Israeli Occupation Forces Arrest 41 Palestinians in One-Single Day in Neqab

Israeli police officers guard outside the Bedouin village of Mulada, in the Negev desert, southern Israel, January 12, 2022

DAYS OF PALESTINE – Occupied Lands Of 1948 – The Israeli occupation forces launched a large-scale arrest campaign against dozens of Palestinians in the Neqab on Tuesday morning.

Asra Media Office affirmed that 41 Palestinians were rounded up during the campaign, including minors.

130 of the Neqab residents, including women and children, were detained during the events that took place in recent days in the Neqab desert.

On Sunday, Israeli occupation extended the arbitrary arrest of 50 detainees and released the rest into house arrest, while appeals filed by Israeli occupation police and lawyers representing the citizens are being studied by courts.

In recent days, hundreds of local Arabs in Neqab staged protests against the exposure of their lands to appropriation by the “Jewish National Fund,” an Israeli organization that collects money from Jews around the world to fund the appropriation of Palestinian property.

The protests were met with brutal force by the Israeli occupation police, causing several injuries, while many were arrested and jailed.

Last Thursday, in particular, hundreds of local Arabs in Neqab staged protests against their land confiscation by this Jewish National Fund.

However, Israeli occupation police, some disguised in Arab clothes, violently suppressed the protests, and arrested many demonstrators.

The Israeli occupation police also used stun grenades, rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse the protesters, injuring many local citizens.

(Source / 19.01.2022)

Egyptian Delegation Visits ‘Israel’ for Gaza talks

An Egyptian security delegation arrived in occupation entity “Israel” on Tuesday for talks on the situation in the Gaza Strip, according to Israeli media.

The delegation will meet with top Israeli officials to discuss Gaza reconstruction, along with advancing the issue of missing Israeli soldiers, the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation reported.

There was no official comment from Egyptian or Israeli occupation authorities on the report.

Hamas said that they will swap the Israeli captives for many of the 4,600 Palestinians languishing in Israeli prisons.

(Source / 19.01.2022)

Israeli Occupation Forces Demolish Salhia Family Home After Two-Day Standoff

DAYS OF PALESTINE – JERUSALEM – Israeli occupation forces on Wednesday evicted Palestinian residents from their house in occupied Jerusalem neighborhood and demolished the building, days after a tense standoff.

Earlier in the week the residents of the buildings in Sheikh Jarrah held a tense standoff with police officers who had come to evict them from the property, but were stopped after people threatened to set gas tanks on fire. Several other properties in the neighborhood are threatened with forced displacement.

The Salhiya family purchased the property before 1967, while the the occupation authorities have refused family’s documents in court.

The occupation court ruled last year to forcibly forced displace the family and demolish the house. The family appealed this ruling, but the judge did not freeze the order.

Dozens of Palestinian families in occupied Jerusalem are at risk of forced displacement by Jewish settler organizations, and thousands face the threat of demolition because of discriminatory policies that make it extremely difficult for Palestinians to build new homes or expand existing ones.

(Source / 19.01.2022)

Richard Falk: The civilian population in the Gaza Strip was and still a victim of collective punishment

Richard Falk, the  former United Nations rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories, said that since the imposition of the blockade on the Gaza Strip in 2007, the civilian population of two million has been subjected to a range of conditions that violated the occupying power’s most basic obligations as enshrined in treaties dealing with Occupation.

This came during the international forum organized by the Days of Palestine Foundation in partnership with the “We Are Not Numbers” team and the “October 16” team, under the title (Gaza Siege.. An Ongoing Crime), in the presence of many guests at the local and international levels.

Falk stressed that the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip negatively affects the economic, health and political sectors, as it is a continuous, major and flagrant violation of Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which prohibits collective punishment.

Noting that the civilian population of Gaza has been, and still is, the victim of various forms of collective punishment, beginning with the siege itself, which is periodically exacerbated by illegal military attacks carried out by Israel on a large scale every few years; This resulted in a huge number of civilian casualties.

He stressed that the basic essence of international humanitarian law – in particular – with regard to occupation is stipulated in Article Three, which clearly prohibits such an aggressive approach. The law calls on the occupying Israeli power to treat civilians in all circumstances with kindness.

He said that the Israeli occupation defies international law in several ways by carrying out unlawful assassinations and fails to protect the civilian population and uses its air, sea and land war forces against the vulnerable, and therefore I believe that this goes beyond a reasonable conflict, because Israel’s practices are a serious, cruel and continuous violation of the basic duties of a member state of the nations The United States and a sovereign state that respects the nature of the basics of international law.

He pointed out that the United Nations bears a special responsibility towards Palestine, but it did not fulfill it at all and diverted its course with distorted interventions, especially from the United States and the European Union, which have a shameful record regarding Palestine since the British Mandate era.

He concluded by saying: “I thank you for giving me this opportunity, for your patience, and I wish a better future for the people of Gaza in awareness of their urgent demands, and for people like us around the world to show their solidarity with the Gazans.”

(Source / 18.01.2022)

End the Israeli blockade of Gaza is condition to achieve peace: Finnish MP Anna Kontula

Days of Palestine – Gaza – Anna Kontula, a Member of the Finnish parliament, confirmed that Israel continues to build its wall around the besieged Gaza Strip illegally, behind the wall, in Gaza, there are two million people who have hopes and dreams of freedom.

This came during the international forum organized by the Days of Palestine Foundation in partnership with the We Are Not Numbers team and the 16th October team under the title (The Siege of Gaza .. An Ongoing Crime), in the presence of many guests at the local and international levels.

Kontula said that the Palestinian people suffer from the longest occupation in the modern era and the violations of human rights by Israel.

The blockade imposed on Gaza, according to the United Nations and many human rights organizations, contradicts international law and the principles of work of international human rights institutions.

It is a collective punishment of civilians there and has led to a social, economic, and humanitarian crisis in Gaza Strip.

She stated that she and a group of international activists decided in 2019 to visit the besieged Gaza Strip, to hold a demonstration on the borders of the besieged Gaza Strip, and to highlight the desperate and deteriorating situation in the Gaza Strip, but unfortunately, we did not reach Gaza because the Israeli authorities stopped us.

She said that our main goal was to raise awareness about the suffocating blockade of the Gaza Strip and to create enough pressure to freeze arms deals between Finland and Israel, as the Finnish arms deals support the continued violation of international law against civilians in Palestine and the Gaza Strip.

She concluded her speech by saying: “We must not allow the construction of the Israeli wall around the Gaza Strip, and Israel cannot be allowed to continue expanding its settlements, besieging Gaza and oppressing the Palestinians. The Israeli settlements are illegal and contradict international law, and represent an obstacle to peace.”

Kontula stressed that the basic condition for achieving peace is ending the Israeli occupation and settlement, as well as stopping the state of racial discrimination and granting equal human rights to all people in the world.

(Source / 18.01.2022)

Israeli Forces shoot, injure 28 Palestinians during Confrontations in Nablus

Days of Palestine – Nablus – 28 Palestinian civilians were injured on Monday in confrontations with the Israeli occupation forces in Nablus.

Ghassan Daghlas, the official in charge of the settlement file in the northern West Bank, said that several Palestinian citizens suffocated as a result of tear gas during confrontations with the occupation at the entrance to the town of Burqa, northwest of Nablus.

Meanwhile, the Red Crescent Society stated that its crews have dealt with 20 injuries in Burqa among them 17 suffocated with gas, one with rubber bullets, and two with burns.

The Red Crescent Society also announced that its crews provided emergency services to a family of 8 people who suffocated with gas in the town of Beita due to the settlers’ attack on it and the throwing of tear gas canisters at the house.

The sources stated that a group of young men smashed a settler’s vehicle after he infiltrated the town of Beita, south of Nablus, and clashes erupted with the occupation forces, who tried to rescue the settler.

They indicated that the Israeli occupation forces withdrew from the town of Beita, accompanied by the settler, who had mistakenly entered the Bir Goza area near the town.

(Source / 18.01.2022)

Palestinian Factions Invited to Algeria to Attend National Dialog

Top delegations from major Palestinian factions are slated to arrive successively in the Algerian capital in the coming days at the invitation of President Abdul-Majid Tebboune to participate in inter-Palestinian reconciliation dialog.

Last Month, Tebboune announced, following a meeting with his Palestinian counterpart Mahmoud Abbas in Algiers, that he decided to host a conference for the Palestinian factions in the country in a bid to heal the national rift.

According to the Algerian al-Shorouk newspaper, the Algerian leadership will hold meetings separately with each visiting delegation to listen to its standpoint before determining the next step later in light of the results.  

A reporter for the Palestinian Information Center (PIC) said that a delegation from the Fatah Movement led by Azzam al-Ahmad would arrive first in Algiers.

Representatives from the Hamas Movement, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine will travel to Algeria in the coming days to hold separate meetings with local officials, he said.

The last delegation will be from Islamic Jihad and will arrive in the country at the end of the current month, he added.

Recently, head of Hamas’s political bureau Ismail Haneyya received an official invitation from Algeria’s ambassador to Qatar to discuss means of making successful national dialog.

Haneyya welcomed the invitation and formed a delegation from the political bureau, including Khalil al-Hayya and Husam Badran.

(Source / 16.01.2022)

Palestinians Demonstrate in Naqab Calling for Immediate Release of Detainees

Days of Palestine – Naqab – Hundreds of Palestinian Bedouins demonstrated on Sunday in the city of Bir as-Sabi, south of occupied Palestine, calling for the immediate release of dozens of fellow Palestinians detained by the Israeli occupation authorities since last week.

Over 130 Palestinians were detained by Israeli occupation forces during last week’s events when thousands of Palestinian Bedouins took to the streets in the villages of Sa’wa, Tal Sabi, and Al-Atrash in the Naqab province to protest against an Israeli forestation project there, which is aimed at impeding the geographic expansion of Palestinian villages in the area.

The escalation in Naqab began on Monday, when bulldozers from the Jewish National Fund (JNF), a quasi-governmental agency, arrived with heavy police protection in the nearby village of al-Atrash and razed Bedouin farming lands, in order to plant trees.

Bedouin Palestinians protested against the move and confrontations have continued for days. Videos and images shared on social media showed Israeli forces violently arresting and beating residents who arrived to defend the lands they use for farming wheat and barley.

The protests in Naqab were met by brutal Israeli force, and scores of protesters were either injured or arrested.

(Source / 16.01.2022)

Abu Hawash Family Says Israeli Occupation “Deliberately Transmitted Corona Virus” to Hisham

DAYS OF PALESTINE – JERUSALEM – The family of Palestinian detainee, Hisham Abu Hawash, said on Thursday that their son was infected with COVID-19 in the Israeli Assaf Harofeh Hospital, and he is suffering from severe symptoms.

Hisham is receiving treatment in the Israeli hospital, after starting a hunger strike that lasted 141 days, in rejection to his administrative detention, before suspending the strike last week.

“The occupation deliberately transmitted “Corona” virus to him while he was in the “Asaf Harofeh” hospital, they ARE trying to kill him before releasing him.” Imad Abu Hawash, Hisham’s brother, said to Shehab News Agency.

He added that Hisham has been suffering from severe headaches and back pain since Wednesday, warning that his health is deteriorating.

Abu Hawash held Assaf Harofeh Hospital responsible for his brother’s condition, as it did not take any special care measures for him, due to his low immunity because of the strike.

On 5 January, Hisham suspended an open hunger strike in Israeli prisons, which lasted 141 days, to protest against his administrative detention, after reaching an agreement to release him on 26 February.

The prisoner, Abu Hawash, is a father of five children. He is from the town of Dura, west of Hebron city in the south of West Bank. He was arrested on 27 October 2020, and transferred to administrative detention (without charge, and it may reach up to six months with possibility of extension).

A few days ago, the Palestinian Society Prisoner’s Club (PPSMO) (Independent) announced that 15 prisoners had been infected with COVID-19, including seven female prisoners.

The number of Palestinian prisoners and detainees in occupation prisons up to the end of last December reached about 4600, including about 500 administrative prisoners, 34 female prisoners and 160 minors, according to institutions working on prisoners’ affairs.

(Source / 15.01.2022)

Israeli Occupation Forces Detain 7 Palestinians in Bethlehem

Israeli occupation forces detained, at dawn Saturday, seven Palestinians in Bethlehem city in the last 24 hours, according to the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS).

PPS confirmed that four of the other five detainees, including a 17-year-old minor and another former prisoner, were from Dheisheh refugee camp and they were detained after raiding their family homes in the camp.

The fifth is also a former prisoner from Beit Fajjar town and he was also detained after soldiers raided his family home, said the PPS.

(Source / 15.01.2022)