Resistance fighters open fire at Israeli occupying forces amid settlers lynching attack on Burqa

135 injuries were registered in Burqa today, while hundreds were injured in the Israeli lynching attacks in less than a week.

Occupied Nablus (QNN)- Resistance fighters opened fire at an Israeli force, which was guarding a settlers lynching attack on the village of Burqa in Nablus this evening.

Residents of Nablus have called for a protest in Burqa at 8:00 pm today to protect the village from settlers’ daily lynching attacks. Dozens of Palestinians from Nablus and Jenin reached Burqa to confront Israeli settlers and forces.

The Red Crescent said that its medical teams have dealt with 135 injuries in Burqa, including five with live ammunition, 35 with rubber-coated metal bullets, 85 with poisonous tear gas, and one case of a pregnant woman who went into labor after being suffocated with tear gas. Journalists were reportedly targeted and wounded by the Israelis.

Israeli forces had closed the road connecting Nablus and Jenin this morning in preparation for the lynching attack.

Israeli settlers have been going in marches to the village on a daily basis for the last week, demanding the re-construction of the evacuated illegal settlement of ‘Homesh’. Israelis attacked and burnt houses, residents, and cemeteries, leaving hundreds of injuries in less than a week.

(Source / 26.12.2021)

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