Israeli agencies: The Israeli occupation forces is considering a response after the end of the security assessment

Israeli Occupation Forces Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi

Hamas recently conveyed through the Egyptian mediator a message that any attack from Israel against Gaza will be met with a violent response
At this hour, the Israeli Occupation forces Chief of Staff, General Aviv Kohavi, is holding an assessment session with all the relevant security authorities, after the two rockets fell into the sea, one off the coast of Tel Aviv and the other off the coast of Palmachim in the morning after they were launched from the Gaza Strip.
Israeli military sources said, “The messages of reassurance from Gaza indicate that the shooting was not intentional.” These sources believe that Hamas is not interested in escalating the situation. Nevertheless, the military forums stressed that “the incident is unacceptable and that the Israeli army is studying ways to respond to it.”
The website of the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation in Arabic stated that Palestinian sources said that Egypt was conducting contacts between Israel and Hamas to prevent an escalation in the Strip.
According to the sources, the mediators asked Hamas for proof that the shooting took place due to the weather.
A Hebrew website mentioned that Hamas recently conveyed through the Egyptian mediator a message that any attack by Israel against the Gaza Strip in response to the rockets will be met with a violent response from Gaza.
According to the Hebrew newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, the Israeli army is considering a response to the firing of rockets from the Gaza Strip at Gush Dan this morning, after the security assessment was completed.
Israeli journalist Yoni Ben-Menahem said: “It is expected that the Israeli army will respond tonight by bombing Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip after two missiles were fired at Gush Dan, and this is an assessment unless the political level decides otherwise.”
This was confirmed by Deputy Israeli Defense Minister Alon Schuster that “although he rules out a confrontation with Hamas, Israel will not become a boxing bag for the movement.”
In an interview with the official Kan radio, Schuster expressed his hope that Hamas would move to calm the situation and focus its efforts on restoring the Strip.
Regarding the meeting between Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas last week, Deputy Minister Schuster stressed that “Israel’s mission is to weaken Hamas and strengthen the state’s partners for the security of all residents of the region.”

(Source / 01.01.2022)

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