MEDICS: Six injuries in clashes with Israeli troops in Tubas

MEDICS: Six injuries in clashes with Israeli troops in Tubas

Tubas – Gaza Post MEDICS: Six injuries in clashes with Israeli troops in Tubas

Local sources revealed that six Palestinian youths were shot during an Israeli assault into the occupied West Bank city of Tubas on Tuesday morning.

According to WAFA, Israeli forces invaded the city in the initial hours of the morning, unleashing heavy live ammunition as well as traumatic brain and tear canisters, resulting in clashes. Six young people were hit by real bullets.

According to medical sources, Red Crescent crew members treated a young man who was severely harmed by a live bout in the chest, as well as five others who were wounded by live gunshots in their arms and legs.

All of the victims were transported to the hospital for diagnosis.

Israeli forces invade Palestinian residences almost daily across the West Bank under the guise of looking for “wanted” Palestinians, resulting in conflicts with citizens.

(Source / 28.12.2021)

Quarter of million people out of work in Gaza

Unemployment in Gaza
Unemployment in Gaza

Gaza – Gaza Post – The Gaza Strip’s economy at the end of 2021, according to Maher al-Taba’a, Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Gaza.

With nearly a quarter of a million people out of work, the Gaza Strip’s unemployment rate has topped 50%.

According to the World Bank, the Gaza Strip has the world’s highest unemployment rate, with 78 percent of young people and graduates aged 20 to 29, who have a certificate in the Gaza Strip, an intermediate diploma, or a bachelor’s degree unemployed.

The poverty rate in Gaza increased to 64%, with 69 percent of Gaza Strip households experiencing food insecurity.

(Source / 28.12.2021)

Israel refuses to provide evidence for banning Palestinian rights groups

Salah Hamouri, Franco-Palestinian lawyer and field researcher for ADDAMEER (Conscience) Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association, gives an interview with AFP at the NGO's offices in the West Bank city of Ramallah on October 1, 2020 [ABBAS MOMANI/AFP via Getty Images]
Salah Hamouri, Franco-Palestinian lawyer and field researcher for ADDAMEER (Conscience) Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association, gives an interview with AFP at the NGO’s offices in the West Bank city of Ramallah on October 1, 2020

The Israeli occupation authorities have failed to provide evidence for outlawing six Palestinian human rights and civil society groups, the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel (Adalah) said on Tuesday.

“The organisations have not received any of the evidentiary materials that the Israeli authorities purport to justify this draconian and sweeping measure,” Adalah said in a statement.

Adalah pointed out that it had sent a letter to the Israeli security authorities, demanding that they reveal all of the evidence forming the bases of the designations.

“There is no justice, fairness or due process for the organisations, without access to these materials in their entirety in order to defend themselves,” Adalah stressed.

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On 19 October 2021, Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz designated six leading Palestinian human rights and civil society groups as “terrorist organisations” under Israel’s domestic Counter-Terrorism Law which was ratified in 2016.

The Israeli military commander in the occupied West Bank also outlawed all the six groups, declaring them “unlawful associations.”

Adalah’s legal team said that “the designations constitute a blatant political decision aimed at destroying Palestinian civil society, based on arbitrary law and emergency measures.”

In its statement, Adalah described the six groups as “the most vocal against Israel’s occupation and apartheid policies locally and internationally and provide needed services to a wide range of Palestinian communities,” hinting that this is the real reason behind banning them.

“These baseless designations aim to delegitimise and discredit the work of these groups, placing the organisations, their staff and their supporters in danger of criminal charges,” the statement said.

Adalah reiterated that the six groups did not have any information about the reason for their designation. “To date, they have had no meaningful opportunity to review and challenge the bases of the designations, as no evidence has been provided to them,” Adalah said.

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BDS declares support for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails

A protest calling for the boycott of Israel in Johannesburg, South Africa on 31 May 2019 [Afro-Palestine Newswire Service]
A protest calling for the boycott of Israel in Johannesburg, South Africa on 31 May 2019

Palestinian BDS National Committee declared on Tuesday its support for the Palestinian administrative detainees inside Israeli jails, a statement said.

In response to the Palestinian detainees, the Palestinian BDS National Committee called for the boycotting of Israeli courts in every matter related to administrative detention “in order to contribute to ending this illegal detention.”

The BDS committee said in its statement: “We stand in support of the 520 administrative detainees, who are being deprived of their basic rights inside the Israeli jails.”

According to the statement, the committee said: “This support came in light of the increasing Israeli apartheid and crimes against female and male prisoners inside the Israeli jails.”

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The BDS committee stated that the practice of administrative detention is banned by international law because it detains prisoners without any charges.

Meanwhile, the committee announced that it is ready to take any measure in support of the prisoners’ cause, including boycotting and divesting from banks, universities and other institutions “conspiring with Israel against our prisoners.”

The BDS committee renewed its call for popular action in order to pressure the Israeli occupation to release the prisoners.

It also called for the intensification of international action to hold Israel accountable for its crimes against the Palestinian people and their rights.

(Source / 28.12.2021)

Israel demolishes Palestinian house in Jerusalem, displaces 23 people

JERUSALEM - NOVEMBER 23: A view from the site as two houses, belonging to Palestinians at Wadi al-Hummu, demolishing by Israeli forces allegedly for being "unlicensed", in East Jerusalem on November 23, 2021. ( Issam Rimawi - Anadolu Agency )
A view from the site as two houses, belonging to Palestinians at Wadi al-Hummu, demolishing by Israeli forces allegedly for being “unlicensed”, in East Jerusalem on November 23, 2021

The Israeli occupation authorities demolished on Tuesday a Palestinian-owned three-story house in al Isawiyyeh neighbourhood of occupied East Jerusalem displacing 23 people, local news agencies reported.

Owner of the house, Nidal Yassin Mustafa, said that the municipality staff protected by the Israeli occupation police surrounded the area where the building is located and demolished the building under the pretext it had been built without a permit.

Nidal Mustafa said 23 people had lived inside this house, noting that all of them have become homeless as they were left in the street.

Speaking to Safa news agency, Nidal said that the family received the first note asking them to a pay fine of NIS90,000 ($29,000) seven years ago.

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He said his family paid the fine, but the municipality asked them to pay a new fine worth NIS140,000 ($45,000). “We have paid NIS40,000 ($13,000),” he said.

Nidal also said that his family had paid tens of thousands of shekels for plans, maps and other staff in order to obtain a building license, but they failed.

Wafa news agency says that Palestinians are forced to build on their lands in occupied Jerusalem without a permit because getting one is almost impossible.

The Israeli occupation has been trying to keep the Palestinian presence in the city to a minimum in order to change the demographic balance in favour of the Jewish population.

The family said after losing all attempts to save the house, they appealed to the Israeli municipality to demolish the building themselves in order to avoid the high fees paid to the municipality, but the municipality surprised them and demolished the house.

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Bennett: There is no place for a Palestinian consulate in Jerusalem

A picture taken on October 18, 2018 shows the US Consulate in Jerusalem on October 2018 [THOMAS COEX/AFP/Getty Images)
The US Consulate in Jerusalem on 18 October 2018 

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has stressed that no American consulate would be opened in Jerusalem while he is in his post, Israeli media reported on Tuesday.

Speaking to the Knesset, Bennett said: “The government under my leadership has repeatedly clarified its position that there is no place for a Palestinian consulate in Jerusalem.”

According to The Jerusalem Post, Bennett said: “Jerusalem is the capital of one state, the State of Israel, period.”

Former US President Donald Trump closed the American consulate in occupied Jerusalem 2019. However, US President Joe Biden has pledged to reopen the consulate but this would require Israel’s consent.

Israel has opposed the move, which it believes gives the PA a foothold in Jerusalem and validates the PA’s claim that east Jerusalem is the future capital of a Palestinian state.

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Army Injures Schoolchildren for Second Day Near Bethlehem

Israeli forces attacked, on Monday, for a second day in a row, Palestinian schoolchildren in al-Khader town, southwest of Bethlehem, in the southern occupied West Bank, causing dozens to suffocate on tear gas, according to local sources.

Dozens of children were exposed to the toxic effects of tear gas when Israeli soldiers fired tear gas canisters and concussion grenades at them while they were leaving their educational facilities, local activist, Ahmad Sallah told the Palestinian News & Information Agency (WAFA).

Many children suffered acute anxiety and suffocated on tear gas as a result of the attack, which sparked confrontations between the local Palestinian civilians and the army.

Salah added that soldiers fired a tear gas canister into the windshield of a local journalist who was attempting to cover the events at the scene.

On Sunday, several Palestinian schoolchildren were injured by many gas bombs fired at them by soldiers while they were leaving their educational facilities in the at-Tal area, in the old city of al-Khader.

Several children suffered the effects of tear gas inhalation before receiving the needed treatment.

(Source / 28.12.2021)

Israeli Forces Demolish 40 Residential and Farm Structures Near Tubas

Israeli forces destroyed, on Tuesday afternoon, forty Palestinian-owned structures in the village of Khirbet Ibziq, northeast of Tubas in the northeastern occupied West Bank, according to a local official.

Abdel-Majid Khdeirat, the head of the village council in Ibziq told the Palestinian News & Information Agency (WAFA) that a large military force invaded the village and prevented anyone from entering or leaving the area by declaring it a ‘closed military zone’.

Bulldozers then proceeded to demolish a total of residential tents and farm structures which are owned by ten Palestinian families.

Earlier Tuesday, Israeli forces demolished a Palestinian-owned home near Hebron, leaving the al-Atrash family homeless.

(Source / 28.12.2021)

Israeli Authorities Demolish Palestinian-owned Home in Jerusalem, Displacing 16 People

Israeli authorities demolished, on Monday, a Palestinian-owned residential building in the al=’Isawiya neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem, under the protection of Israeli police forces.

Correspondent for the Palestinian News & Information Agency (WAFA) stated that members of the Municipality of West Jerusalem, under the protection of the occupation police sealed off the area to prevent Palestinian residents from entering.

The correspondent added that a bulldozer proceeded to demolish the three-story house, owned by Yasin Mustafa, whose family of 16 people were displaced under the pretext of building without a permit.

Local citizens confronted the police during the destruction, but no injuries were reported.

Article 17 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights states;

1. Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others.

2. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.

(Source / 28.12.2021)

Army Shoots, Injures Six Palestinians, One Seriously, in Tubas

Israeli forces opened fire, on Tuesday at dawn, with live rounds, concussion grenades, and tear gas canisters, shooting and injuring six young men with live rounds, one of them seriously, in Tubas, according to local sources.

Early in the morning, soldiers stormed the city of Tubas, in the northeastern occupied West Bank which sparked resistance from the local Palestinian youths, sources told the Palestinian News & Information Agency (WAFA).

Soldiers responded with live fire, shooting six young men, one of them seriously according to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS).

The PRCS added that their medics transferred 6 young men to hospital for further treatment, one of whom was shot in the chest, and deemed in serious condition, and 5 others who were injured in their limbs.

(Source / 28.12.2021)