Israeli Colonizer Injures A Palestinian Farmer In Tulkarem

On Friday, a Palestinian farmer was injured after an illegal Israeli colonizer attacked him on his land in Shoufa village, east of Tulkarem, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

Taiseer Hamed said the colonizer, a guard of the illegal Avnie Hefetz illegal colony built on stolen Palestinian lands, assaulted his brother Ibrahim, 65, in front of Israeli soldiers who failed to intervene.

He added that his brother, who was working on his privately-owned land, suffered various cuts and bruises before he was rushed to Dr. Thabet Thabet governmental hospital in Tulkarem city.

It is worth mentioning that Avnie Hefetz was illegally built on lands stolen from Palestinians from Shoufa, Kafr al-Lubbad, Kafa, and al-Hafassi.

(Source / 15.07.2022)

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