‘Israel’ detained over one million Palestinians since Nakba in 1948

Occupied Palestine (QNN) – Over one million Palestinians have been detained by the Israeli occupation forces since the Nakba in 1948, Palestine Center for Prisoners’ Studies said on Sunday.

The center stressed that the case of Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails is one of the key issues resulted from the Israeli occupation of Palestine since the Nakba in 1948.

It indicated that a quarter of the Palestinians living in the occupied Palestinian territories have been detained by the Israeli occupation forces since the Nakba, pointing out that it’s the highest detention rate in the world.

Director of the center Riyad al-Ashqar said that the Israeli occupation authorities continue violating international laws and conventions concerning the rights of the prisoners, using illegal policies such as random detentions and internationally banned torture.

Al-Ashqar added that the Palestinian detainees are exposed to severe physical and psychological torture throughout detention.

He pointed out that the Israeli occupation does not distinguish between children, women, young and elderly people, MPs and dignitaries, patients, or even persons with disabilities, indicating that all of them are exposed to brutal crimes.

About 4,700 Palestinians, including 32 women and 160 children, are currently languishing in Israeli detention jails.

Among them, close to 500 Palestinians are currently being held under Israel’s illegal policy of administrative detention, under which prisoners can be held for renewable six-month periods without charge or trial.

(Source / 16.05.2022)

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