Israel hands over wanted Palestinians to PA

Israeli forces in West Bank [Mamoun Wazwaz/Anadolu Agency]
Israeli forces in West Bank

The Israeli occupation authorities have handed over two Palestinians wanted by the Palestinian Authority following their capture inside Israel, local media reported on Wednesday. The two were among the people who took part in the public reception for a Palestinian from Bethlehem after he was freed from an Israeli prison.

Palestinian reports said that the PA security services attacked and dispersed the gathering before confiscating Hamas and other Palestinian factions’ flags. Both of the men were holding Hamas flags at the time and they fled when the security services made their attack.

According to the Israeli public broadcaster Kan, the men left the occupied West Bank and entered Israel before they were detained by the occupation forces for entering the country illegally. They were handed over to the PA on Tuesday. Kan pointed out that while Israel hands over suspects wanted by the PA from time to time, such steps are usually taken quietly.

The PA has started to prevent the organisation of public receptions for Palestinians freed from Israeli jails and has banned any gatherings of Palestinian factions apart from Fatah, which controls the PA. Dozens of activists from other factions have been arrested across the occupied West Bank.

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(Source / 24.12.2021)

A 60-year-old Palestinian woman killed by extremist settler in Ramallh

Settlers killed Palestinians

Ramallah-Gaza Post – A 60-year-old Palestinian woman, Ghadeer Masalma, killed on Friday, who was run over by an Israeli settler near the town of Sinjel, northeast of Ramallah.

The Israeli occupation radio reported the death of an elderly Palestinian woman, this Friday morning, as a result of being run over by a settler on Street No. 60 north of Ramallah.

According to eyewitnesses, the settler entered his vehicle on the elderly woman who was standing next to the road, hit her and then fled, seriously injuring her, and she later died.

(Source / 24.12.2021)

Israel threatens to assassinate senior Hamas leader Saleh Al-Arouri

Exiled Hamas leader Saleh Al-Arouri [Quds Press]
Hamas leader Saleh Al-Arouri

Israel has threatened to assassinate senior Hamas leader Saleh Al-Arouri if the movement’s activities and operations against the occupation in the West Bank continue, local news sites reported on Tuesday.

According to Hebrew news site Maariv and other Israeli media, Hamas replied to the threat saying, “the killing of any of its leaders would ignite a new war that Israel will not be able to handle.”

Earlier this week, Lebanon’s Al Akhbar newspaper reported that two Egyptian delegations entered Gaza and asked Hamas to calm its activities in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

The delegations warned that Israel would return to the assassination policy against Hamas leaders in Gaza, the West Bank and abroad.

Hamas expressed its fury at Egypt and its unwillingness to help Gaza and put pressure on Israel to commit to its obligations towards the besieged enclave.

“The latest visit of the Egyptian delegations to Gaza aimed to waste time,” a Hamas official was reported by Al Akhbar saying, noting that it “did not bear any new news.”

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(Source / 24.12.2021)

OIC condemns Israel settler attacks on Palestinians

Israeli forces intervene after Jewish settlers attacked Palestinians with wooden sticks and stones in Hebron, West Bank on September 24, 2021 [Mamoun Wazwaz/Anadolu Agency]
Israeli forces intervene after Jewish settlers attacked Palestinians with wooden sticks and stones in Hebron, West Bank on September 24, 2021 

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) yesterday strongly condemned what it described as the “escalation of continuous attacks by Israeli extremist settlers against defenseless Palestinian people.”

In a statement, the OIC described the Israeli aggression as a “flagrant violation of international humanitarian law and covenants that warrant investigation and accountability.”

The international organisation held Israel responsible for its “repeated violations and crimes against Palestinians,” calling on the international community “to urgently intervene to halt such heinous Israeli crimes, and to provide international protection for the Palestinian people.”

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The UN Humanitarian Affairs Coordinator office in the Palestinian territories documented 287 incidents/assaults by settlers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem in which Palestinian properties were damaged from the start of this year to the end of October.

Israeli and Palestinian estimates indicate that there are about 650,000 settlers in West Bank settlements, including occupied Jerusalem, who live in 164 settlements and 116 outposts.

International law regards both the West Bank and East Jerusalem as occupied territories and considers all Jewish settlement-building activity there illegal.

Unpunished settlers attacks against Palestinians have multiplied – Cartoon 

(Source / 24.12.2021)

Analysis: ‘Previously Unknown Massacres’: Why is Israel Allowed to Own Palestinian History?

By Ramzy Baroud 

Haaretz’s investigative report – ‘Classified Docs Reveal Massacres of Palestinians in ’48 – and What Israeli Leaders Knew’ – is a must-read. It should be particularly read by any person who considers himself a ‘Zionist’ and also by people who, for whatever reason, support Israel, anywhere in the world.

“In the village of Al-Dawayima (…), troops of the 8th Brigade massacred about 100 people,” Haaretz reported, though the number of the Palestinian victims later grew to 120. One of the soldiers who witnessed that horrific event testified before a government committee in November 1948: “There was no battle and no resistance. The first conquerors killed 80 to 100 Arab men, women and children. The children were killed by smashing their skulls with sticks. There wasn’t a house without people killed in it.”

The Haaretz report of nearly 5,000 words was filled with such painful details, stories of Palestinian elders who could not flee the Zionist invasion and ethnic cleansing of historic Palestine (1947-48), who were lined up against various walls and massacred; of an older woman being shot point-blank with four bullets; of other elders who were crammed inside a home and shelled by a tank and hand grenades; of many Palestinian women raped, and other devastating stories.

Quite often, historians refer to the way that Palestine was ethnically cleansed from its native inhabitants by making this typical assertion regarding Palestinian refugees: “.. those who fled or were expelled from their homes”. The reference to the word “fled” has been exploited by supporters of Israel, by making the claim that Palestinians left Palestine on their own accord.

It was also Haaretz that, in May 2013, reported on how Israel’s founding father and first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion, had fabricated that very history to protect Israel’s image. Document number GL-18/17028, which was found in the Israeli military archive, demonstrated how the story of the fleeing Palestinians – supposedly at the behest of Arab governments – was invented by the Israelis themselves.

Sadly, as Haaretz’s latest revelations prove, Palestinians who chose to stay, due to their disability, age or illness were not spared, and were massacred in the most horrifying way imaginable.

But something else struck me about the report: the constant emphasis by delusional Israeli leaders, then, that those who carried out the numerous grisly murders were but a few and that they hardly represent the conduct of an entire army. Note that the ‘army’ in reference here are Zionist militias, some of whom operated under the title of ‘gang’.

Moreover, much emphasis was attached to the concept of ‘morality’, for example, “Israel’s moral foundations” which, according to those early ‘ethical Zionists’, were jeopardized by the misconduct of a few soldiers.

“In my opinion, all our moral foundations have been undermined and we need to look for ways to curb these instincts,” Haim-Mosh Shapira, then-Minister of Immigration and Health, was reported by Haaretz as saying during a meeting of the government committee.

Shapira, who represented the voice of reason and ethics in Israel at the time, was not contending with Israel’s right to be established on the ruins of colonized – and eventually destroyed – Palestine. He was not questioning the killing of tens of thousands of Palestinians or the ethnic cleansing of hundreds of thousands during the Nakba, either. Instead, he was referencing and protesting the excesses of violence which followed the Nakba, now that the future of Israel and the destruction of Palestine were assured.

This branch of ‘humanistic’ Zionism, that of selective and self-serving morality, continues to exist to this day. As odd as this may seem, the editorial line of Haaretz itself is the perfect manifestation of this supposed Zionist dichotomy.

Needless to say, very few Israelis, if any, have been held accountable for the crimes of the past. 73 years later, Palestinian victims continue to cry out for a justice that continues to be deferred.

One might find this conclusion a bit harsh. Zionist or not, one may protest that, at least, Haaretz has exposed these massacres and the culpability of the Israeli leadership. Such assumptions, however, are highly misleading.

Generation after generation of Palestinians, along with many Palestinian historians – and even some Israelis – have already known of most of these massacres. In its report, for example, Haaretz refers to “previously unknown massacres”, which include Reineh, Meron (Mirun) and Al-Burj. The assumption here is that these massacres were ‘unknown’ – read unacknowledged by the Israelis themselves. Since Haaretz’s editorial line is driven by Israel’s own misconstrued historical narrative, the killings and destruction of these villages simply never happened – until an Israeli researcher acknowledged their existence.

Walid Khalidi, one of Palestine’s most authoritative historians, has been aware, along with many others, of these massacres for decades. In his seminal book, ‘All That Remains: The Palestinian Villages Occupied and Depopulated by Israel in 1948’, Khalidi speaks of Al-Burj, of which the only claim to existence is now “one crumbled house (…) on the hilltop.”

In reference to Meron (Mirun), the Palestinian historian discusses what remains of the village in detail and precision: “While the Arab section of the village was demolished, several rooms and stone walls still stand. One of the walls has a rectangular door-like opening and another has an arched entrance”.

This is not the first time when an Israeli admission of guilt, though always conditional, has been considered the very validation of Palestinian victimization. In other words, every Palestinian claim of Israeli misconduct, though it may be verified or even filmed on camera, remains in question until an Israeli newspaper, politician or historian acknowledges its validity.

Our insistence on the centrality of the Palestinian narrative becomes more urgent than ever, because marginalizing Palestinian history is a form of denial of that history altogether – the denial of the bloody past and the equally violent present. From a Palestinian point of view, the fate of Al-Burj is no different than that of Jenin; Mirun is no different than that of Beit Hanoun and Deir Yassin is no different than that of Rafah – in fact, the whole of Gaza.

Reclaiming history is not an intellectual exercise; it is a necessity, yes, with intellectual and ethical repercussions, but political and legal, as well. Surely, Palestinians do not need to re-write their own history. It is already written. It is time that those who have paid far more attention to the Israeli narrative abandon such illusions and, for once, listen to Palestinian voices, because the truth of the victim is a wholly different story than that of the aggressor.

(Source / 24.12.2021)

WAFA: “125 Palestinians injured as settlers attack Burqa village”

NABLUS, Thursday, December 23, 2021 (WAFA) – Some 125 Palestinian civilians sustained light to moderate injuries today during clashes with the Israeli occupation forces, which erupted shortly after hundreds of Israeli settlers protected by the army attempted to break into and attack the village, according to medical sources.

The Palestinian Red Crescent (PRC) told WAFA that 42 Palestinians, including a journalist, were injured after being hit with rubber-coated steel rounds, while another eighty-three sustained suffocations from inhalation of teargas fired by the Israeli army.

PRC added that a girl was treated for shock after a group of violent Israeli settlers attacked her family’s home on the outskirts of the village.

Two ambulance vehicles were also hit by Israeli soldiers with stun grenades and tear gas canisters.

Entrances to the village have been shut down with earth mounds by the Israeli occupation forces since yesterday to allow access of thousands of Israeli settlers to the nearby site of Homesh, a pre-2005 Israeli settlement that ultra-Orthodox settler groups are urging the Israeli government to allow them to return there.

Dozens of busloads of Israeli settlers were seen today at Route 60, which is adjacent to the village, as settlers rampaged through the main Jenin-Nablus Street and blocked access to Palestinian vehicles and attacked others.

Although violence and vandalism by Israeli settlers are commonplace throughout the year, attacks and acts of vandalism by Israeli settlers intensified during the past week across the occupied West Bank, especially in the Nablus province.

(Source / 24.12.2021)

Israeli Settlers Attack Palestinian-owned Homes Near Nablus

Illegal Israeli colonists stormed, on Thursday, a Palestinian-owned home and a car-wash/workshop at the entrance to Burqa village, northwest of Nablus city in the northern occupied West Bank, local sources reported.

Palestinian official monitoring Israeli settlement activities in Nablus, Ghassan Daghlas, told the Palestinian News & Information Agency (WAFA) that Israeli settlers stormed the home of a local civilian, identified as Jamal Saif, before several Palestinians in the area gathered to confront them, forcing them to retreat.

Meanwhile, settlers, under the full protection of the occupation army threw rocks at Palestinian homes on the outskirts of Silat ad-Dhahr village, near the illegal Homesh colony which was evacuated in 2005, located north of Burqa.

Furthermore, settlers blocked part of the Nablus-Jenin road (Route 60), denying access to Palestinians traveling on the route.

Palestinian journalist Hafez Abu Sabra was injured by the Israeli occupation forces while he was covering the confrontations in the village of Burqa, near Nablus in the occupied West Bank

One-hundred-twenty-five Palestinian civilians sustained injuries Thursday, during confrontations with the Israeli occupation forces, when hundreds of illegal Israeli settlers attempted to invade and attack the village.

Forty-two Palestinian civilians, including a journalist, were injured after being hit with rubber-coated steel rounds, while another eighty-three sustained inhalation injuries due to teargas fired by the army.

WAFA News Agency – English21 uur geleden

TODAY: Palestinian protesters fend off an Israeli military attack on the village of Burqa in the occupied West Bank province of Nablus.

Kan een afbeelding zijn van 3 mensen, staande mensen, vuur en buitenshuis
Kan een afbeelding zijn van 12 mensen, staande mensen en buitenshuis
Kan een afbeelding zijn van 1 persoon, staan en buitenshuis
Kan een afbeelding zijn van vuur en buitenshuis

(Source / 24.12.2021)

Angry crowd participates in funeral of elderly lady killed by settlers

Ramallah (QNN)- Hundreds of Palestinians took part in the funeral procession of Ghadeer Fuqaha’ Masalmeh (63 years old), who was deliberately rammed by an Israeli colonial settler in Sinjil, Ramallah earlier today.

The crowd marched from Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah towards Sinjil, where Masalmeh used to live.

Hundreds of angry citizens performed funeral prayers and chanted slogans demanding retaliation.

They also called for allowing resistance factions to operate in the West Bank.

(Source / 24.12.2021)

BREAKING| Palestinian youth injured with Israeli rubber-coated metal bullets in Beita

Nablus (QNN)- A Palestinian youth got injured after Israeli occupation forces fired rubber-coated metal bullets directly towards Palestinians participating in the weekly protest against Israel’s settlement expansion in Beita village in Nablus.

Local sources said a Palestinian activist, who has not been identified yet, got injured in his head with rubber-coated metal bullets fired by the occupation forces in the village of Beita towards the peaceful protestors to suppress them. The forces have also intensively fired tear-gas canisters and live ammunition.

The occupation forces deliberately target journalists and activists over their documentation of the attacks.

Residents of Beita village have been organising weekly protests against the construction of an Israeli settlement outpost on Jabal Sabih.

Since the start of the peaceful protests in Beita, Israeli occupation forces killed nine Palestinians in the village, while they were defending their land and protesting against Israel’s settlement expansion.

(Source / 24.12.2021)

BREAKING| Israeli settler kills elderly Palestinian woman after running over her in Ramallah

Ramallah (QNN)- An elderly Palestinian woman was killed after an extremist Israeli settler ran over her by his car on Road 60, near Palestinian town of Sinjil, northeast of Ramallah, on Friday morning.

Local sources reported that 60-year-old Ghadeer Masalmeh was run over by an extremist Israeli settler near the town of Sinjil, killing her before he fled the scene.

The elderly woman had been found with serious injuries all over her body before she was announced dead.

(Source / 24.12.2021)