboim, said on Monday.

“Due to respiratory distress, he was put on a ventilator and placed in a medically induced coma.”

The statement said Erekat was also being treated for a bacterial infection.

Erekat “arrived in serious condition” and was receiving oxygen, the hospital said on Sunday, adding that his condition was “serious” but “stable”.

Hadassah said it was “in contact with international medical authorities regarding the treatment policy of this complex patient”.

Erekat had undergone a lung transplant three years ago and had a “weakened immune system and bacterial infection, in addition to coronavirus”, said the hospital.

Erekat is the secretary-general of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), he serves as an adviser to PA President Mahmoud Abbas and has been the chief negotiator in talks with the occupation state for two-and-a-half decades.

On 9 October, he announced that he had tested positive for Covid-19.

He tweeted that he was experiencing “difficult symptoms resulting from my lack of immunity as a result of lung transplantation”. But he added that “things are under control, thank God”.

On Sunday, the PLO said he had been transferred to Hadassah Medical Center “due to the chronic health problems he faces in the respiratory system”.

(Source / 19.10.2020)

Israeli forces arrest two Palestinian women during settlers raid into Al Aqsa mosque

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Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- 74 Israeli settlers Monday raided the courtyards of Al Aqsa mosque, meanwhile, Israeli forces arrested two women from Salah Addin street in the occupied holy city.

The Directorate of Islamic Waqf in occupied Jerusalem said Israeli settlers toured in the courtyards of the holy mosque and performed rituals in the eastern side of the Al Aqsa mosque.

Local sources said the settlers raided Al Aqsa mosque from the Magharbeh gate and left from the Silsilah gate.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces arrested to young women in Salah Addin street in the occupied capital city.

Both women were stopped by the Israeli police as they were walking in the street before they were attacked then arrested.

(Source / 19.10.2020)

‘Israel’ demolishes house and water pipelines in Hebron

Hebron (QNN)- Israeli forces demolished Sunday a house, agricultural structures, and water pipelines in the village of Masafer Yatta in southern Hebron.

Local sources said Israeli forces demolished a 70-meter house and a storehouse in the village, which both belong to Akram Abu Sabha.

The Israeli army also demolished water pipelines that provide the houses of the village with drinking water.

The occupation state continues to carry out daily attacks on Palestinians and their interests throughout the occupied territories aiming at facilitating its settlement projects.

(Source / 18.10.2020)

EU raged over Israeli demolition of its infrastructure

A bus shelter near the village of Tawaneh in occupied Hebron funded by the EU. Israeli forces demolished dozens of houses in the village although they were provided by the EU

Geneva (QNN)- A joint stake-out by several EU countries on the Middle East at the United Nations last September expressed the European states’ deep concern about Israel’s settlement activities and demolitions of Palestinian structures funded by the EU, reported AP.

The statement noted that “the period from March to August 2020 saw the highest average destruction rate in four years.”

In an unpublished policy memo sent directly by Euro-Med Monitor to European officials, including members of the European Parliament, the organization noted an even more alarming reality of “an escalated and accelerate Israeli destruction of EU-funded projects, compounded by a sharp decline in the number of EU-funded structures in Area C and East Jerusalem.”

Euro-Med monitor said it documented in 2019 a record high of 204 Palestinian structures that Israel demolished in East Jerusalem alone, representing a spike compared to previous years. Israel further demolished or seized 127 structures funded by international donors (mainly the EU and its member states) in East Jerusalem and Area C, twice as much as in 2018.

It added that simultaneously in 2019 “the number of internationally (mainly European) financed Palestinian projects shrank to only 12 compared to 75 in 2015.” The memo warned that this is “akin to penalizing Palestinians for the Israeli government’s destruction of European funded structures rather than standing up to Netanyahu’s government.”

The memo further noted that the EU and its member states have been adamant to hide the magnitude of damage their funded projects have been incurring in the oPt, and called on MEPs to investigate and publicly report on the issue.

MEP Margrete Auken, the vice-chair of the EP’s Delegation for relations with Palestine, fully acknowledged the Memo’s findings, expressed support for its recommendations, and vowed to question the European Commission over the issue. Other MEPs emphasized the need to stand up to this increasingly dangerous issue.

Euro-Med Monitor had complained last month to the UN Human Rights Council that the Israeli authorities has been subjecting its staff and chairman, Dr. Ramy Abdu, to harsh punitive measures, including restrictions on movement and operations and smear campaigns.

(Source / 18.10.2020)

Israeli naval forces attack fishing boats off Gaza shore

Gaza (QNN)- Israeli naval forces attacked Saturday morning fishing boats off the shore of the Gaza strip and used water cannons to drown them, reported WAFA.

Israeli warships attacked fishing boats that were only three nautical miles deep at the sea of Gaza and opened water cannons at boats off the Sudaniyyah shore in the north-west of the strip, forcing fishermen to go home.

Israeli forces carry out daily attacks on the besieged strip, targeting fishermen or opening fire at farmers, preventing Gazans from living a normal life.

(Source / 17.10.2020)