Updated: Israeli Soldiers Abduct Eleven Palestinians In Ramallah

On Sunday, Israeli soldiers abducted eleven Palestinians from several parts of the Ramallah governorate in the central West Bank.

In Ein Yabroud town, northeast of Ramallah, the soldiers abducted Suleiman Qatash from Ein Yabroud town, northeast of Ramallah, after invading and violently searching his home.

The soldiers also abducted Abbas Abdul-Hakim Hammad, 35, Mahmoud Bashit Hammad, Thalji Majdi Awwad, 18, Mohammad Dirar Hamed, 17, and Samer Ali Hamed, 40, after invading and ransacking their homes in Silwad town, east of Ramallah.

In Nabi Saleh village, northwest of Ramallah, the soldiers abducted Qussai Mahmoud Tamimi, 20, Ahmad Mohammad Tamimi, Soheib Samih Ramimi, 19, and Abada Nasser Tamimi, 20, from their homes.

In addition, the soldiers abducted Abdul-Hafeth Dar Ayyash, from Kafr Malek town, northeast of Ramallah, while crossing the al-Karama Border Terminal between the West Bank and Jordan.

In related news, the soldiers invaded Hindaza town and Beit Sahour city, east of the West Bank city of Bethlehem, searched homes, and summoned Hamza al-Ajjouri and Abdul-Rahma Shu’aibat for interrogation.

Updated From:
Israeli Soldiers Abduct Six Palestinians Near Ramallah
Jul 3, 2022, at 09:39

The soldiers also invaded the home of Ghassan Hermas in the Khalayel al-Louz area in Bethlehem and violently searched it.

On Sunday dawn, Israeli soldiers abducted six Palestinians from their homes in Silwad and Yabroud towns, east and northeast of Ramallah, in the central part of the occupied West Bank.

Several army jeeps invaded Silwad before the soldiers stormed and ransacked homes and abducted five Palestinians.

The abducted Palestinians have been identified as Abbas Abdul-Hakim Hammad, 35, Mohammad Mahmoud Hammad, 19, Thalji Majdi Awwad, 18, Mohammad Dirar Abu Hamed, 17, and Samer Ali Hamad.

The soldiers also invaded Yabroud town and searched a few homes before abducting Suleiman Qatash.

(Source / 03.07.2022)

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