Israeli occupation forces kidnap 5 Palestinians, summons others in Jerusalem

The Israeli occupation forces on Monday kidnapped a number of Palestinians and handed others summonses for interrogation.

According to local sources, occupation forces stormed al-Ram town in northeast of Jerusalem and kidnapped four young men after raiding an apartment building near Dar al-Ifta headquarters.

Israeli occupation forces also handed a number of Palestinian young men from Issawiya district summonses ordering them to go to a detention centre in Salahuddin street for questioning.

Meanwhile, an Israeli occupation court issued a nine-month jail verdict against a Palestinian young man called Barakat al-Zaatari, a resident of Wadi al-Joz neighborhood.

The police also extended the detention of another Palestinian young man called Khattab ash-Sharbati until next Thursday after kidnaping him in the morning from his home.

(Source / 04.01.2022)

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