Gaza aid worker Mohammad al-Halabi sentenced to six more years in Israeli prisons

Jerusalem (QNN) – An Israeli occupation court has sentenced Mohammad al-Halabi, former head of operations at the World Vision in Gaza, to 12 years in prison on allegations of sending money to the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas.

Under the court ruling, Halabi would serve another six years in prison in addition to the six he has already spent in prison.

The court convicted al-Halabi in June on charges of sending millions of dollars to Hamas, which his lawyer and he have consistently denied.

Al-Halabi’s lawyer reiterated his claim of innocence following Tuesday’s sentencing.

“He says that he’s innocent, he did nothing and there is no evidence,” Maher Hanna said, adding that they would appeal the verdict to the Israeli Supreme Court.

World Vision said in a statement that the 12-year sentence was “deeply disappointing” and that it falls “in sharp contrast to the evidence and facts of the case”.

The European Union office in Jerusalem commented on the Israeli court’s ruling: “Alongside member states, likeminded countries and the UN, the EU attended the court sentencing of Mohammad Halabi.”

“[The EU] Regrets the outcome of a judicial process, which has been incompatible with international fair trial standards,” the EU said in a tweet, adding that it will follow Halabi’s appeal before the Israeli Supreme Court closely.

Israeli occupation forces arrested al-Halabi in June 2016 at the Beit Hanoun border crossing as he was returning to Gaza from work-related meetings, on allegations of transferring humanitarian funds of varying amounts up to $50m to support Hamas.

Al-Halabi spent six years behind bars and had more than 160 hearings before he was convicted.

(Source / 31.08.2022)

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