Israeli Occupation to Implement of Settlement Plans in Negev; Arrests Campaign against Palestinians

Days of Palestine – Negev – The Israeli occupation forces detained dozens of Palestinian young men, children, and girls who were arrested in the confrontations that erupted in the occupied Palestinian Negev since Tuesday in inhumane conditions, and refused to reveal their fate.

The Negev, south of Palestine occupied in 1948, witnessed an escalation of demolitions, especially in the village of al-Atrash, and the implementation of settlement plans for more than 6 months.

Lawyer Nasser al-Atawna, who follows up on the detainees’ file, said that the Israeli occupation forces kidnapped 18 Palestinian young men, 6 minors and two girls, in stations in the Negev that lack the minimum requirements for life in light of the harsh cold weather.

The Israeli occupation forces arrested these people in the Naqa al-Sabaa area during the attacks and confrontations that took place in the area, while arrest campaigns are taking place in several areas in the Negev so far.

Regarding the girls, the lawyer confirms that the occupation court decided to extend the detention of two girls, aged 13 and 14, and lawyers have been following up on the conditions of the remaining detainees since Tuesday.

For his part, Youssef Abu Jame’, a member of the Higher Committee for Arabs in the Negev, confirms that the Israeli occupation forces want to preempt the intensification of their attack on the Negev by arresting among the youths and the residents.

(Source / 14.01.2022)

Israel to Demolish Mosque, Homes, Cut Power in Eastern Jerusalem

Days of Palestine – Jerusalem – Israeli occupation authorities Thursday issued a decision to demolish an under-construction mosque in Jerusalem’s north-eastern town of Issawiya.

Local sources told Alqastal that the decision was issued by the occupation municipality in Jerusalem, noting that it included the demolition of the “Al-Taqwa Mosque within 15 days.”

The sources added that the 300-meter land on which the mosque was built was “abandoned by the occupation authorities,” pointing out that they had previously halted the mosque’s construction work.

In addition to the mosque, the sources said that the municipality had notified the area residents of the demolition of “two houses and the electricity network in Nablus’ eastern village of Beit Dajan.”

The Israeli military has been carrying out demolition activities across the occupied West Bank, in preparation for the construction of new residential settlements, which are considered “illegal” by the United Nations.

In August, the Israeli authorities demolished, forced people to demolish, or seized 118 Palestinian-owned structures across the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. This move was reported to have displaced 191 people, including 116 children, and affected the livelihoods, or access to services, of nearly 1,400 others.

(Source / 14.01.2022)

PPS: Hisham Abu Hawash Contracts Positive for COVID-19 12 Days after Ending Hunger Strike

Days of Palestine – Hebron – The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) confirmed on Thursday that Palestinian detainee in Israeli jails, Hisham Abu Hawash has tested positive for COVID-19, after 12 days only of ending his hunger strike which lasted for 141 consecutive days in protest against his administrative detention without a charge or a trial by Israeli occupation authorities.

The PPS said that Israeli Assaf Harofeh Hospital, where Abu Hawash is hospitalized to recover, told Hisham’s wife that he has tested positive for COVID-19 and ordered her to leave the hospital.

The PPS added that Hisham was transferred to the COVID-19 specialized section.

The family of Abu Hawash accused the administration of the Assaf Harofeh hospital of medical negligence against their son as he was placed with a number of patients and was not isolated in a room as his health situation requires specialized medical care after 141 days of starving and suffering, especially he has become infected with Bacteraemia when he was in Israel’s Ramleh Prison Clinic.

The family has urged Hisham to be transferred to a Palestinian hospital in the West Bank so that he can get the needed medical care.

The PPS said that the Israeli occupation authorities are fully responsible for Hisham’s life and the lives of all Palestinian detainees in its prisons.

41-year-old Hisham Abu Hawash from Dora in occupied Hebron was arrested on October 27, 2020, and held under administrative detention.

He had been on hunger strike since August 17, 2021, in protest against his administrative detention without a charge or trial by Israeli occupation authorities.

On January 4, 2022, Abu Hawash, a father of five, ended his hunger strike after 141 consecutive days while his health condition had been deteriorating severely, after reaching an agreement with the Israeli occupation authorities to release him on February 26.

During the 141 days, Hisham entered a coma, adding that he lost speech, hearing, and sight.

Abu Hawash had also been losing considerable weight, weighing around 39 kilograms.

He had been suffering from powerful fatigue, exhaustion, serious decline in body fluids and vitamins, and had been vomiting blood.

He also had trouble drinking water and had felt palpitations with every movement.

On December 26, Abu Hawash was transferred to the Assaf Harofeh hospital in southern occupied Palestine following a deterioration in his health. Shortly after he was transferred, the occupation authorities decided to freeze his administrative detention amid fears of sudden death. Such a decision is made routinely by Israeli courts, which come only within an Israeli strategy to forcefully end hunger strikes, which demand the end of illegal administrative detentions.

There are now 4600 Palestinians held in Israeli occupation jails, including 34 women, 160 minors, and 500 administrative detainees held without charge or trial.

(Source / 14.01.2022)