Media Foundation Launch Lifesaving Campaign to Support Palestinian Detainees in Israeli Prisons

DAYS OF PALESTINE – GAZA – Palestinian Media Foundation have launched, early this week, a tweeting campaign to encourage people to support the Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons.

The campaign expresses the concerns for the lives of Palestinian suffering from health complications in Israeli prisons, according to campaign’s invitation.

Days of Palestine invited all social media users to join the campaign and condemn Israel’s inhumane treatment of Palestinian prisoners.

The Executive Director of ‘Days of Palestine’ Media Foundation, Eng. Saber Elyan, said that the campaign seeks to make people aware of the situation of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.

“The Israeli occupation deliberately uses these arbitrary measures against Palestinian prisoners in order to undermine them.” he added.

“We demand proper medical care be provided and, ultimately, their release from prison.” Elyan stressed.

“We need your support of Palestinian prisoners and human rights, and we encourage you to share their stories to put pressure on the occupying government.” Elyan said. “We call on the international community to hold Israel accountable for their actions and to protect the lives of prisoners, under the precepts of justice, human rights, and international law.” Elyan called on the social media users.

Many activists, politicians, journalists and writers participated in the campaign, stressing their continued support for the Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons.


In recent months, several Palestinians have lacked proper medical care in Israeli prisons; many of them are at imminent risk of being murdered by the Israeli government.

(Source / 15.02.2022)

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