Palestinian Center: Infection of female prisoners with Corona poses a threat to their lives

Palestinians take part in a protest to show solidarity with female prisoners held in Israeli jails, Nablus, West Bank, Palestinian Territory

West Bank, Amina Tawil, a spokeswoman for the Palestine Prisoners Center for Studies, confirmed that the conditions of female prisoners in Damoun Prison are very worrying, in light of the arrival of the Corona virus to their departments and the registration of 5 female prisoners infected with the virus.

Tawil said in an interview : “The infection of female prisoners with the virus reflects the lack of interest and indifference in which the occupation deals with male and female prisoners, especially since the infection is transmitted to them through the warders or the Israeli Nachshon forces.”

Al-Taweel added, “It is assumed that there are preventive and precautionary measures inside prisons, with the number of prisoners being crowded inside the rooms, but the occupation deliberately neglects their healthy lives in order to take revenge on the prisoners in a collective manner.”

She points out that the real danger to female prisoners lies in the fact that some female prisoners have chronic diseases and are elderly, and therefore their infection with the Corona virus poses a real threat to their lives, in addition to the occurrence of health setbacks that constitute a slow execution for them.

The Union of Women’s Committees held the Israeli occupation fully responsible for the lives and health of the female prisoners, in light of the outbreak of the Corona virus.

It is worth noting that the occupation prisons administration isolated the female prisoners after discovering that they were infected, and they are: Shorouk Dwayat, Ruba Asi, Shatha Odeh, Tasnim Al-Assad and Fadwa Hamada.

The specialized institutions were able to document and follow up the number of cases of male and female prisoners with the Corona virus since April last year until today, reaching 409 cases, as infections were recently recorded among the male and female prisoners in the prisons of: the Negev, Ofer, Raymond, and Damon.

(Source / 15.01.2022)

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