Hamas Condemns Occupation Forces’ Storming of Birzeit University

Days of Palestine – Gaza – Hamas Movement said the Israeli occupation forces committed a new crime on Tuesday, as they stormed the Birzeit University campus and shot the students, wounding and kidnapping a number of them.

In a press statement, the Movement stated that the Israeli occupation forces had kidnapped the coordinator of the Islamic bloc at Birzeit University, student Ismail Barghouti, who was shot, in addition to the coordinator of the Progressive Students’ Union, the student Abdel Hafez Al-Sharbati, the coordinator of the Student Union bloc, Walid Harazneh, the student Qassam Nakhleh, and the student Muhammad Khatib.

The movement stressed that these aggressive practices will only increase the youth of Palestine and the members of the Islamic bloc in determination to challenge the Israeli occupation and break its tyranny and work to continue the educational process and serve our valued students.

Hamas said that the student movement, with its national unity and joint action, has proven that it is always capable of performing its national role with efficiency and competence, and for this purpose, it provided many of its cadres as martyrs and prisoners.

The movement stressed the need for the Palestinian Authority and its security services to play their role in protecting our students in universities from the crimes of the occupation.

It called on international institutions and human rights organizations to reject and condemn these Zionist crimes against the educational process, work to expose and punish the crimes of the occupation, and press for the immediate release of the kidnapped students.

(Source / 12.01.2022)

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