Israeli forces detain 31 Palestinians from different areas in occupied West Bank

Occupied Palestine (QNN) – Israeli occupation forces (IOF) detained on Thursday at least 31 Palestinian citizens in a large-scale detention campaign across several areas of the occupied West Bank towns and cities.

In Jenin, the IOF detained Anwar Hamed Abu Bakr, Arafat Fayez Amarneh, and Arab Khaled Qabha, as they passed through the Dotan Israeli military checkpoint near the town of Ya’bud, south of Jenin.

In Qalqilya, the IOF detained Hajj Bassem Sa’sa’, 60, Mohammed Khader, 49, Mohammed Khadraj, 35, Arbakan Mohammed Tabsiyeh, 26, Baraa Iyad Hammad, 25, and Anas Malik Dawood, 24.

Meanwhile in Ramallah, the IOF detained ex-detainee Yusuf Ra’id Hamed, 20, from the town of Silwad, northeast of Ramallah, as well as Ra’id Shawamreh, while in Nablus, the IOF detained ex-detainee Mohammed Lafi from the town of Huwara.

Furthermore, in Hebron, the IOF detained Abdul Mon’im Jaradat, his son Bassel, 15, Bashar Idris Jaradat, Jihad Omar Jaradat, his son Omar, 14, Omar Hamdan Jaradat, Sa’d Nimr al-Farroukh, Shehada Metawer, and his son Murad, from the town of Sa’ir in the east of the city.

The Israeli forces also Bashir al-Akal, Anas Ali al-Jabour, from Yatta, Baraa Mazen Ballout, Assem Ali Ballout, as well as his brother Mohammed, from Bani Na’eem town in the city of Hebron.

In occupied Jerusalem, the IOF detained five Palestinian citizens, namely Rawhi Kelghasi, Mohammed al-Daqaq, Samir Abu Eisha, Mahmoud al-Shawish and Mohammed Najib.

(Source / 27.05.2022)

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