Photos of Palestinian prisoner on hunger strike raise concerns

A protest in solidarity with Khalil Awawdeh, a Palestinian prisoner who is on hunger strike on 1 August 2022

Photos of hunger-striking Palestinian prisoner Khalil Awawdeh, who has been held in Israeli administrative detention without charges, went viral on social media yesterday, raising concerns about the deterioration of his health.

The pictures showed Awawda, 40, with a slender body resembling a skeleton as a result of his hunger strike, which has been ongoing for the 169th day successively.

Awawdeh is from the town of Ithna, west of Hebron. He has been on hunger strike for more than six months in protest against his administrative detention by the Israeli authorities.

Earlier this month, an Israeli court suspended Awawdeh’s detention to allow him to receive medical care, citing his failing health.

The Palestinian Prisoner’s Club said that the decision to freeze Awawdeh’s detention based on medical data and reports by the hospital indicate that his life is in danger. But if his health condition improves and he decides to leave the hospital, his administrative detention will resume immediately, the Palestinian Prisoner’s Club added.

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(Source / 29.08.2022)

One thought on “Photos of Palestinian prisoner on hunger strike raise concerns

  1. This photo of Khalil Awawdeh is of an incroyable strength and force!
    The force of the Palestinian prisoners in such a long hunger-strike and of all the courageous
    Palestinian freedom fighters who lost their life for the liberation of Palestine is such a powerful message of resistance.
    We need to be be inspired of that forceful message and the strength of endurance (sumud) coming
    from Palestine, especially in these times when the future of humanity is threatened by powerful people with no love and no soul.
    The Palestinians are the shining light in an endless nightmare of evil oppression and stupid arrogance of the
    coward people in Brussels, London and Berlin. How can we not be impressed by such forceful messages
    coming from Palestine ? I still remember the hunger-striker Samer Issawi and his strong and beautiful message
    to the Israeli oppressors and the poem from Susan Abulhawa to Samer which I tried to translate into german
    in an event for Palestine in Vienna in 2013.

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