Israeli Occupation’s Court to Close Case of IOF Killing 4 Palestinian Children on Gaza Beach

DAYS OF PALESTINE – GAZA – The Israeli Occupation High Court on Monday strongly hinted it would support the Israeli occupation forces and the occupation Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit’s decision to close a probe into the IOF’s killing of four innocent Palestinian children on a Gaza beach during the Israeli bloody aggression on Gaza strip in 2014.

The incident occurred in view of a throng of journalists who copiously recorded the crime and whose photos went viral.

The IOF viewed the order as a “mistake” during the agression and not a criminal act.

Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights inside the occupied lands “Israel”, which brought the petition to compel the Israeli occupation forces to issue indictments, said that in a clearly civilian area, the IOF might have been obligated to check more than it did.

On July 16 during Israel’s “Protective Edge” agression on the Gaza strip, Israeli occupation forces committed a shocking massacre of 10 children from Baker family. The children, including brothers and cousins were playing on a beach when the Israeli occupation warships targeted them, shelling the Gazan shore.

The first missile hit a close-by harbor, which prompted children to run, however Israeli occupation ships shelled them again, killing ten year-old Ahed Baker, Zakaria Baker also 10, as well as 11 year old Mohamed Baker, and 9 year old Ismael Baker.

(Source / 12.01.2022)

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