Ministry of Works: We are studying the reconstruction of the destroyed towers

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing in Gaza, Naji Sarhan, said that his ministry has started paying compensation to the owners of partial damages in the housing sector, 50% of them have been completed, and 25% are under implementation.

He explained in a phone call that the Qatari committee has begun to rebuild the full damages from the housing sector, and it is expected that the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Refugees will disburse the first batch to those affected by the recent aggression, during the current month.

Sarhan stressed that the process of rebuilding the Gaza Strip is going well, and the Qatari funds are being transferred without hindrances after the Israeli occupation lifted the veto imposed on the transfer of funds.

According to him, the towers that were destroyed in the recent Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, there is no funding for their reconstruction until this moment.

Sarhan pointed out that the Ministry of Works is studying the file of rebuilding the destroyed towers in the Gaza Strip with the Egyptian side, to include them within the Egyptian grant and to give it a priority in construction.

He pointed out that the Egyptian side began implementing the grant in Corniche Street, and the first city of the Egyptian cities in the Beit Lahia area, with an area of ​​40 acres, which includes more than 600 housing units.

He pointed out that preparations were made to build the bases in the first Egyptian city, and the tender was launched two weeks ago, and it is expected to start this week. The bids will be settled on the Palestinian companies.

It is worth noting that as a result of the recent Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, 1650 housing units were completely destroyed, 69 thousand partially, between medium and slight, in addition to the industrial, agricultural, economic and infrastructure sectors.

(Source / 10.01.2022)

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