‘Israel’ demolishes 2 Palestinian-owned homes in occupied Jerusalem

Occupied Palestine (QNN) – The Israeli occupation authorities demolished on Wednesday two Palestinian houses in the occupied Jerusalem town of Beit Safafa under the pretext of lacking licenses.

Israeli occupation forces broke into the two homes and forced their residents out after assaulting them, alongside their neighbors.

Hanna Jouda, the owner of one of the demolished houses, said that a number of Israeli occupation soldiers stormed into her house, forcefully evicted her, along with her family, and prevented her from taking her official documents, including ID cards and birth certificates.

The Israeli occupation troops also atrociously assaulted her husband, Mohammed, and beat up her mother and son, who suffers from hearing problems, for refusing to leave their home.

She pointed out that her husband had been given a court ruling not to demolish the house until next September.
The 120-square-metre house, which is comprised of three bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom, was built nearly a year ago.

The second home which was razed by the Israeli occupation authorities belongs to Yazid Tina.

His wife, Zinat, explained that Israeli occupation forces forcefully dragged her and her husband from the house.
She added that her family received a demolition notice five months ago and paid 50,000 for the Israeli occupation authorities to freeze the demolition order.

Israeli occupation troops took both families away from their houses and cordoned off the area, as Israeli bulldozers embarked on demolishing the homes.

(Source / 27.05.2022)

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