West Bank stages general strike in mourning of Palestinian youths assassinated by ‘Israel’

Nablus (QNN)- Palestinians are observing a one-day general strike tomorrow, Wednesday, in the northern West Bank city of Nablus, in mourning of three Palestinian youths assassinated by Israeli forces earlier today.

Heading a call from Nablus’s Governer, Palestinians are observing a one-day general strike on Wednesday to mourn the death of the three Palestinian youths who were assassinated on Tuesday afternoon, after being shot dead by Israeli forces’ bullets during a clandestine military operation in Al-Makhfia neighborhood.

The strike would include all businesses, schools, universities and public transportation.

The Palestinians have also called for protests and a general strike across the occupied West Bank to demonstrate against Israel’s assassination of the three youths.

The Israeli Special Forces Unit of Yamam, with over 15 soldiers, according to witnesses, shot dead the three Palestinian youths, identified as Adham Mabrouk, Mohammed Dakheel and Ashraf Mubaslat, during a military operation in the Makhfia neighborhood in Nablus, today.

The witnesses said the three youths were inside a car when the Israeli Special Forces Unit, hidden in a civilian vehicle, showered the car with over 80 bullets, and killed them on the spot, before leaving the scene in civilian vehicles (VW Caddy & VW Shattle) and making sure the three are dead.

The Palestinian Health Ministry confirmed the three deaths, calling the Israeli operation “an assassination,” echoing a statement from the Palestinian foreign ministry which described it as a “field execution”.

Israeli media reported that the military operation was in cooperation between the Shin Bet and Israeli occupation forces, claiming they were killed as they belonged to a cell that has been responsible for a series of shootings in the area against Israeli occupation soldiers and settlers in the recent weeks.

(Source / 08.02.2022)

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