Campaign to raise NIS 3500 fine in Agoras for Palestinian printing house in Umm Al Fahem

Occupied Umm Al Fahem (QNN)- Palestinians in Umm Al Fahem in northern Palestine started a campaign to raise NIS 3500 ($1250) in agoras for a Palestinian-owned presenting house, which was fined over its refusal to print leaflets promoting raids into Al Aqsa mosque.

Agora is a denomination of the Israeli Shekel, as a Shekel is divided into 100 agorot.

Activists in the campaign said they wanted to make it harder for the Israeli authorities to practice their racism against Palestinians.

“They want to make things hard for the owner of the printing house through court sessions, but we can make things hard for them by collecting the fine money in agoras”, Abdul Halim Mahamid, an activist in the campaign said.

An Israeli court had imposed a fine on Al Huda Palestinian printing house in the 1948-occupied city of Umm Al Fahem after it refused to print leaflets for a settlement organization, which promotes raids into Al Aqsa mosque.

According to the lawsuit, a settler emailed the printing house asking them about the price of printing leaflets without revealing their content of them. The email was signed with the settler’s name along with the slogan “for the redemption of the temple mount”. The email also had the phrase “returning to the temple mount”.

(Source / 30.12.2021)

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