Israeli Occupation Forces Injure 7 Palestinians in West Bank

DAYS OF PALESTINE – WEST BANK – Israeli occupation forces yesterday shot and wounded several Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, Palestinian sources reported.

The Israeli occupation forces shot and wounded two Palestinian youths during a demonstration in Ein El-Sultan Refugee Camp in Jericho city. They were then transported to hospital where their condition was said to be moderate.

The demonstration was staged in protest against Israeli occupation forces stationed near a Jewish synagogue in Ein El Sultan Camp to provide protection for settlers to visit the site.

Occupation forces fired live rounds, tear gas canisters and stun grenades at the Palestinian protesters, who responded by burning tyres.

Several protesters were treated at the scene from tear-gas suffocation, according to the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS).

The PRCS said its crew dealt with seven injuries, including one by rubber-coated steel bullets fired by the Israeli army during the protests.

(Source / 10.02.2022)

Israeli Military Exercises Result in Destruction of Palestinian Agricultural Lands in Occupied Jordan Valley

DAYS OF PALESTINE – WEST BANK – Israeli occupation forces destroyed, today Thursday, the crops and a main water line during military exercises in the Jordan Valley.

The military exercises conducted by the occupation forces in the northern Jordan Valley for the third day, destroyed a water line, an agricultural road and damaged crops in the Qa’oun plain near Bardala village.

The official of the Jordan Valley file in Tubas and the northern Jordan Valley, Moataz Basharat, stated that the heavy military vehicles left havoc in the Palestinian lands which planted with crops, parts of a 360-meter agricultural road and a 250-meter water line that benefits farmers.

The Israeli occupation army is conducting military exercises in several areas of the northern Jordan Valley, which caused the expulsion of seven Palestinian families from their homes in Khirbet “Ibziq” north of Tubas.

(Source / 10.02.2022)

Israeli Occupation Forces Kidnap 10 Palestinians from Occupied West Bank, Jerusalem

DAYS OF PALESTINE – WEST BANK – Israeli occupation forces kidnapped 10 Palestinians including two children in raids across the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, the Palestinian Prisoner Society said on Thursday.

Israeli occupation forces arrested four Palestinians from Ramallah, six from Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nablus.

No reason was provided for the arrests.

Israeli occupation forces frequently carry out sweeping arrest campaigns across the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

According to the NGO, there are around 4,650 Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails, including at least 500 held without charge or trial under the Israeli administrative detention policy.

(Source / 10.02.2022)

Palestinian Girl Enters Seventh Consecutive Year in Israeli Prisons

Days of Palestine – Jerusalem – 21-year-old Palestinian female detainee Malak Salman has entered her seventh consecutive year of detention in Israeli occupation jails.

Female detainee Salman, a resident of Beit Safafa town to the southeast of occupied Jerusalem, was detained on February 9, 2016, from the area of Bab al-Amoud and given a prison sentence of 10 years.

She managed to pass her final high school certificate examination while being in prison, with a score of 91%.

At least 34 Palestinian women detainees, including eight mothers and seven injured and patients, have been yearning for freedom in Israeli occupation jails.

According to Palestinian figures, about 4,850 Palestinians, including 34 women and 160 children, are currently languishing in Israeli detention jails.

Among them, close to 540 Palestinians are currently being held under Israel’s illegal policy of administrative detention, under which prisoners can be held for renewable six-month periods without charge or trial.

(Source / 10.02.2022)

Israeli Occupation Accelerates Judaization in Occupied Palestinian Territories

The Israeli occupation forces demolished, at midnight last night, a building in the city of Nazareth in the occupied territories in 1948, while settlers began building a settlement outpost on the lands of Arab Al-Zaydna in the occupied Naqab.

 Local sources reported that the occupation forces demolished a three-story building in the city of Nazareth, inside the occupied territories 48, claiming that it was not licensed, amid a heavy presence of the occupation forces.

 Last Sunday, the occupation forces demolished the home of the family of Tariq Muhareb in the Shneir neighborhood in the city of Lod and displaced 11 members of the family.

 In the demolition of Palestinian homes inside the occupied territories, the occupation relies on laws targeting the Palestinian presence in the occupied cities, such as the Planning and Building Law, of which the “Kaminitz Law” is a part.

 And threatens the demolition of more than 50 thousand Palestinian homes in the oc occupied territories 48, claiming not to permit or implement projects of Judaization and settlement.

In another context, dozens of settlers stormed, at dawn today, Wednesday, the lands of the village of Arab Al-Zaydna, near Rahat, in the occupied Naqab, and set up a group of tents and seized the lands with the aim of establishing a settlement outpost in the place.

 Local sources said that 50 settlers stormed the lands belonging to Arab Al-Zaydna, and set up a group of tents in the place, amid the siege of the occupation forces.

 There were calls for the people of Rahat to flock to the area and confront the settlers and expel them from the lands.

The sources pointed out that the Israeli Knesset member, Itamar Ben Juffair, arrived armed with the protection of the occupation forces to the Zayadna land, on which settlers set up tents to establish a settlement outpost. A video clip showed settlers dancing after setting up tents to establish the outpost.

Clashes erupted during the past month in the occupied Naqab, in response to the decision of the occupation government to start afforestation of lands belonging to the Palestinians of the Naqab, which was considered an attempt to steal their lands for the benefit of the Fund, amid broad popular solidarity.

(Source / 10.02.2022)

IOF Kidnaps 6 Palestinians from Occupied West Bank

Days of Palestine – Ramallah – Israeli occupation forces (IOF) kidnapped Wednesday six Palestinian civilians amid raids in the occupied Jerusalem and Ramallah.

Local sources said that the IOF stormed Hizma village, east of Jerusalem, and arrested 5 Palestinians who identified Waleed Al-Khateeb, Zayed Al-Khateeb, Mohamad Salah Eldeen, Essam Al-Khateeb, and Mohamad Al-Khateeb.

They added that the IOF kidnapped the ex-prisoner Yousef Shaltwa from Aabood village in the west of Ramallah governate.

Separate areas of the West Bank and Jerusalem witness daily incursions by the IOF, including raids and searches of homes, destruction of their contents, and terrorizing their residents, especially women and children.

By the end of 2021, the number of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons reached about 4600, including 34 female prisoners, about 160 children, and about 500 administrative detainees, according to the Palestinian prisoners’ affairs organization.

(Source / 10.02.2022)

Israeli Occupation Forces Demolish Palestinian-Owned Facilities in Occupied West Bank

DAYS OF PALESTINE – WEST BANK – Israeli occupation forces demolished on Wednesday morning Palestinian agricultural facilities in Jayyous village, in Qalqilya city in occupied West Bank, according to Palestinian sources.

Israeli forces demolished 10-dunums of greenhouses planted with vegetables and owned by a Palestinian resident.

Israeli occupation forces today demolished Palestinian agricultural facilities in Jayyous village – QALQILYA, Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Israeli authorities regularly carry out demolitions of Palestinian-owned homes and facilities in the occupied West Bank and occupied Jerusalem, under the pretext that they are buildings without permits.

Palestinian construction permits are rarely approved by Israeli authorities.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) released a new report documenting the Israeli human rights violations and said that the number of Palestinian homes and structures demolished or seized, and people displaced in 2021 represents an increase of 21 and 28% respectively, compared with the equivalent figures in 2020.

More than 850 Palestinian homes and structures were destroyed by Israel in 2021, including 160 units in occupied Jerusalem, according to rights groups.

The demolitions last year displaced around 900 people, including 463 minors.

(Source / 10.02.2022)