Israeli Occupation Approves Building 1500 Housing Units in Illegal Jerusalem Settlement

Days of Palestine – Jerusalem – Israeli occupation authorities in Jerusalem have approved a plan to build 1500 housing units in an illegal settlement on the Palestinian land located between the areas of “French Hill” and the “Hebrew University.”

On Thursday, the Israeli occupation-controlled Jerusalem municipality’s local planning committee approved the plan to construct “1500 housing units” on an area that spans some of 150 dunams, which claimed to be “state land.”

The construction includes 1,500 settlement units, including 500 rooms for housing for Jewish students, and 200 safe rooms, and also includes the construction of several residential towers, to be rented for long-term periods of time.

On the fifth of last month, the so-called “controlled local planning committee” of the occupation municipality in Jerusalem approved the construction of 3,557 settlement units in occupied Jerusalem, on five new schemes.

Plans since 2012 to build units in the settlement were previously met with strong opposition from Israeli allies Germany and the US, causing authorities to repeatedly postpone implementation.

But in April 2020, authorities announced that 6,500 housing units would be built for the settlement, supplanting previous plans for the area which included construction of 3,400 housing units and 1,100 hotel rooms.

In November 2020, Israel issued a tender for the construction of 1,257 units in the settlement.

Additionally, Israeli authorities have begun promoting the construction of more than 9,000 units for a new settlement named “Atarot” on land belonging to the Palestinian village of Qalandia, in northern occupied Jerusalem.

At present, based on the result of numerous UN resolutions that cite Article 49 of the Geneva Convention, the consensus view of the international community is that Israeli settlements are illegal and constitute a violation of international law.

Since the occupation of the West Bank in 1967, numerous United Nations resolutions, including 446, 452, 465, 471, and 476 affirm unambiguously that Israel’s occupation is illegal, and, since Resolution 446 adopted on 22 March 1979, have confirmed that its settlements there have no legal validity and pose a serious obstacle to peace.

(Source / 03.02.2022)

“Shin Bet” Spies on Palestinians’ Phones and Threatens them During Latest War on Gaza

DAYS OF PALESTINE – GAZA – The Hebrew-language newspaper Haaretz said on Wednesday that the General Security Service of the Israeli occupation state “Shin Bet” admitted using spying system on Palestinian phones to send text messages during the last Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip in May 2021.

The newspaper added that the Shin Bet admitted that these messages were sent to Palestinians who did not participate in any confrontations in Jerusalem and occupied Palestinian territories.

The newspaper confirmed that thousands of Palestinians in Jerusalem and the occupied Palestinian territories received messages via their phones during the aggression on Gaza, in which the Israeli occupation intelligence claimed “their participation in the protests in Al-Aqsa Mosque was monitored and they will be held accountable.”

Haaretz said that many of those who received these messages confirmed that they didn’t participate in these demonstrations and they were not in Jerusalem at that time.

“These messages aimed to threat the Palestinians” Shin Bet said after complaints from human rights organizations to the legal advisor of the Israeli occupation government.

(Source / 03.02.2022)

Israeli Occupation Demolishes Several Homes and Barracks in Ramallah

Days of Palestine – Ramallah -Israeli occupation bulldozers demolished on Thursday several homes and barracks belonging to Palestinians in Deir Nezam village, northeast of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank.

Local sources said that the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) accompanied by bulldozers forced the Al-Hosa region into the village and started to demolish some homes and barracks for Palestinian bedouin residents there.

They stated that the IOF completely closed the area and prevent residents to go in or out, announcing it a closed military zone.

It is noteworthy that the village of Deir Nezam (1200 people) witnesses almost daily incursions by the occupation forces, closing all its entrances, in addition to the attacks of “Halamish” settlers on its lands, who seek to seize its water spring.

(Source / 03.02.2022)

Israel Issues Stop-Work Orders for Mosques and Houses in West Bank

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DAYS OF PALESTINE – WEST BANK – Israeli occupation forces on Tuesday handed stop-work orders against a mosque, three houses and a shop in the northern West Bank village of Marda, north of Salfit city, according to Palestinian sources.

Israeli soldiers broke into the village and handed residents the stop-work orders for the structures that were still in the construction stage under the pretext they were being built in Salfit city in West Bank.

The order also affects an agricultural road used by the local villagers to reach their farms.

(Source / 03.02.2022)

Israeli Occupation Forces Kidnap 9 Palestinians from West Bank

DAYS OF PALESTINE – WEST BANK – Israeli occupation forces on Thursday overnight kidnapped nine Palestinians from various parts of the West Bank, according to Palestinian sources.

Israeli soldiers kidnapped two Palestinians after breaking into the houses of their families in the northern West Bank village of Silat al-Harithiya, northwest of Jenin.

In Qalqiliya district, gun-toting soldiers barged their way into Hableh village, south of the city, and detained another. They also detained another Palestinian from Kafr Thulth village.

Meanwhile, the sources confirmed a similar raid in Tubas city, resulting in re-arresting a former prisoner.

In Salfit district, military vehicles stormed Deir Istiya town, where soldiers detained another.

In the southern West Bank, the soldiers conducted a raid in Dheisha refugee camp, south of Bethlehem, and arrested a Palestinian.

They also re-arrested another after storming and thoroughly searching his family house in Hindaza area, east of the city.

Israeli occupation forces frequently raid Palestinian houses almost on a daily basis across the West Bank on the pretext of searching for “wanted” Palestinians, triggering clashes with residents.

(Source / 03.02.2022)

Israeli Settlers Assault Palestinian Family in Hebron

DAYS OF PALESTINE – Israeli settlers assaulted on Wednesday Palestinian farmers working their own lands in Jabel Jales area in the east of Hebron.

Settlers from (Khafat Jal), the illegal outpost, assaulted Al Tamimi family as they were working their land and grazing their cattle in Jabel Jales area, according to Palestinian sources.

In a separate incident, Israeli occupation forces savagely assaulted a Palestinian young man near Bab al-Hadeed area in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Eyewitnesses said that Israeli soldiers forced a Palestinian to leave his car, with no reason, and then assaulted him on a road near Bab al-Hadeed (one of the holy city’s gates).

(Source / 03.02.2022)