Israeli Soldiers Abduct Twenty-One Palestinians In West Bank

On Tuesday dawn, Israeli soldiers abducted at least twenty-one Palestinians from their homes in several parts of the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has confirmed.

The PPS said the soldiers invaded and ransacked dozens of homes across the West Bank, including the occupied capital, Jerusalem, and abducted twenty-one Palestinians, including siblings and former political prisoners.

In Silwan town in Jerusalem, the soldiers abducted Husein Dar Issa, Yazan Roweidi, Ayyoub Roweidi, Hakam Roweidi, Adam Monther Rajabi, and his brother Malek.

In Ramallah, in the central West Bank, the soldiers abducted Antar Hamed and Mahmoud Hamed from Silwad town, east of the city, Qussai and his brother Odai Issa Rabea from Deir Abu Mashal, west of Ramallah, and former political prisoner Khaled Nawabeet from Burqa village, east of the city.

In Bethlehem, the soldiers invaded the Deheishe refugee camp south of the city, searched homes, and abducted Shahrayar Anwar Bal’awi, 26, and Yousef Ezzat Abu Dayya, 25.

In Hebron, in the southern part of the West Bank, the soldiers abducted Yousef Adnan Eida, Mohammad Malek Salayma, 36, and Saed Abed Yassin Seder, 19.

In Tulkarem, in the northern West Bank, the soldiers invaded the Al-Ra’s village and Bal’a town, searched homes, and abducted Ghazi Younis Odah, 27, and Khaled Morad Mer’ey, 21.

In Jenin, in the northern West Bank, the soldiers abducted three former political prisoners, Emad Ziad Abu Al-Haija from Al-Yamoun town, Ahmad Mohammad Zayyoud from Silat Al-Harithiya town, and Ahmad Barahma from Anza village.

(Source / 23.11.2022)

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