Israeli Settlers Slash Tires of Palestinian Vehicles Near Salfit

Days of Palestine – Salfit – Israeli settlers on Sunday slashed the tires of Palestinian-owned vehicles and spray-painted anti-Arab slogans in the village of Qira, to the north of the occupied West Bank city of Salfit.

Ashraf Ziyada, head of the Qira village council, said that settlers raided the village early in the morning and punctured the tires of seven Palestinian-owned vehicles.

He added that the settlers also spray-painted anti-Arab and racist slogans, death threats as well as the Star of David on the targeted vehicles.

Abdallah Kmail, the Governor of Salfit, called on protection committees in the Salfit district villages to reactivate their role in order to confront attacks by settlers, warning that assaults be settlers are on the rise.

Israeli settlers have stepped up their attacks on Palestinian towns in recent days, amid a spike in violence in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Israeli and Palestinian estimates indicate there are about 650,000 settlers living in 164 settlements and 116 outposts in the West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem.

Under international law, all Israeli settlements in the occupied territories are considered illegal.

(Source / 23.01.2022)

Palestine Calls for International Investigation of Horrific Tantura Massacre

Palestinians on Saturday called for the formation of an international commission to investigate massacres committed by Zionist militias in the Palestinian village of Tantura in 1948.

The investigation was called for following revelations by Israeli outlet Haaretz that a mass grave had been discovered at (Dor) Beach, where Tantura once stood before it was destroyed.

The Zionist militas are thought to have committed the massacre during the 1948 Nakba; a time when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were violently expelled from their lands by the militias in the run-up to the creation of Israel.

“The crimes of the occupation did not stop at the year 1948, but are still continuing in a racist and hateful manner, which calls for the opening of investigations into these crimes,” a statement by the Palestinian Foreign Ministry said.

“What is required is a broad international campaign to bring justice to the Palestinian victims and to punish Israeli officials and the official Israeli institution that continues to conceal and cover up the ugliness of these crimes and massacres,” the statement added.

Sami Hermez | سامي هرمز@HermezSami
The zionist movement was a settler colonial movement before the massacre in #Tantura and has remained so till this day. This uncovering in broad daylight should serve as a reminder of what you should already know. May the remains of the ancestors sow our path to liberation.

A documentary titled ‘Tantura’, which features testimonies from former soldiers, by filmmaker Alon Schwarz is set to be screened at the Sundance Film Festival, and follows the story of Teddy Katz, who in the 1990’s researched the massacre as part of a master’s degree thesis.

At the time of his thesis, Katz was forced with threats of legal action to withdraw his claims about the massacre, by Israeli military veterans.

(Source / 23.01.2022)

Israeli Forces Kidnap 4 Palestinians in Tulkarm

DAYS OF PALESTINE – WEST BANK – Israeli occupation forces kidnaped, on Sunday, four Palestinians, including three former political prisoners, from several parts of the Tulkarm governorate, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank, Palestinian sources reported.

Israeli soldiers invaded Tulkarem refugee camp, before storming ,searching homes and abducted Yousef Jihad Khreiwish, 30, in addition to former political prisoner, Osama Burhan Abed-Rabbo, 30.

The Israeli forces also invaded Ezbet al-Jarad area, east of the city, before abducting the former political prisoner Jamal Eshteiwi Hadayda, 55.

Furthermore, the soldiers also abducted the former political prisoner Anas Mohammad al-Hosary, 37, from the Thannaba area, east of Tulkarem.

(Source / 23.01.2022)

Palestinian Prisoner Nasser Abu Hmeid Still in Critical Condition

Days of Palestine – Ramallah – Nasser Abu Hmeid, a critically ill Palestinian freedom fighter held in Israel, is in a coma for the third week due to acute pneumonia, the Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Commission said today.

Abu Hmeid, 49, from Amari refugee camp in Ramallah, entered into a coma about three weeks ago after suffering a severe inflammation of the lungs as a result of bacterial contamination.

Yesterday, Abu Hmeid’s brother, Naji, said the Israel Prison Services has not allowed anyone, including family members, the Red Cross, or political figures, from visiting his critically ill brother in Israeli detention.

Minister Hussein al-Sheikh, Head of the Civil Affairs Commission in the Palestinian Authority, also said yesterday in a tweet that the Israeli government had rejected a request he officially made to visit Abu Hmeid to check on his health condition. He held the Israeli government fully responsible for his life while calling on international organizations to pressure Israel to release him.

Earlier this month, the family of Abu Hmeid appealed to all parties of concern to take urgent and effective action to save the life of their son, as well as on the masses of our people to continue their popular support to press the occupation to release him as he’s facing an imminent risk of death.

The Palestinian Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Commission had also urged all human rights and international institutions to urgently intervene and pressure the Israeli occupation authorities to release the Abu Hamid, who is battling cancer.

The Commission warned that the prisoner Abu Hamid was battling death as a result of his suffering from the consequences of a surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in the lungs he underwent last October, when the occupation then returned him to the prison before he recovered.

(Source / 23.01.2022)

Israeli Occupation Confiscates Garbage Truck in Salfit

Days of Palestine – Salfit – Israeli occupation forces confiscated on Sunday a municipal garbage truck that serves the villages of Misha and Zawiya in the occupied West Bank province of Salfit, and arrested its driver, according to local sources.

Witnesses said that the Israeli occupation forces confiscated the garbage track and forced the driver of the garbage truck, identified as Taha Abu Hamda, to drive it into an Israeli settlement. The driver was not released until the moment.

(Source / 23.01.2022)