Elderly Palestinian Man Killed After Israeli Soldiers Assaulted Him Near Ramallah

Palestinian medical sources have confirmed, on Wednesday at dawn, that an elderly man was killed after Israeli soldiers detained and repeatedly assaulted him near Ramallah, in the central part of the occupied West Bank.

The sources said the man has been identified as Omar Abul-Majid As’ad, 80, from Jaljulia village, north of Ramallah.

The Mayor of Jaljulia, Fuad Motea’, said the soldiers invaded the village and abducted Omar, before constantly assaulting him in an under-construction home, before leaving him on the ground.

Motea’ also added that the elderly man was detained by the soldiers in the al-Ein area in Jaljulia before he was cuffed, blindfolded, and assaulted by the soldiers.

He stated that Palestinian medics rushed to the scene, but were unable to resuscitate the man, before moving his corpse to Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah.

His nephew, Mohammad, told Palestine TV that several army vehicles invaded the village after midnight, before forcing him out of a car, cuffed and blindfolded him, and started to drag him on the ground before taking him to the under-construction building.

He added that after the soldiers repeatedly struck his uncle in the under-construction home, and after realizing that he was dead they just left him on the ground and left the area.

“He was an old man with respiratory issues; the soldiers had no reason to abduct him, let alone to cuff and blindfold him, and to take him to an under-construction home, where they constantly assaulted him, and then just left him there!” Mohammad said.

The Palestinians found his corpse approximately at 4 at dawn in the under-construction building, after the soldiers withdrew from the village.

It is worth mentioning that the soldiers detained several Palestinians during the invasion, and the slain elderly man was the only one who was taken to the building.

(Source / 12.01.2022)

‘Israel’ advances bill censoring Palestinian digital content

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The Israeli occupation Ministerial Committee for Legislation approved recently a draft bill that gives Israeli authorities broad powers to censor Palestinian digital content.

Last Wednesday, Israeli lawmakers provided preliminary approval to the bill; brought forward by MK Meir Yitzhak Halevi from Justice Minister Gideon Sa’ar’s New Hope party.

It was also initially promoted by the previous government, but then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ultimately decided to shelve it because of his growing use of social media for his own political purposes.

The bill must now go through three more plenary votes.

First, dubbed under the name “Facebook Law,” the bill would allow district court judges to remove posts not just from Facebook, and not even just from all social media outlets, as its official name implies, but from any website at all, according to Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

Second, in addition to defining the crime, the bill includes vague considerations about possible harm to “an individual’s safety,” “public safety” and “national security.”

These are very broad terms that are open to different interpretations, frequently political ones. And as both military censorship and judicial gag orders have proven, despite the standard of “near certainty” set by the High Court of Justice, in the vast majority of cases judges approve requests of this type almost automatically, in ex parte hearings and with the evidence heard on camera – practices the current bill would also allow, the newspaper added.

Third, the bill also drags internet service providers into this mess, as they may be asked to block access in ‘Israel’ to content that websites don’t agree to remove, including news sites, on the grounds that they “incite or invite incitement”, and refer their owners for investigation and prosecution.

The Palestinian Digital Rights Coalition and the Palestinian Human Rights Organisations Council warned of the dangerous repercussions of the law on Palestinian rights.

(Source / 12.01.2022)

While covering raid, Palestinian journalist hit by Israeli rubber-coated metal bullet in Ramallah

Ramallah (QNN)- A Palestinian journalist was hit by an Israeli rubber-coated metal bullet while covering an Israeli military raid of Beitunia town, west of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank, earlier on Wednesday.

Local sources said that Palestinian journalist Yousef Shehadeh was hit in his leg by an Israeli rubber-coated metal bullet while covering the Israeli raid of Beitunia in the early hours this morning.

Shortly after, he was taken to a hospital to get necessary medical treatment.

The journalist was targeted at a time when there were no clashes in the area, the sources noted.

Israeli occupation forces frequently raid Palestinian towns and houses almost on a daily basis across the occupied West Bank on the pretext of searching for “wanted” Palestinians.

In the year of 2021, Israel’ arrested nearly 8000 Palestinians, including 1300 minors, all under the age of 18, and 184 women.

Regarding journalists, the occupation forces deliberately target the journalists over their documentation of the attacks and violations against Palestinians.

(Source / 12.01.2022)

Under forces protection, dozens Israeli settlers break into Al-Aqsa in occupied Jerusalem

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Dozens of extremist Israeli settlers have broken into the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the occupied city of Jerusalem, since the early morning hours of Wednesday, provoking Palestinian worshipers.

Over 70 Israeli settlers, including Jewish students, broke into the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque during the morning break-in session, under the occupation forces protection, and their incursions to the mosque continue till this moment.

The settlers entered through the Damascus Gate- which Palestinians call Bab al-Amud Gate.

They are now provoking the Palestinian worshipers by performing Talmudic prayers in the courtyards of the holy site.

Israeli occupation authorities have allowed settler incursions to the mosque since 2003, under the forces’ protection.

Since the start of 2021, 34,562 settlers broke into the holy site, setting a new record, as in 2020, 19,000 settlers broke into the mosque and 29,700 settlers in 2019, according to Al-Qastal, a Palestinian network hub for Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem.

There have been repeated objections and warnings by the Palestinian religious authorities as the settlers’ incursions provoke Palestinian worshippers of the mosque.

Israeli forces always facilitate and protect the settlers while preventing Palestinian worshipers from entering it, assaulting and detaining them.

The Al-Aqsa mosque is one of the holiest sites in Islam.

Jews refer to the area as the Temple Mount, claiming it was the site of two prominent Jewish temples in ancient times.

The complex also includes the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, one of the most sacred Christian sites in the world.

(Source / 12.01.2022)

Elderly Palestinian man dies after being detained, brutally beaten by Israeli occupation soldiers

Elderly Palestinian man Omar Abul-Majid As’ad who died after being violently detained and beaten by Israeli occupation soldiers

Ramallah (QNN)- An elderly Palestinian man died on Wednesday after being detained and brutally beaten by Israeli occupation forces who also blindfolded and handcuffed him in the village of Jiljilyya, north of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank.

Local sources said that an Israeli occupation force raided the village of Jiljilyya after midnight and started assaulting all the Palestinian passers.

An 80-year-old Palestinian man, identified as Omar Abul-Majid As’ad, was violently detained and beaten by the Israeli occupation soldiers when he was coming back home after visiting his relatives.

The occupation soldiers stopped his vehicle and pulled him out of it.

They blindfolded and handcuffed him before starting to drag him on the ground and brutally beating him, leaving him in an under-construction building in the village of Jiljilyya.

The sources added that at about 4:30 AM, the Israeli occupation soldiers had left the village and the residents flocked to the building to find the elderly man was dead.

His corpse was then moved to Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah. It’s worth mentioning that the elderly man was suffering from respiratory infections.

(Source / 12.01.2022)

Israeli Occupation’s Court to Close Case of IOF Killing 4 Palestinian Children on Gaza Beach

DAYS OF PALESTINE – GAZA – The Israeli Occupation High Court on Monday strongly hinted it would support the Israeli occupation forces and the occupation Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit’s decision to close a probe into the IOF’s killing of four innocent Palestinian children on a Gaza beach during the Israeli bloody aggression on Gaza strip in 2014.

The incident occurred in view of a throng of journalists who copiously recorded the crime and whose photos went viral.

The IOF viewed the order as a “mistake” during the agression and not a criminal act.

Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights inside the occupied lands “Israel”, which brought the petition to compel the Israeli occupation forces to issue indictments, said that in a clearly civilian area, the IOF might have been obligated to check more than it did.

On July 16 during Israel’s “Protective Edge” agression on the Gaza strip, Israeli occupation forces committed a shocking massacre of 10 children from Baker family. The children, including brothers and cousins were playing on a beach when the Israeli occupation warships targeted them, shelling the Gazan shore.

The first missile hit a close-by harbor, which prompted children to run, however Israeli occupation ships shelled them again, killing ten year-old Ahed Baker, Zakaria Baker also 10, as well as 11 year old Mohamed Baker, and 9 year old Ismael Baker.

(Source / 12.01.2022)

The Israeli Occupation Assaults Civilians who confronted the Razing of their Lands in the Negev

Today, Wednesday, the Israeli occupation forces attacked citizens who confronted their bulldozers, which were working for the third day in a row to bulldoze lands belonging to the village of Al-Ruwais in the Negev region. And local sources reported that members of the Israeli occupation forces brutally assaulted citizens who tried to defend their lands with beatings and tear gas canisters, and arrested a citizen. Meanwhile, the occupation bulldozers continued the bulldozing work under the protection of the Israeli forces.

(Source / 12.01.2022)

Israeli Occupation Forces Raze 11 Palestinian Structures in West Bank

DAYS OF PALESTINE – WEST BANK – Israeli bulldozers, on Wednesday, demolished 11 Palestinian structures in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday, according to Palestinian sources.

Five houses inhabited by 18 people, five bars and a water well were demolished in Al-Fakheet Bedouin community, south of Hebron city.

According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), a total of 768 Palestinian structures in West Bank and the occupied Jerusalem have been demolished by Israel between January and November 2021.

(Source / 12.01.2022)

Gaza Fishermen Syndicate: Israel Continues to Violate the Rights of Fishermen

Palestinian fishermen work on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, in Gaza city, on November 27, 2021. The Israeli authorities released the two detained fishermen at Erez crossing, north of Gaza, and seized their boat. Israeli navy last night intercepted a boat carrying five fishermen while sailing six nautical miles in the northern Gaza coast and detained two of them after holding all five, reported WAFA correspondent. Photo by Ashraf Amra Palestinian fishermen work on their fishing boats on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, in Gaza city, on November 27, 2021. The Israeli authorities released the two detained fishermen at Erez crossing, north of Gaza, and seized their boat. Israeli navy last night intercepted a boat carrying five fishermen while sailing six nautical miles in the northern Gaza coast and detained two of them after holding all five

The captain of the Palestinian fishermen’s syndicate in the Gaza Strip, Nizar Ayyash, commented on the Israeli navy boats besieging a fishing boat west of Gaza City this morning, under a heavy barrage of bullets, saying that it comes in the context of repeated violations against Palestinian fishermen.

He added that the Israeli occupation continues to attack Palestinian fishermen in the open sea of ​​the Gaza Strip, to restrict them and keep them away from fishing places. He pointed out that there were no injuries among the fishermen, but that their boat was damaged.

The captain of the fishermen stresses that the Israeli harassment of fishermen has never stopped, whether by confiscating some boats or deliberately disabling them, narrowing the fishing area without clear reasons, preventing the entry of fishing equipment, and other violations. He appealed to international and human rights institutions to provide protection to the Palestinian fisherman in Gaza and to stop the physical and material attacks on them by the Israeli occupation.

(Source / 12.01.2022)

Jerusalemite activist: Sheikh Jarrah is witnessing raise tension and demolishing notices

A youth activist in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem, Saleh Abu Diab, confirmed that the neighborhood witnessed great tension in the previous two days.

Activist Diab said in an exclusive interview that a group of the far-right stormed the neighborhood last night in an attempt to provoke the Jerusalemites.

He added that the people of the neighborhood confronted them with full force, which forced them to retreat, but the tension remained.

He pointed out that the occupation municipality notified the family of Mahmoud al-Salihi to vacate their homes and lands until the 15th of this month, but they are steadfast and in high spirits.

The Jerusalemite activist called for the necessity of holding a demonstration of solidarity with the family and the people of the neighborhood in order to confront the Israeli aggression on them.

(Source / 12.01.2022)