Hamas condemns passing of law banning Palestinian family reunification

Hamas criticizes passing of law banning Palestinian family reunification

Agencies Gaza Post – The Hamas Movement condemned the Knesset’s passing of the “Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law” as “a continuous racist crime that exposes the true face of the Israeli occupation state.”

Hamas spokesman Jihad Taha said that such law is aimed at emptying the Palestinian land of its people, in press remarks on Friday  especially occupied Jerusalem, through refusing to include the children of many Jerusalemite families in the civil registry.

Spokesman Taha expressed his Movement’s rejection of this racist law that violates international resolutions and covenants, including the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Hamas urged the United Nations and other concerned groups to condemn the racist law and take responsibility for it by criminalizing the occupation state and holding it accountable for its acts.

Israel’s Knesset enacted a law denying naturalization to Palestinians married to Israeli citizens from the occupied West Bank and Gaza, forcing thousands of Palestinian families to either move or live apart, last Thursday.

The so-called citizenship law was approved by 45 Knesset members out of 120.

Its supporters urge that the rule helps Israel keep its “Jewish character” while still ensuring its security.

Some Knesset members claimed it was meant to deter Palestinian refugees from returning to their homes or fleeing during the 1948 war from exercising their right of return.

“Israel is a Jewish state, and it will remain that way,” declared Simcha Rothman of the far-right Religious Zionism party. He co-sponsored the bill with Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked.

However, detractors claim that the rule discriminates against Israel’s Arab minority, who are Palestinian by birth but Israeli citizens, by preventing them from extending citizenship and permanent residency privileges to their Palestinian wives.

(Source / 12.03.2022)

NGO: At least 30 violations against Palestinian content in February

 Social media platforms continue to censor Palestinian content

Most of the violations were on the Facebook and Instagram platforms

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Sada Social Center documented almost 30 violations and restrictions against Palestinian content in February 2022.

In its monthly report, the Center said these violations were distributed among the majority of global social media platforms.

These platforms mainly affected the content and accounts that dealt with the Palestinian situation and the ongoing violations of the Israeli occupation.

It said most of the violations were on the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

The two targeted many media accounts while covering events in Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, and the news of Israel’s killing of three Palestinians in Nablus city.

Meta labeled the videos of Israeli forces’ beating and arrest of young Palestinian men and women in occupied Jerusalem as “sensitive content” and hid it.

The Center said some accounts that published this content received many restrictions and warnings for violating community standards.

This “actually means blocking Palestinian content that exposes Israeli occupation crimes,” the Center said.

“This is an outright targeting of Palestinian content.“

“As tens of thousands of accounts around the world continue to publish violent content that poses a real threat to public safety without being affected by the blocking procedures.”

The accusation of exceeding the standards of Meta also affected the accounts that published an obituary for the three above-mentioned martyrs.

This included the page of Ramallah Governor Laila Ghanem and Minister of Health Mai Kaila.

“Social media sites constantly ignore incitement to kill Palestinians and what the Israeli occupation is doing through official and media accounts and pages on the same platforms,” Sada Social said.

The developments related to the Ukrainian crisis with regard to the digital space came to record a “clear failure of the standards of social media platforms in protecting the user audience from violent and inflammatory content.”

The digital spaces have recently been filled with photos and videos from the Ukrainian and Russian crises, the Center noted.

These photos and videos contain weapons, violent manifestations, and footages to mobilize fighters and teach them to manufacture and use weapons, in addition to other footages that provide a detailed explanation and training content for the use of military weapons by civilians.

However, the Center noted these platforms have not taken any action against the thousands of posts and comments urging the fighting in the Ukrainian-Russian war and calling for their joining.

“But the praise and encouragement of Palestinian resistance fighters is classified as terrorist content by the same platforms,” the Center said.

The Center also referred to the photos of Palestinian resistance icons and personalities used in fabricated content as Ukrainian citizens defying Russian soldiers, and these photos were reported to be removed.

“This confirms that the removal and blocking of Palestinian content is basically linked to a political position biased towards the Israeli occupation adopted by social media sites.”

The Center condemns the policy of double standards faced by the Palestinian user on various social media platforms.

It also warns of the profound negative effects of social media’s disregard for violent and inflammatory content published against the backdrop of the Ukrainian-Russian crisis.

In 2020 only, the Center documented 1200 violations against Palestinian content, including 25 on Instagram, 10 on YouTube, 801 on Facebook, and 276 on Twitter.

However, in 2021, it documented 1593 violations against Palestinian content, including 174 on Instagram, 16 on YouTube, 853 on Facebook, and 445 on Twitter.

It is noteworthy that Sada Social Center is a Palestinian digital rights organisation launched in 2017 to protect Palestinian narratives on social media platforms.

(Source / 12.03.2022)

Archbishop Hanna: “We Do Not Recognize The So-Called Christian-Zionism”

Archbishop of Sebastia from the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of occupied Jerusalem, Atallah Hanna, denounced the media use of the so-called “Christian-Zionism,” affirming that true Christian Churches and Christianity as a whole do not recognize such descriptions and allegations, as Zionism contradicts Christianity and its message to the world.

Father Hanna said media outlets around the world have widely been using the term; however, it is a faulty expression that does not express the true nature of Christianity that calls for love, peace, and equality, not for colonialism, oppression, and occupation.

“We call on journalists and media outlets to stop the use of this term because it has no place in the Christian Church and theology,” He said, “Just because a group in America calls itself Christian and advocates for Zionism, does not mean they represent Christianity. It also does not mean we should adopt this false terminology in our writings and teachings.”

“We do not recognize this so-called Christian Zionism because Christianity is a religion that calls for love, peace, and for siding by the oppressed and the dispossessed wherever and whoever they are,” Father Hanna added, “However, Zionism is a completely different thing; it is a racist ideology and movement that has been the reason behind so many injustices and catastrophes inflicted on our Palestinian people….”

“We denounce and reject all attempts to link Christianity with Zionism; how can Christianity, a religion that calls for compassion and love, be combined with a racist ideology, responsible for all this suppering in the Holy Land and the region…” he stated, “How can this movement claim to represent Christianity while it advocates for wars and destruction that did not spare anybody, including Christians.”

Father Hanna also said that such groups are imposters and have no place in true Christianity, adding that writers and journalists need to find another term to describe this racist movement because it alleges to be Christian yet advocates for injustice and colonialism.

“We can, for instance, refer to them as Zionist groups that allege being Christian, especially since their beliefs contradict the peaceful message of Christianity,” Father Hanna added, “These groups are harming Christianity; they can call themselves whatever they want; however, this doesn’t mean we should adopt their false terminology and ideology.”

In addition, Father Hanna said the self-prescribed Christian-Zionism was founded by fanatic Zionist groups in the West and has nothing to do with the message of Christianity.

(Source / 12.03.2022)

Israeli Colonizers Install New Illegal Outpost Near Hebron

On Friday, illegal Israeli colonizers installed a new outpost of stolen Palestinian land in the Birin area, east of Yatta, south of Hebron, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank.

Farid Burqan, the head of Birin Villag Council, said the colonizers installed three mobile homes and started infrastructure work near a memorial they installed on the stolen Palestinian lands three years earlier.

He added that the colonizers forced the Palestinians out of the area while Israeli soldiers stood and watched without intervening.

On Wednesday evening, the colonizers invaded the area and confiscated water pumps and cables, in addition to destroying a water network.

In related news, Israeli soldiers fired many live rounds at Palestinian shepherds in Janba village, south of Hebron.

(Source / 12.03.2022)

Threat Of Demolition Looms Over Twenty Palestinian Homes Near Jericho

The Israeli army issued demolition orders against twenty Palestinian homes in the ad-Dyouk at-Tihta village, west of Jericho, in northeastern West Bank.

The Israeli army claims the homes were constructed without permits from the so-called “Civil Administration Office,” the administrative branch of the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine.

However, the homes are all built on privately-owned Palestinian lands that had ownership deeds from the government of Jordan before the year 1967, when Israel occupied the rest of Palestine.

One of the Palestinians, Maan Tannous, 39, to the Palestinian News & Info Agency (WAFA) that he, his wife, and two children, built their two-story home on lands they own in the village.

He added that the property is only 120 square meters and was licensed by the Palestinian Authority in Jericho.

“We live in a residential area that is under the jurisdiction of the City Council in Jericho and receives the services, such as water and electricity, from directly from it,” Tannous stated, “We used to be renters; however, we decided to build our home on our land two years ago, and we are still paying the loan installments.

The village is subject to frequent Israeli violations, including home demolitions and pending destruction orders due to the illegal Israeli colonialist activities.

Essam Smeirat, the secretary of the Fateh movement in Ein Dyouk at-Tihta, said ten homes in the area face Israeli demolitions, which would also lead to the displacement of about sixty Palestinians, primarily children.

Three years ago, Israel demolished fifteen Palestinian homes in the village and continues to try to confiscate its lands to isolate it from Jericho city, in addition to the villages of Dyouk al-Foqa village and An-Nuway’imah. The village is home to approximately 1300 Palestinians, primarily farmers.

(Source / 12.03.2022)

Soldiers Abduct A Palestinian Official Near Jenin

On Friday evening, Israeli soldiers abducted Abdullah Alawna, the secretary of the Fateh movement in Jaba’ town, south of Jenin, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

Media sources said the soldiers invaded Jaba’ before storming and ransacking homes and summoned Razi Ghannam for interrogation.

The Palestinian was abducted prisoner after the soldiers summoned him for interrogation at the Salem military base west of Jenin.

The soldiers also stormed and ransacked the family home, causing excessive damage, and threatened to abduct his mother along with his wife and children.

Earlier Friday and Thursday, the soldiers infiltrated Jaba’, broke into, and ransacked many homes before abducting four of Razi’s brothers, Rashad, Mohammad, Ghazi, and Emad.

(Source / 12.03.2022)

BDS Movement: “Palestinians Salute Georgetown University Students Blocking Funding for itrek Propaganda Trip to Apartheid Israel”

March 11, 2022: Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI): These trips serve to present Israel in a positive light, whitewashing its regime of military occupation, apartheid, and settler-colonialism and its decades-long denial of Palestinian rights, including the right to education.We salute the graduate and undergraduate students at Georgetown University who successfully prevented $30,000 in student funding from being used for an itrek propaganda trip to apartheid Israel.These trips serve to present Israel in a positive light, whitewashing its regime of military occupation, apartheid, and settler-colonialism and its decades-long denial of Palestinian rights, including the right to education.Israel has bombed and demolished Palestinian schools and universities, carried out military raids on campuses, including using live fire and tear gas, and imposed restrictions preventing travel to campus and abroad for scholarships.Israel just this week announced new procedures further restricting entry permits for faculty members from abroad and international students wishing to teach or study at Palestinian universities.The Georgetown students join hundreds of academic departments, programs, centers, unions, and societies and tens of thousands of scholars, researchers, students, and university staff worldwide who are standing up for Palestinian rights and urging accountability for apartheid Israel.Many major human rights organizations now recognize Israel as an apartheid state, and Palestinians have long called for ending complicity in this regime at all levels, as was done to end apartheid in South Africa.We also salute the Palestinian law students who roundly rebuffed itrek’s deceitful attempts to co-opt Palestinian students, refusing to serve as fig leaves for Israel’s regime of oppression.We join the Palestinian law students and the Georgetown students in urging all students to reject itrek’s propaganda trips and to work to ensure their university refuses ties with this organization’s deliberate whitewash of Israel’s war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated against Indigenous Palestinians.

(Source / 12.03.2022)