Israel settlers, police attack Sheikh Jarrah protest 

About a hundred of people gather to protest against Israel’s occupation, illegal settlement policies and deportation of Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem on February 25, 2022

Israeli occupation police detained five Palestinians after Israeli settlers attacked them during the weekly anti-expulsion protest in Sheikh Jarrah.

Saleh Diab, an activist from Sheikh Jarrah, said: “A number of Israeli settlers spread in the area during the weekly protest and attacked the protesters as soon as they had arrived near a farm of the Salem family.”

The settlers stole the Palestine flag from the protesters and tore it up, Diab shared.

He added: “Settlers’ aggression on the protesters continued in the presence of the Israeli occupation police.”

In addition, he said that the Israeli police attacked the protesters and detained five of them while they were on their way home.

Diab explained that protests have been organised weekly for years in rejection of the Israeli decisions to expel Palestinians from their homes.

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(Source / 02.07.2022)

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