PPS: ‘Israel’ persists to neglect health condition of Detainee al-Qawasma

Occupied Palestine (QNN) – 43-year-old Palestinian detainee Maher al-Qawasma is facing a difficult health condition after being diagnosed with a rare disease that causes skin corrosion, Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) said.

The society pointed out in a statement on Sunday that the health condition of the detainee al-Qawasma has recently aggravated, as the disease affected his legs badly.

It indicated that the detainee al-Qawasma is being exposed to deliberate medical negligence by the prison administration despite the medical examinations which proves that the disease is spreading across his body.

The PPS added that the prison administration only gives him painkillers and sometimes anesthetic drugs to alleviate the severe pains that deprives him of sleeping.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society held the Israeli prison administration fully responsible for the life of the detainee al-Qawasma who was detained in 2015 and sentenced to eight years in prison.

It called upon all relevant parties to urgently intervene to prevent the worsening of the detainee’s health condition and provide him with the necessary medication.

It’s noteworthy to mention that the detainee al-Qawasma is married with three children. He is now being held in Negev prison.

According to Palestinian figures, about 4,500 Palestinians, including 32 women and 160 children, are currently languishing in Israeli detention jails.

(Source / 08.05.2022)

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