Israeli authorities fine printing house that refused to print material for settlement organization

Umm Al Fahem (QNN)- An Israeli court imposed a fine on a Palestinian printing house in the 1948-occupied city of Umm Al Fahem after it refused to print material for a settlement organization, which promotes raids into Al Aqsa mosque.

According to the lawsuit, a settler emailed the printing house asking them about the price of printing leaflets without revealing their content of them. The email was signed with the settler’s name along with the slogan “for the redemption of the temple mount”. The email also had the phrase “returning to the temple mount”.

The printing press replied to the email criticizing the use of the term “temple mount” and stressing that Al Aqsa mosque is a place of worship for Muslims.

The settlers claimed that the reply of the printing press offended him and his beliefs and violated a law banning discrimination in providing services in public places. The settler demanded NIS 33880 in compensation.

(Source / 28.12.2021)

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