Adalah takes ‘Israel’ to court for ban on Palestinian families reunification

Palestinians and supporters demonstrating in front of then-prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, against the law preventing Palestinian families reunification on April 14, 2013 

‘Israel’ targets the Palestinian Arab population with 65 different government laws and regulations

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The Legal Centre for Arab Minority Rights in Israel has petitioned Israel’s Supreme Court protesting against the ban on Palestinian families reunification.

On March 13, three attorneys from Adalah submitted a petition to Israel’s Supreme Court.

The petition came on the basis that Israel’s ban on Palestinian families reunification violated fundamental constitutional rights.

It added that the ban was contrary to international law.

“The law’s initiators relied on sweeping determinations that any ‘descendants’ of a Palestinian parent constitute a security threat.”

“They also relied on the prohibited ‘enemy alien’ doctrine..”

“..which determines that any individual living in an ‘enemy territory’ is to be considered an enemy.”

Adalah argues that the law aimed to ensure a Jewish demographic majority.

Moreover, it called it one of the most racist and discriminatory laws in the world.

“The law explicitly states that the ban on Palestinian family unification is intended to serve the Jewish character of the state.”

“The legislators themselves stated that they saw fit to do so, given the 2018 Jewish Nation-State Law.”

“Now the Supreme Court will have to decide whether they will continue to allow the state to operate on two separate citizenship tracks..”

“..based on national and ethnic affiliation under the eternal pretext of temporality.”

On March 10, Israel’s Knesset passed the so-called Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law (Temporary Order), 2022, by a 45-15 majority vote.

It prevents Palestinians from the West Bank or Gaza married to Palestinian citizens of ‘Israel’ from permanently moving to ‘Israel’.

The law also prohibits the entry of Arabs from countries “hostile” to ‘Israel’ for family reunification purposes.

The countries include Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran.

(Source / 21.03.2022)

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