Israeli Court Releases Colonizer Who Stabbed A Palestinian To Death

On Tuesday, an Israeli court released the Israeli colonialist settler who stabbed a Palestinian to death near Salfit, in the central West Bank, on June 21st.

The army detained the colonizer after he assaulted and stabbed Ali Hasan Harb, 27, in the heart, on June 21st, 2022, in the Iskaka area in Salfit.

Israeli sources said the colonizer who killed Ali was interrogated by the Police in Ariel colony, adding that he will not face murder charges but likely ‘negligent homicide.’

The colonizer was released under some conditions, including house arrest, awaiting further deliberations and hearings.

Although the colonizer stabbed Ali in the heart on his land, Israeli sources said Israeli Internal Security investigators “do not believe the attack was deliberate,” “nationally motivated,” or “terrorism,” an issue that made his release possible.

The colonizer claimed he “had to stab Harb in self-defense,” although he and other colonizers invaded Harb’s land and other Palestinian lands before killing him.

The Israel Internal Security claimed the colonizers “did not carry a premeditated attack” and will not face murder charges.

After the Palestinian was stabbed to death, Israeli soldiers abducted many of his relatives, after breaking into their homes and ransacking them.

(Source / 06.07.2022)

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