Prisoners Authority: Prisoner Nasser Abu Hamid is in a very serious health condition

Today, Monday, the Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Authority said that the health condition of prisoner Nasser Abu Hamid (49 years) is still very serious, and is becoming more and more dangerous day by day.

 The spokesman for the authority, Hassan Abd Rabbo, explained that the prisoner Abu Hamid is still in a coma and in a very dangerous and not reassuring health condition at all, and he is living with the help of artificial respirators, as he suffers from an acute bacterial infection in the lungs. He added that Abu Hamid underwent last October to remove a cancerous tumor, while weeks ago he underwent two sessions of chemotherapy, but a few days ago he suffered a health setback, after which he was transferred to the hospital.

 He pointed out that the occupation authorities prevent lawyers and his family from visiting him, under false pretexts. Last Thursday, the Prisoners’ Committee submitted a request for his release, but it has not yet received a response to the request. She also submitted another request to obtain a visitor’s permit for one of her lawyers to go to Barzilai Hospital and closely review the situation of the prisoner Abu Hamid and follow up on developments in his health condition.

It is noteworthy that the prisoner Abu Hamid is sentenced to 7 life terms and 50 years in prison, and he is among five brothers facing life sentences in the prisons of the occupation, and the occupation arrested four of them in 2002: Nasr, Nasser, Sharif, and Muhammad, in addition to their brother Islam, who was arrested in 2018. And they have a sixth martyr’s brother, Abdel Moneim Abu Hamid, and the rest of the family was arrested, and their mother was deprived of visiting them for years, and they lost their father during the years of their detention. The family home was also demolished five times, the last of which was in 2019.

(Source / 10.01.2022)

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