Soldiers Abduct Three Palestinians In Hebron And Jenin

Israeli soldiers abducted two siblings and one journalist, from Hebron and Jenin, in the southern and northern parts of the occupied West Bank.

In Hebron, in the southern part of the West Bank, the soldiers abducted Ja’far Mousa Rib’ey, and his brother Maisara, from their home in Yatta town, south of the city.

On Friday night, the soldiers abducted a journalist, Dajjana Ali Abu ar-Rob, from Qabatia town, south of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, after stopping him at a military roadblock while he was heading back home from occupied Jerusalem.

The soldiers also phoned Bara’ Lalouh from Jenin refugee camp and threatened to demolish his home if he didn’t turn himself in to the army at the Salem military base.

The army told him his home would be demolished, similar to the home of Mahmoud Dab’ey, that was wired and detained by the army.

(Source / 14.05.2022)

Army Forces A Palestinian To Demolish His Home In Jerusalem

On Saturday, Israeli soldiers forced a Palestinian to demolish his home in Sur Baher town, southeast of occupied Jerusalem in the West Bank.

The Palestinian, Faraj Dabash, said he had to begin demolishing his own home to avoid the high fines and fees if the city used its workers and equipment to destroy the property.

Dabash added that he tried to obtain all needed construction permits and had to build his seventy square/meter property to shelter his family.

The Palestinian, his wife, and their three children, all below the age of eleven, were rendered homeless.

While Israel continues to build and expand its illegal colonies, Palestinian communities, and towns, in occupied Jerusalem, and various areas in the occupied West Bank, continue to be denied the right to build homes and property. Israel has been issuing dozens of demolition orders against existing Palestinian homes and property, including under-construction structures, and has already demolished many of them.

(Source / 14.05.2022)

Israeli Soldier Killed, 11 Palestinians Wounded Near Jenin

A 47-year old Israeli soldier, identified as Noam Raz, was shot and killed by Palestinian fighters Friday when the troops invaded the village of Burqin, in the Jenin District, in the northern West Bank. Raz died on the same day that a young Palestinian who was wounded by Israeli soldiers last month while praying during the Holy Month of Ramadan died of his wounds, and just two days after a world-famous Palestinian journalist, Shireen Abu Akleh, was shot execution-style by Israeli soldiers while standing with other journalists in front of a stone wall in Jenin.

Shireen was shot with a live round in the head while wearing her press vest and helmet when an Israeli army sharpshooter fired one round at her.

The Ministry added that the soldiers first shot journalist Ali Sammoudi with a live round in the back, just as the journalists from various media agencies gathered in an open area in a clear line of sight from Israeli soldiers when the army committed its heinous crime.

Sammoudi, who was shot in the back, said that he, Shireen, and several other journalists gathered near a UNRWA-run school near Jenin refugee camp and were all wearing press vests and helmets before the soldiers shot him in the back and then shot Shireen with a live round in the head.

Raz was part of a squadron of troops that attacked the family home of Mohammad al-Dab’i in the village of Burqin in a pre-dawn raid.

The soldiers besieged the home for hours, while Palestinian resistance fighters gathered inside to try to protect the home. Some of those inside the home eventually came outside with their hands raised and were taken by the soldiers, but Israeli forces continued the siege, and began to open fire on those that remained inside, wounding eleven.

During the invasion of the Palestinian village, the invading Israeli soldiers came under fire from Palestinian resistance fighters, one of whom apparently fired a bullet that hit Raz. Israeli soldiers shot 11 Palestinians during their assault on the village.

One of the Palestinians who was shot and injured was identified as Daoud Zubeidi, brother of the famous Palestinian prisoner Zakaria Zubeidi, who was one of six prisoners who managed to escape from a high-security Israeli prison last year by digging a tunnel with spoons. The high-profile prison escape was a source of embarrassment for the Israeli government, which prides itself on its security measures — arms and security equipment are Israel’s biggest export.

After he was shot, Raz was taken to the Ramhan Hospital in Haifa with critical gunshot wounds, and later died of his wounds.

Also on Friday, Israeli troops shot a Palestinian who allegedly threw a rock at a passing Israeli vehicle.

(Source / 14.05.2022)

Seriously Injured Palestinian Dies From His Wounds

On Saturday morning, medical sources reported that a young Palestinian man who was shot and seriously injured on April 22nd after Israeli soldiers stormed the courtyard of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem died from his wounds.

The Palestinian, Walid Sharif, was seriously injured when the soldiers invaded Al-Aqsa on the third Friday of the holy Muslim month of Ramadan and assaulted hundreds of worshipers.

Walid, from Beit Hanina north of Jerusalem, suffered a profoundly serious head injury near the al-Magharba Gate before the soldiers abducted and assaulted him.

The soldiers dragged the wounded Palestinian out of the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque. Then, they assaulted him despite his serious wounds before taking him to Hadassah Medical Center. Still, the army and the police were deployed there in the dozens and prevented the family from seeing him for several hours.

His brother Abdul-Rahman, a medic in Al-Aqsa, said Walid suffered a skull fracture and Hemorrhage in the brain after the soldiers shot him with a rubber-coated steel bullet in the head from a very close range.

He added that his brother remained in a coma after his brain was deprived of oxygen for at least twenty minutes.

Walid also suffered a skull fracture and brain hemorrhage.

At the time, the doctors at the Hadassah Israeli Medical Center in occupied Jerusalem said there is nothing more they can do for the young man and that he is in a coma in the intensive care unit.

Although Walid was shot in the afternoon, the family could not see him until the early night hours.

During the Israeli assault on the worshipers, the army injured 152 Palestinians, including many women and children, especially after the army used drones to fire gas bombs at the worshipers in the Al-Aqsa compound.

The Israeli army also abducted and detained more than five hundred Palestinians from the courtyard of Al-Aqsa.

(Source / 14.05.2022)

Soldiers Attack Funeral Of Slain Journalist, Injure 33 Palestinians, Abduct 15

On Friday, Israeli soldiers attacked the funeral procession of slain Palestinian-ِAmerican journalist Shirin Abu Aqla, in occupied Jerusalem, in the West Bank.

Media sources said the soldiers assaulted the Palestinians with batons, including those carrying her in the coffin, and fired gas bombs and concussion grenades.

The attacks led to thirty-three injuries, including six who Palestinian Red Crescent Medics rushed to the Al-Makassed Hospital.

During and after the funeral ceremony and burial of the slain journalist, the soldiers abducted fourteen Palestinians, including several women.

Despite the heavy Israeli military and police deployment and all restrictions and roadblocks, thousands of Palestinians participated in the funeral procession in occupied Jerusalem.

|The Execution of Shirin: Yet Another Journalist Gunned Down by Israeli Soldiers – – IMEMC News|

The police even attacked the Palestinians carrying her coffin, which nearly caused them to drop it, but they remained determined to carry the veteran journalist while the soldiers and the police attacked them with batons.

The funeral ceremony was held at the local Roman Catholic Church near Hebron Gate in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem before being buried next to her parents, who died nearly two years ago.

The funeral was unprecedented, although Israel tried to stop it, and tried to impose restrictions on how many persons could attend, and the attempts to prevent any procession from being held, and despite the closure, the roadblocks, and the hundreds of soldiers and police officers, thousands of Palestinians managed to attend, challenging the unlawful Israeli measure, and determined to attend and to expose the escalating Israeli crimes and violations.

The funeral started in the French Hospital, where thousands of Palestinians gathered in front of it, and the area, carrying Palestinian flags and chanting before the police and the army, started firing dozens of gas bombs and concussion grenades and attempted to confiscate the Palestinian flags.

The attack forced the Palestinians back into the hospital property, where they gathered and decided to resume the procession despite the Israeli escalation and constant violence.

Facebook – Maleeha Nassar

The army tried to impose various restrictions on the Palestinians, including attempting to prevent them from carrying Palestinian flags and the posters of the slain veteran journalist, but they remained determined and continued the procession.

Commenting on her death, Majdi Bannoura, an Al-Jazeera cameraman who always accompanied Shirin, said:

“What happened is that we arrived in the morning; at 6:30, we were told there was an invasion of the Jenin refugee camp.

Shirin and I arrived there; everything was quiet. We got out of the car, we wore our press vests and our helmets, and then the other reporters asked us to join them so that we could walk together as a group of journalists…

Shirin started walking, and within less than two minutes, the Israeli army shot her; it wasn’t even two minutes, she crossed the street, and the army started shooting.

I heard my colleagues shouting and saying Ali Sammoudi was shot. So, I carried my camera and filmed what was going on, I wanted to document what was happening, and I wanted to catch up with Shirin, but then the soldiers started shooting again. So I ducked and hid from the bullets, I then started slowly and carefully looking around, and that is when I saw Shirin on the ground.

I don’t know how God gave me the patience and courage to film, but It is my job.

Shirin and I started working for Al-Jazeera in 1997, we started working for Al-Jazeera in the same month of that year, and we have been together in the same team since then.

What can I say? God have mercy on your soul, Shirin, and may God give us patience and solace.

(Source / 14.05.2022)

Israeli Soldiers Injure Several Palestinians Near Nablus

On Friday, Israeli soldiers injured many Palestinians during the weekly nonviolent procession in Sbeih Mountain and Beita town and Beit Dajan, south and east of the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

Ahmad Jibril, the head of the Nablus office of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS), said the soldiers shot one Palestinian with a rubber-coated steel bullet and causing at least twenty to suffer the effects of tear gas inhalation in Sheih Mountain and the main entrance of Beita town, south of Nablus.

In Beit Dajan, the soldiers attacked the nonviolent procession with gas bombs and concussion grenades after the Palestinians held Friday prayers in front of two homes demolished by the army last Monday.

The Palestinians have been holding ongoing processions on their lands in Sbeih Mountain since May of last year after a group of illegal Israeli colonizers installed an outpost atop the mountain. During these protests, the soldiers injured thousands of Palestinians and killed several others, including children.

The Mountain, owned by the Palestinians, has significant strategic importance, especially since if it is occupied by the colonizers the colony would lead to the annexation of 20 Dunams of Palestinian lands, and would also lead to the isolation of a large area of Palestinian lands.

(Source / 14.05.2022)

Soldiers Shoot Two Palestinians In Kufur Qaddoum

On Friday, Israeli soldiers shot two Palestinians with rubber-coated steel bullets and caused dozens, including several children, to sustain cuts and bruises and to suffer the effects of tear gas inhalation during the weekly procession in Kufur Qaddoum town, east of Qalqilia, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

Morad Eshteiwi, the media spokesperson of the Popular Committee in Kufur Qaddoum, said the Palestinians marched carrying Palestinian flags and chanting for the liberation of Palestine.

This week’s protests also marked the ethnic cleansing of Palestine during the Nakba of 1948, when Israel was established in the historic land of Palestine after depopulating and destroying hundreds of villages and towns.

The protesters also carried posters of the slain veteran Palestinian journalist Shirin Abu Aqla, who was killed by Israeli soldiers on May 10, after they targeted her and other journalists with sniper fire while the journalists were gathered to cover an Israeli invasion of Jenin refugee camp in the northern West Bank

Eshteiwy added that the soldiers fired many rubber-coated steel bullets, gas bombs, and concussion grenades at the protesters, shooting two and causing dozens to suffer the effects of tear gas inhalation.

(Source / 14.05.2022)