Israeli Colonizers Assault Elderly Palestinian Man In Tulkarem

On Sunday, several illegal Israeli colonizers assaulted and injured an elderly Palestinian man while working on his land in Kafr al-Labad town, east of Tulkarem in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

The paramilitary colonizers invaded Palestinian lands and assaulted Mustafa Hussin Fuqaha, 70, while working on his land between Kafr al-Labad and Shoufa nearby village.

Medical sources said Mustafa was rushed to Thabet Thabet governmental hospital in Tulkarem, suffering fractures and lacerations to various parts of his body.

The attack was not an isolated incident as the area had been subject to numerous similar violations, especially since the colonizers assaulted his brother just a month earlier while herding the family sheep.

The colonizers are trying to force the Palestinians to leave their lands to expand the illegal Einav colony built on stolen lands owned by Palestinians from a few nearby villages.

(Source / 04.07.2022)

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