Hamas: We will not remain silent on Israel’s ongoing violations

Days of Palestine – Gaza – The Hamas Movement said Monday that it would not stand idly by while the Israeli occupation state persists in its aggression, Judaization, and settlement expansion across the Palestinian land.

In a statement released on the 13th anniversary of the Battle of al-Furqan (2008-2009 war on Gaza), Hamas affirmed that the Palestinian resistance would continue to build up its strength and carry out military maneuvers, urging the occupation state to understand the lesson well after the Sword of Jerusalem Battle.

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The Movement reiterated its belief that the option of comprehensive resistance, especially the armed struggle and the popular uprising against the occupation, is the optimal way to extract the usurped Palestinian rights, liberate the land, defend the Palestinian people and curb the Israeli aggression and crimes.

“The occupation’s crimes against our Palestinian people, their land, and their holy sites will not be forgiven and its perpetrators will be tried as war criminals sooner or later,” Hamas said.

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(Source / 28.12.2021)

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