Army Abducts One Palestinian, Delivers Demolition Orders, In Tubas

On Monday, Israeli soldiers abducted a Palestinian man after confiscating his truck in Khirbat Einoun village and handed several demolition orders in Khirbat Yizra, near Tubas in the northeastern West Bank.

Mokhlis Masa’eed, the head of Yizra Village Council, said the soldiers abducted Ayman Sawafta and confiscated his truck while working on land in Khirbat Einoun village, southeast of Tubas.

Masa’eed added that the soldiers also invaded Khirbat Yizra village, east of Tubas, and handed a demolition order of a thirty square/meter home and another order to halt the construction of a seventy square/meter barn owned by Hafeth Masa’eed.

The army also handed an order to halt the construction of a one hundred square/meter barn owned by Rami Na’im Masa’eed.

(Source / 18.07.2022)

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