Soldiers Abduct Two Palestinians In Gaza And Jenin

Israeli soldiers abducted two Palestinians, including former political prisoners from Gaza and Jenin.

Media sources in Gaza said the soldiers abducted Ahmad Jawdat ad-Dalo while crossing the (Beit Hanoun) Erez Terminal in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

The abducted Palestinian is a merchant who has a permit to leave the Gaza Strip through Erez as part of his work.

He is one of the dozens of Palestinians, including several merchants, the soldiers recently abducted while crossing Erez.

In Jenin, in the northern West Bank, the soldiers abducted former political prisoner Mohammad Adel Abu Mu’alla while crossing the Dotan military roadblock near Ya’bad town, southwest of Jenin.

(Source / 28.04.2022)

Israeli Colonizers Uproot Palestinians Lands Near Nablus

Illegal Israeli colonizers uprooted Thursday, large areas of Palestinian agricultural lands northwest of Nablus, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

Mohammad Azem, the Mayor of Sebastia town, said the colonizers invaded Palestinian lands in Sebastia and an-Naqoura and started bulldozing them.

Azem added that the bulldozed lands are near the Nablus-Jenin Road in Basin #4 in Sebastia and #12 in an-Naqoura.

He said the Palestinians from the two towns have all official deeds proving ownership of the lands and added that the colonizers are bulldozing the lands to expand the illegal Shavei Shomron colony.

(Source / 28.04.2022)

Israeli Army Fires Live Rounds At Palestinian Farmers In Khan Younis

On Thursday morning, Israeli soldiers, stationed across the perimeter fence, fired many live rounds at Palestinian farmers east of Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

Eyewitnesses said the soldiers fired many live rounds at the farmers while working on their lands east of Khuza’a and Abasan al-Jadeeda towns, east of Khan Younis.

The attacks did not lead to casualties but forced the Palestinians to leave their lands, fearing additional violations.

Wednesday, the Israeli army, and the navy attacked many Palestinian farmers, shepherds, and fishing boats near Khan Younis and Gaza city in the besieged coastal region.

Earlier Wednesday, Israeli navy ships attacked several Palestinian fishing bears near the Rafah shore and abducted six fishermen.

On Saturday afternoon, Israeli soldiers stationed at a guard tower along the border wall between southern Gaza and Israel opened fire with machine guns toward Palestinian shepherds grazing their sheep east of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip.

The attacks are part of frequent Israeli violations against the Palestinians, especially the fishermenfarmersshepherds, and workers in the besieged and impoverished Gaza Strip, and resulted in dozens of casualties, including fatalities, in addition to severe property damage and the confiscation of many boats after abducting the fishermen.

In March of last year, 2021, the Palestinian Interior Ministry in Gaza said Israeli mines were responsible for an explosion that led to the death of three fishermen.

(Source / 28.04.2022)

Soldiers Attack Muslim Worshipers In Al-Aqsa

Israeli soldiers attacked, Thursday dawn, many Muslim worshipers in the Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem after dozens of soldiers invaded its courtyards through the al-Magharba gate.

The soldiers fired many gas bombs at the Palestinians to force them out of the holy compound, causing many to suffer the effects of tear gas inhalation.

The army also used drones to fire the gas bombs at the Palestinians and occupied many rooftops after surrounding the holy compound.

The WAFA Palestinian News Agency said approximately 250.000 worshipers made it to the holy site to pray in Al-Aqsa to mark the al-Qader Night (the holies night in Islam).

Thousands of soldiers and police officers were also deployed in the Old City and around Al-Aqsa before installing many roadblocks.

(Source / 28.04.2022)

Soldiers Abduct Three Palestinians In Qalqilia And Jerusalem

Israeli soldiers abducted three Palestinians in Qalqilia and Jerusalem in the occupied West Bank on Thursday dawn.

The soldiers invaded Qalqilia city before storming and ransacking homes and abducted Wisam Ezzeddin Silmi and Thabet Thabet; the two are in their twenties.

The soldiers also abducted Saber Mohammad Zama’ra in the Bab al-Amoud area in occupied Jerusalem while leaving the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The Palestinian is from Halhoul town, north of the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

On Wednesday night, the soldiers abducted a young man after stopping him at the al-Jalama military roadblock northeast of Jenin in the northern West Bank.

(Source / 28.04.2022)

PCHR: “2022: 23 Fishermen Arrested and 6 Others Wounded in IOF Ongoing Attacks against Fishermen in Gaza Sea”

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights Ref: 50/2022 – Date: 27 April 2022: The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) condemns the ongoing Israeli naval forces’ chasing of Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Sea, opening fire on them and endangering their lives while sailing within the allowed fishing area.

Since the beginning of this year, PCHR has documented recurrent shooting incidents against fishermen, in addition to incidents where IOF chased and arrested fishermen at work; the last of which was the arrest of 6 fishermen, including (3) children, and the confiscation of two boats manned by them off Rafah Shore, southern Gaza Strip.

According to PCHR’s follow-up, at approximately 21:30 on Tuesday, 26 April 2022, Israeli gunboats sailing off the seaport in western Rafah, chased Palestinian fishing boats sailing within 8 nautical miles and opened fire at them. The Israeli gunboats surrounded 2 fishing boats manned by 6 fishermen, including 3 children, and arrested them. The detainees were identified as:

  1. Mohammed Ayman Khalil al-Bardawil (20).
  2. Ibrahim Howaishel Hammad Abu ‘Edwan (25).
  3. Mohammed Ibrahim Khalil al-Bardawil (16).
  4. Mohammed Is’aied Naser Abu Baten (27)
  5. Mahmoud Nabil Khail al-Bardawil (17).
  6. Khalil Nabil Khail al-Bardawil (14).

Moreover, the Israeli naval forces transferred the detainees to Ashdod Seaport and confiscated the two fishing boats that included two generators and flashlights. At approximately 07:00 on Wednesday, 26 April 2022, Israeli authorities released the 6 fishermen through Beit Hanoun (Erez) Crossing in the northern Gaza Strip.

Two days earlier, the Israeli naval forces arrested 3 fishermen; 2 of them were injured with rubber bullets.

Fisherman Jaber Tareq Baker (21), from al-Rimal neighborhood in Gaza City, said that at approximately 02:00 on Monday dawn, 25 April 2022, he was shot with a rubber bullet in his left leg after Israeli gunboats surrounded the fishing boat he was on along with his brother, ‘Awad (25), and the boat’s owner, Mohammed Rajab Abu Ghanem (24).

Baker stated that 2 Israeli gunboats opened fire at them after surrounding the fishing boat and ordered them via loudspeakers to take off their clothes, jump into the water and swim towards the gunboat. When he refused to jump into the water because he cannot swim, the soldiers directly fired rubber bullets at him, wounding his left leg and his brother ‘Awad’s back.

He added that they were forced to swim towards the gunboat and board it. Upon their arrival at the gunboat, Abu Ghanem fainted. Despite that, the soldiers tied their hands to their backs with plastic wires and took them to Ashdod Seaport to interrogate them about sailing in the area where they were arrested. Baker also said that at 19:00 on the same day, the Israeli naval forces released them while the fishing boat and its contents remained in IOF custody.

So far in 2022, PCHR documented the injury of 6 fishermen and the arrest of 23 others, including 6 children; 3 fishermen remain in IOF detention. Also, the Israeli authorities continue to keep 7 fishing boats and dozens of fishing tools and equipment in their custody.

PCHR confirms that Israeli practices against Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Strip constitute a grave violation of all international covenants and agreements, including the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Also, the Israeli attacks against Palestinian fishermen violate the Fourth Geneva Convention, which deals with the protection of civilians in time of war and affirms the need to protect workers and their rights.

PCHR condemns the continued Israeli attacks against Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Sea, and calls upon the international community, including the States Party to the Geneva Conventions of 1949, to force Israeli authorities to cease attacks and persecution of Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza waters and to allow fishermen to fish freely. Additionally, PCHR calls upon Israeli authorities to compensate fishermen for their losses caused by the continued Israeli attacks and release the detained fishing boats and equipment.

(Source / 28.04.2022)

Soldiers Abduct Three Young Men In Jerusalem

On Wednesday evening, Israeli soldiers abducted three young men in Silwan and the al-Isawiya towns in the occupied Palestinian capital, Jerusalem, in the West Bank.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center In Silwan (Silwanic) said the soldiers abducted two young men, Mahmoud Sa’adi Rajabi and Yazan Hamdan, from the al-Isawiya town.

The soldiers also invaded several neighborhoods in Silwan town, just to the south of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, abducted a young man who remained unidentified, and took him to an interrogation facility in Jerusalem.

Silwanic said the Israeli soldiers have abducted more than twenty-five Palestinians, mostly from their homes, on Tuesday and Wednesday and summoned many for interrogation.

In addition, an Israeli court in Jerusalem ordered a young man, Ahmad Firas al-A’war, from Silwan town, under further interrogation,

The young man was abducted, Tuesday, after the army summoned him for interrogation.

On Wednesday dawn, the soldiers abducted at least ten Palestinians, including former political prisoners, from their homes in several parts of the occupied West Bank.

Also, the soldiers killed Ahmad Mohammad Lutfi Masad, 18, from the Jenin refugee camp, in the northern West Bank city of Jenin and injured at least three during massive invasions and exchanges of fire in Jenin, Jenin refugee camp, and Qabatia town, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

(Source / 28.04.2022)

Soldiers Bulldoze Palestinians Lands, Install Tents, Near Hebron

Israeli soldiers bulldozed, Wednesday, Palestinian agricultural lands and installed several military tents in the Masafer Yatta area, south of Hebron, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank.

The National and Popular Committee Coordinator against the Annexation Wall and Colonies in Hebron, Rateb Jabour, said the soldiers bulldozed seven kilometers of Palestinian lands in Jinba, al-Halawa, and al-Markaz communities.

Jabour added that the soldiers are trying to impose a tight siege on the area, especially the lands near the Annexation Wall, to prevent the workers from crossing through breaches of the illegal Wall.

Jabour also said the soldiers installed several military tents around many Bedouin and farming communities in Masafer Yatta to surround and isolate the area.

(Source / 28.04.2022)

Israeli Army Attacks Farmers, Shepherds, And Fishermen In Gaza

Wednesday, the Israeli army and the navy attacked many Palestinian farmers, shepherds, and fishing boats near Khan Younis and Gaza city in the besieged coastal region.

Media sources said the soldiers stationed on military towers across the perimeter fence fired many live rounds and gas bombs at Palestinian farmers on their lands, east of Khuza’a town, east of Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

The soldiers also fired several live rounds at Palestinian shepherds in the area, forcing them to leave.

The attack did not lead to casualties but forced the farmers to leave their lands, fearing further violations.

In addition, Israeli navy ships fired many live rounds at Palestinian fishing boats near Gaza city shore, forcing them to leave.

Earlier Wednesday, Israeli navy ships attacked several Palestinian fishing bears near the Rafah shore and abducted six fishermen.

(Source / 28.04.2022)

PCHR Press Release: “IOF Kill 2 Palestinians and Wound 6 Others including 2 Children in the West Bank”

The Palestinian Center For Human Rights – PCHR: Ref: 49/2022 – Date: 27 April 2022. Time: 10:00 GMTIsraeli occupation forces (IOF) killed 2 Palestinians and wounded 6 others, including 2 children, in two separate incidents during their incursions into Jenin and Jericho in the West Bank.

These murder crimes reflect IOF loose shooting standards against Palestinians, allowed without threat or real danger to soldiers’ lives. This is conducted with the support of the Israeli political level, assuring a legal covering for murder crimes against Palestinians by the highest political level in Israel.

PCHR investigations into the murder of a Palestinian man from Jenin showed that IOF moved into Jenin and its refugee camp at approximately 17:30 on Wednesday, 27 April 2022. IOF raided several houses and arrested several civilians.

The locals gathered and threw stones and empty bottles at the IOF vehicles, while the soldiers started shooting live and rubber-coated bullets, sound, and tear gas bombs at them. As a result,  one Palestinian was killed and 3 others were wounded, including one child. The killed victim was identified as Ahmed M. F. Masad (21) from Burqin, western Jenin.

He was shot with a live bullet in the head as IOF withdrew from the area at nearly 07:00. Masad was present on a hill overlooking Jenin-Haifa Road, west of the city.

Additionally, PCHR’s fieldworkers investigated the murder of another Palestinian man in Jericho. At approximately 01:15 on Tuesday, 26 April 2022, a unit of the Israeli Mista’arvim unit sneaked into Aqabat Jabr refugee camp, southern Jericho. The unit used a white Mercedes-Benz truck and stationed in al-Jamee st; they attacked Abu-Mousa al-Ajouri’s workshop and arrested 2 civilians present inside the workshop: Mohammed Mousa al-Ajouri (50) and his son Mousa (26).

Meanwhile, a large IOF troop moved into the refugee camp; a group of young Palestinians gathered and threw stones and empty bottles at the IOF vehicles, while the soldiers started shooting live and rubber-coated bullets, sound, and tear gas bombs at them.

As a result, 4 Palestinians were wounded, including one child. At the time, one of the wounded civilians, Ahmed I. Owaidat (20), was in critical condition with a live-bullet injury in the head. He was taken to the emergency room at Jericho governmental hospital, and then transferred to Istishari Arab Hospital in Ramallah. He underwent a 4-hour head surgery. At approximately 09:00, he was pronounced dead due to severe injury to the head with a live bullet that penetrated the brain.

So far this year, the Israeli occupation forces killed 41 Palestinian, including 32 civilians of them were 8 children and 3 women. The others are active members of armed groups, 3 of them were extrajudicially executed.

Moreover, hundreds of others sustained wounds in IOF attacks, including women and children, across the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem.

PCHR reiterates its call upon the international community to take immediate action to stop the Israeli occupation’s crimes and reiterates its call upon the High Contracting Parties to the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention to fulfill their obligations under Article 1; to respect and ensure respect for the Convention in all circumstances and their obligations under Article 146 to prosecute persons alleged to commit grave breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention; noting that these violations are considered war crimes in accordance with Article 147 of the Convention and in accordance with the Additional Protocol I of the Convention to guarantee the right of protection for Palestinian civilians in the occupied territory.

(Source / 28.04.2022)