Palestinian worker fatally shot by Israeli gunfire near apartheid wall

Picture of Nabil Ahmad Ghanem, a 53-year-old Palestinian man who was shot dead by Israeli gunfire near the apartheid wall on June 19, 2022 while he was heading to his workplace

Qalqilia (QNN)- Israeli occupation forces shot and killed a Palestinian worker heading to his workplace near the apaetheid wall, south of the occupied West Bank city of Qalqilia on Sunday.

The Palestinian Health Ministry confirmed that 53-year-old Palestinian Nabil Ghanem from the city of Nablus was shot dead by Israeli gunfire while he was heading to his workplace inside the 1948-occupied territories.

The martyr’s body is now withheld by the Israeli occupation forces at an Israeli hospital in Kefar Saba, local sources reported.

The Israeli occupation forces claimed in a statement that the soldiers “shot and wounded a suspect who tried to infiltrate through the wall near Qalqilya into the Green Line, where he was transferred to the hospital in critical condition, and there the doctors announced his death”.

Due to the lack of job opportunities in the occupied West Bank, some Palestinians head to look for employment in Israeli-occupied Palestine. However, entrance into the Israeli-occupied Palestine requires West Bank’s Palestinians to apply for entry permits which are virtually impossible to obtain.

Thus, the workers regularly attempt to cross the apartheid Wall or such crossings, that lead to their work, without a permit.

However, while they are on their way to their workplaces, the Israeli occupation forces regularly attack them, chase them and prevent thousands from reaching their work and arrest many others.

Since 2002, ‘Israel’ has been constructing a wall that stretches for more than 700 kilometres. This wall is known as separation wall or apartheid wall. It annexes Palestinian lands inside the occupied West Bank.

(Source / 19.06.2022)

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