Israeli Forces Open Fire Toward Farmers East of Khan Yunis

Days of Palestine – Gaza – The Israeli occupation forces Sunday opened fire at farmers who work on their lands east of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip.

Local sources said that the Israeli occupation forces fired from the “Kisofim” site towards Palestinian lands east of the town of Qarara, east of Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip.

No injuries were not reported according to official sources.

The Agriculture Ministry of Gaza said that the Israeli army has carried out 206 incursions and bulldozing operations against Palestinian agricultural land in Gaza.

Such activities lead to crops being destroyed, causing further hardships for Palestinians in the besieged enclave.

“These violations are represented by the advance of Israeli military vehicles and bulldozers towards the citizens’ lands, the leveling of these lands, and the uprooting of crops,” a spokesperson said.

The ministry said that agricultural lands affected by bulldozing operations between 2018 to 2020 amounted to 1,035 dunams (256 acres), causing almost $1,200,000 in material damage.

Gaza has been under siege by Israel and Egypt since Hamas took over the territory in 2007.

The blockade has led to acute shortages of basic goods and essential medical supplies although Egypt occasionally opens the Rafah border crossing for Palestinians and supplies.

(Source / 09.01.2022)

Internal Security Service in Gaza Arrests Dangerous Mossad Agent

Days of Palestine – Gaza – The Ministry of Interior and National Security in Gaza Sunday announced the arrest of one of those involved in the assassination of Palestinian engineer Fadi al-Batsh in Malaysia in 2018.

The Ministry’s spokesman, Iyad Al-Bazm, said that within the framework of the security services’ follow-up to the assassination of the martyr Fadi Al-Batsh in Malaysia on April 21, 2018, and through the ongoing investigations with the Internal Security, the confessions of one of the detainees indicate his involvement, and on the authority of the Israeli Mossad, to participate in the assassination of the martyr Al-Batsh.

Al-Buzum added that investigations into the case are being completed.

The Palestinian scientist, engineer Fadi Muhammad Al-Batsh, was assassinated by the “Israeli” Mossad in Malaysia in April 2018, after someone shot him while he was going to perform the dawn prayer in the capital, Kuala Lumpur, with gunmen on a bicycle that penetrated his body and head.

Fadi al-Batsh was born in 1983 in the city of Jabalia in the Gaza Strip. He obtained his bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in electrical engineering from the Islamic University of Gaza in late 2009.

Al-Batsh owns a patent for increasing the efficiency of electric power networks. He also invented a device for improving the transmission of electrical energy and is considered one of the first initiators of the establishment of the International Assembly of Palestinian Engineers in Malaysia.

For its part, the al-Batsh family issued a statement confirming what was circulated through social media and said that it now knows the name of the killer, holding the Israeli occupation fully responsible for the assassination of their son.

(Source / 09.01.2022)

Concern Grows For Palestinian Teen Kidnapped By Israeli Occupation

By Guillaume Lavallee

Palestinian teenager Amal Nakhleh’s first name means “hope” in Arabic, but his parents are in despair because he is chronically ill and one of the few minors Kidnapped without charge by Israel.

“Since his arrest last year I have only seen him twice, including last week when he told me he wanted to go on hunger strike,” journalist Moammar Nakhleh said of his 17-year-old son.

“This scares me because he is already very weak,” from myasthenia, a rare neuromuscular disease, and underwent surgery in 2020 to have a tumour removed from his rib cage, Nakhleh said.

Moammar Nakhleh is the father of 17-year-old Palestinian prisoner Amal. Israeli authorities accuse Amal of throwing stones at soldiers and have held him for a year under administrative detention
Moammar Nakhleh is the father of 17-year-old Palestinian prisoner Amal. Israeli authorities accuse Amal of throwing stones at soldiers and have held him for a year under administrative detention

Israeli authorities accuse Amal of throwing stones at soldiers and have held him for a year in administrative detention. The practice allows for suspects to be detained without charge for renewable six-month terms while investigations are ongoing.

Amal faces a new hearing Monday, and his father is worried that his detention could be renewed.

Administrative detention has been criticised by the Palestinians, human rights groups and foreign governments, who charge that Israeli occupation abuses it.

Amal’s predicament dates back to November 2020 when he was arrested by Israeli authorities in the occupied West Bank.

A football fan, he was out with friends after recovering from his cancer surgery, his family said.

Amal was held for 40 days but then set free by an Israeli judge.

“At the hearing, a representative of the security forces said they had a ‘file’ against him and would seek administrative detention,” Amal’s father recalled.

“The judge asked them to provide him with the incriminating file,” which they failed to, prompting the judge to free Amal.

But in January last year, he was re-arrested and placed in administrative detention, which has since been twice renewed.

The UN refugee agency UNRWA has taken up Amal’s case with the Israeli occupation authorities.

“We are demanding his immediate release from administrative detention for two reasons: his medical condition which is incredibly serious… and he is a minor,” UNRWA’s West Bank chief, Gwyn Lewis, said.

“We have written several times and followed up but there has never been any information on why he was arrested.”

Moammar Nakhleh fears that Amal’s detention will be renewed again on Monday.

“I am scared that if his detention is renewed, I will not see him for a long time,” he said at the family home in Al-Jalazun refugee camp.

(Source / 09.01.2022)