Palestine Calls for International Investigation of Horrific Tantura Massacre

Palestinians on Saturday called for the formation of an international commission to investigate massacres committed by Zionist militias in the Palestinian village of Tantura in 1948.

The investigation was called for following revelations by Israeli outlet Haaretz that a mass grave had been discovered at (Dor) Beach, where Tantura once stood before it was destroyed.

The Zionist militas are thought to have committed the massacre during the 1948 Nakba; a time when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were violently expelled from their lands by the militias in the run-up to the creation of Israel.

“The crimes of the occupation did not stop at the year 1948, but are still continuing in a racist and hateful manner, which calls for the opening of investigations into these crimes,” a statement by the Palestinian Foreign Ministry said.

“What is required is a broad international campaign to bring justice to the Palestinian victims and to punish Israeli officials and the official Israeli institution that continues to conceal and cover up the ugliness of these crimes and massacres,” the statement added.

Sami Hermez | سامي هرمز@HermezSami
The zionist movement was a settler colonial movement before the massacre in #Tantura and has remained so till this day. This uncovering in broad daylight should serve as a reminder of what you should already know. May the remains of the ancestors sow our path to liberation.

A documentary titled ‘Tantura’, which features testimonies from former soldiers, by filmmaker Alon Schwarz is set to be screened at the Sundance Film Festival, and follows the story of Teddy Katz, who in the 1990’s researched the massacre as part of a master’s degree thesis.

At the time of his thesis, Katz was forced with threats of legal action to withdraw his claims about the massacre, by Israeli military veterans.

(Source / 23.01.2022)

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