Poll: Palestine President Abbas’ popularity rose after statements in Germany

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas holds a joint press conference in Ankara, Turkiye on August 23, 2022

The popularity of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas rose after his recent criticism of Israel and the West’s hypocrisy towards it, a new poll has found.

Carried out by the Ramallah-based International Academic Campaign to End Occupation and Annexation, the electronic poll found that 61.9 per cent of respondents believed that the president’s popularity has increased to a large degree, 26.9 per cent of them considered that this popularity has increased somewhat, and 11.2 per cent of the respondents expressed that the president’s popularity increased a little.

The poll also showed that 61.1 per cent of respondents believed that the internal Palestinian position was homogeneous and unified in response to the hostile campaigns against Abbas, while 27.8 per cent of the respondents expressed their reservations about the unity and homogeneity of the internal position.

The poll included an intentional sample of 198 academics in Palestinian universities, and was carried out from 22-24 August.

Abbas was criticised by Germany and Israel last week after he told a journalist that the occupation state  has committed “50 Holocausts” against Palestinians.

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(Source / 26.08.2022)

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