Israeli Military Exercises Result in Destruction of Palestinian Agricultural Lands in Occupied Jordan Valley

DAYS OF PALESTINE – WEST BANK – Israeli occupation forces destroyed, today Thursday, the crops and a main water line during military exercises in the Jordan Valley.

The military exercises conducted by the occupation forces in the northern Jordan Valley for the third day, destroyed a water line, an agricultural road and damaged crops in the Qa’oun plain near Bardala village.

The official of the Jordan Valley file in Tubas and the northern Jordan Valley, Moataz Basharat, stated that the heavy military vehicles left havoc in the Palestinian lands which planted with crops, parts of a 360-meter agricultural road and a 250-meter water line that benefits farmers.

The Israeli occupation army is conducting military exercises in several areas of the northern Jordan Valley, which caused the expulsion of seven Palestinian families from their homes in Khirbet “Ibziq” north of Tubas.

(Source / 10.02.2022)

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