‘Israel’ killed 357 Palestinians, including 79 children, in 2021

Some of the children, who were killed by ‘Israel’ in 2021

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The National Convention for the Families of Palestine’s Martyrs said that the occupation state has killed 357 Palestinians, including 79 children and 69 women, in 2021, making it the bloodiest year for the Palestinian people.

According to a report by the convention, the occupation state killed 357 Palestinians, including 100 in the West Bank and 257 in Gaza. The victims include 70 children and 69 women.

Among the victims, 286 were killed in May during the Israeli aggression on Gaza and the mass protests that swept the streets across historic Palestine.

The report added that the percentage of female victims has climbed to 19%, which is the highest since the occupation of Palestine in 1948. Meanwhile, the percentage of children victims exceeded 22%.

(Source / 01.01.2022)

Abu Hawwash’s family says he has started to move into coma

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The family of the hunger-striking administrative detainee Hisham Abu Hawwash said that they are concerned that he has started to move into a coma.

“Since 3:00 am, Hisham has never woken up”, Abu Hawwash’s brother wrote on his Facebook account. “His wife awakens him to make him drink water and he immediately goes back to sleep, which is the start of coma.”

The spokesperson for the Committee of Detainees and Former Detainees Affairs, Hasan Abed Rabbo, had said that “the medical condition of Hisham is noticeably deteriorating, especially that he has been losing consciousness in several occasions.”

“He lost his ability to move and he has difficulties in speech”, Abed Rabbo added.

Following a visit to Abu Hawwash, representatives from the Ministry of Health had confirmed that he is in a very critical condition.

Abu Hawwash, a father of five children, was arrested in October 2020 under administrative detentions without charges or trial. He started his hunger strike 138 days ago in protest against his unlawful detention. Israeli authorities continue to refuse to release him or even transfer him to a Palestinian hospital.

(Source / 01.01.2022)

Bad weather causes 2 resistance missiles to be fired near Tel Aviv

Gaza (QNN)- A source in the resistance in Gaza said that missiles, which were fired from Gaza and fell off the coast of ‘Tel Aviv’ were fired by mistake due to the bad weather.

In an interview with Palestine Now, the source added that the missiles were not experimental.

Two missiles were fired this morning from Gaza and fell off the shore of Tel Aviv. Israeli media said the incident comes amidst tension, which followed Israel’s violations against the hunger-striking detainee Hisham Abu Hawwash and the resistance’s sniping of an Israeli soldier at Gaza’s northern border.

Israel’s Kan news correspondent said in satire that the missiles were in celebration of the New Year but some complications made them a little late.

(Source / 01.01.2022)

Israeli agencies: The Israeli occupation forces is considering a response after the end of the security assessment

Israeli Occupation Forces Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi

Hamas recently conveyed through the Egyptian mediator a message that any attack from Israel against Gaza will be met with a violent response
At this hour, the Israeli Occupation forces Chief of Staff, General Aviv Kohavi, is holding an assessment session with all the relevant security authorities, after the two rockets fell into the sea, one off the coast of Tel Aviv and the other off the coast of Palmachim in the morning after they were launched from the Gaza Strip.
Israeli military sources said, “The messages of reassurance from Gaza indicate that the shooting was not intentional.” These sources believe that Hamas is not interested in escalating the situation. Nevertheless, the military forums stressed that “the incident is unacceptable and that the Israeli army is studying ways to respond to it.”
The website of the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation in Arabic stated that Palestinian sources said that Egypt was conducting contacts between Israel and Hamas to prevent an escalation in the Strip.
According to the sources, the mediators asked Hamas for proof that the shooting took place due to the weather.
A Hebrew website mentioned that Hamas recently conveyed through the Egyptian mediator a message that any attack by Israel against the Gaza Strip in response to the rockets will be met with a violent response from Gaza.
According to the Hebrew newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, the Israeli army is considering a response to the firing of rockets from the Gaza Strip at Gush Dan this morning, after the security assessment was completed.
Israeli journalist Yoni Ben-Menahem said: “It is expected that the Israeli army will respond tonight by bombing Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip after two missiles were fired at Gush Dan, and this is an assessment unless the political level decides otherwise.”
This was confirmed by Deputy Israeli Defense Minister Alon Schuster that “although he rules out a confrontation with Hamas, Israel will not become a boxing bag for the movement.”
In an interview with the official Kan radio, Schuster expressed his hope that Hamas would move to calm the situation and focus its efforts on restoring the Strip.
Regarding the meeting between Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas last week, Deputy Minister Schuster stressed that “Israel’s mission is to weaken Hamas and strengthen the state’s partners for the security of all residents of the region.”

(Source / 01.01.2022)

138 days of hunger strike.. Prisoner Abu Hawash falls into a coma

The prisoner Hisham Abu Hawash, who has been on hunger strike for 138 days, is entering a new level of danger, as he is falling into a coma since this morning, in light of the continuation of his strike in rejection of his administrative detention.

The Commission of Detainees and Ex-Prisoners reported on Saturday that “Abu Hawash”, from the town of Dura, south of Hebron, has entered a very critical stage that requires urgent intervention and a speedy release. And the Palestinian Ministry of Health said Thursday, after visiting the prisoner, “Abu Hawash”, that it “found a man in a very critical condition, and we expect the worst at any moment.” The prisoner, Abu Hawash, suffers from blurry vision, inability to speak, severe muscle atrophy, and inability to move, while his ability to perceive what is going on around him has diminished.

He also suffers from wasting and weakness, severe potassium deficiency, severe pain in the liver and heart, and is unable to sleep due to severe aches throughout his body, and moves in a wheelchair, in addition to suffering from vomiting continuously. Last Sunday evening, the Israeli occupation authorities issued a decision to freeze the administrative detention order against the prisoner Abu Hawash. The occupation courts played a key role in the abuse procedures against the prisoner, through their decisions dependent on the decision of the occupation intelligence service, “Shin Bet.”

Abu Hawash is married and father of five children. He has been detained since October 2020, and an administrative detention order was issued against him for a period of 6 months. He is also a former prisoner who spent a total of 8 years in the occupation prisons. The occupation authorities use administrative detention in violation of international law.

They have issued administrative detention orders against all different groups of Palestinian society, including human rights activists, university students, lawyers, workers and mothers. The occupation authorities and prison administrations claim that administrative detainees have secret files that can never be revealed, so the detainee does not know the length of his sentence or the charges against him. The Palestinian prisoners have always been involved in a series of empty bowel battles in order to push the occupation authorities to stop using this unjust policy against them.

(Source / 01.01.2022)

The Gaza police force secures two Fatah anniversary celebrations

The Palestinian police force on Friday secured two separate celebrations in the Gaza Strip for the 57th anniversary of the Fatah movement, Spokesperson Iyad Al-Bozom announced in a statement.

The first celebration was organized in Al-Jundi Al-Majhoul park between 4.30 p.m. and 5.30 p.m.

According to the statement, the second celebration was organized in the main square in Gaza City and took place between 5.30 p.m. and 6.30 p.m.

The first celebration was organized by Fatah supporters commanded by dismissed Fatah leader Mohammed Dahlan, while the second was organized by Fatah supporters loyal to Mahmoud Abbas.

In its statement, the Palestinian police said it had secured the anniversaries of Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine during the month of December.

“We stand at the same distance from all the Palestinian factions and maintain a good relationship with all of them,” the statement read.

It is worth noting that allocating different times and places for both Fatah wings helped avoid clashes, as have happened several times in the past.

(Source / 01.01.2022)